Best Lawn Mower Reviews UK 2017

Buying a lawn mower can be confusing due to the sheer volume of options available. We want to to help you on your journey to choosing your next mower by reviewing the top mowers available on the market.

Read on to get detailed guides and lawnmower review comparisons on the best electric lawn mowers reviews, best petrol lawn mowers reviews. We also cover robotic mowers, review ride on lawn mowers and we also review our pick of cheap lawnmowers for sale.​

Best Petrol Lawn Mower Reviews

Tiger 20in Petrol lawnmower
  • Tiger TM5120sp
    Tiger 20in Petrol lawnmower
  • Rating : ★ ★ ★ ★★

  • Briggs & Stratton engine
  • 10 Cutting Heights
Frisky Fox PLUS Petrol Lawn Mower
  • Frisky Fox PLUS
  • Rating : ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  • Self Propelled
  • 5.5hp Petrol Engine

Frisky Fox PLUS 20” Self Propelled lawn Mower

The Frisky Fox PLUS 20” is one of the best petrol lawn mowers currently in the market for several reasons. First of

Frisky Fox PLUS 20” Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Frisky Fox PLUS 20” Self Propelled Lawn Mower

all, it has a potent combination of features and offers a premium user experience that has already made many serious gardeners very happy. It has a 4 in 1 capability which includes mulching, cutting, collecting, as well as side discharge.

  • With a 5.5 hp engine, this is certainly not your average petrol lawn mower. This has quite some power, and it is further matched by an equally impressive 20-inch cutting width which makes it a suitable lawn mower for large gardens.
  • The PLUS 20” also steps up when it comes to usability options, which makes handling this 38-kg powered machine bliss. For instance, its cutting height can be adjusted using a single lever. Furthermore, the fact that it features a 55-litre grass collection bag is also a notable convenience.
  • The Frisky Fox lawn mower also comes with an engine speed controller so that you can move at a pace you are comfortable with rather than struggle to keep up as is the case with some fixed-speed machines. It is also a mower with a lawn striper to help you get that perfect looking striped finish. So, if you have serious mowing to do, this is certainly one of the best petrol lawn mowers to buy.

Tiger Lawnmower

Tiger TM5120SP Petrol Lawnmower

It’s not easy to choose a new lawnmower with strong competition in the reasonably priced mower market, but we’ve found one which might just make your decision that little bit simpler. The Tiger TM5120SP is a best in class, steel decked, petrol powered and high performance machine aimed at the medium to larger size gardens. From getting hands on, we couldn’t believe the performance of this machine, especially at the current price.

The first thing to note about the Tiger mower, which many of its competitors are lacking, is the inclusion of a Briggs & Stratton engine. Brand new for 2017, this machine features Briggs & Stratton’s 625e Ready-Start engine, meaning you’ll benefit from a reliable mower which will start first time, every time. With this engine actually having a lower CC from its predecessor, the 625, now 150cc instead of 190cc, it actually produces a higher torque output (the portion of the engine which spins the blades) meaning more efficiency, will guarantee a better cut and easily pull the mower across your lawn. A pretty nice feature we thought.

Next is the single-lever driven, multi-stage cutting deck. Featuring no less than 10 cutting heights, the Tiger TM5120sp will thrive on the fresh weekly cuts as well as making short work of the first cut of the season when the lawn is longer and thicker. Simply adjust the entire deck using the handle on the rear wheel and you’re ready to cut with no issues. The mower also features a 65 litre grass bag allowing a huge amount of grass to be collected between trips to the compost bin. Not only did this get the job done quicker for us, but it was just less hassle to use compared to some of the other mowers we tried.

If collecting isn’t your thing the Tiger TM5120SP is a 4in1 machine allowing it to rear & side discharge, mulch and collect your grass. This allows you to decide which method is best for your lawn dependent on current length or health of your lawn.

All in all, with it’s handle mounted engine speed control, it’s 10 stage deck adjustment and its Briggs & Stratton engine, the Tiger TM5120SP is a fantastic choice for the gardener who wants to get the lawn cut quickly, neatly and with a beautiful finish and who also wants to get best value for money as it’s feature set is generally only seen on mowers starting at £400 plus. Now for under £300, its definitely a great machine to get the best bang for your buck.

18in BMC Petrol Lawn Mower

18" BMC Lawn Racer Self Propelled Mower

The 18" BMC Lawn Racer Self Propelled Electric Push Button Start Lithium Ion Battery 4 Stroke Rotary Petrol Lawn Mower is a prime example of powerful and reliable technology with many facets to it’s design that will appeal to a broad audience and make it a worthy addition to any set of gardening tools, both in domestic and a professional arsenal.

There are many features which make this mower a desirable addition to your tool set, some of which are listed as follows;

  • Wolf 4.5 hp 4-stroke Petrol Engine
  • 4 in 1 cutting collection system
  • All steel deck
  • Electric push button, for ease of use and simplicity

Incorporating cutting edge and modern technology from the British Racing Green and built for medium and large sized lawns, the model is designed with a central console that puts all the essential controls within operating reach of the user, for convenience, whilst your hands are resting on the impressively manufactured foam padded handle, expertly steering the mower, which makes it ideal for longer uses due to the comfort and practicality provided. The mower incorporates lithium ion battery technology to activate the model from its central dashboard with a simple push of a button, the user can effortlessly steer this responsive and well designed mower around with ease, allowing for precise and simple mowing of their lawn to the desired height with a neat and professional looking finish. The high calibre and well designed 4 stroke Wolf engine is started by the simple push of a button, and has all the power you’ll need to complete tasks with ease, and there’s no longer the hassle of bending down and struggling with a spring loaded recoil device; although once is provided on a secondary basis for anyone who prefers that method, so you’ll always have a hassle free mowing experience.

The 4 in 1 system was intelligently designed to ensure that you have maximum control over all areas of your mowing experience. The mower collects the grass, mulches it to a suitable level, and then will either collect and store the mulch in the collection bag or instead discharge it from side ports, returning the nutrients to the grass and providing an environmentally friendly form of nutrition. The model also incorporates adjustable cutting heights to ensure an proficiency and the ability to achieve the desired height without fail. The model also features tyre grips that are extremely well designed and function well, even on damp lawns, so you can work in any weather, making this a good choice for both domestic and professional usage due to its versatility.

Overall, this is a versatile and well designed model. It’s been created to be durable and hardwearing, with an all steel deck incorporated to reinforce the mower. The simplistic method of starting the engine belies the power you have available, and is also quiet to reduce the levels of noise pollution and to create a more refined, sophisticated gardening experience. The higher weight of the model is a well worthwhile trade off for the heavy duty elements, and the mower has the capability to prove that it has earned a spot in any gardeners arsenal.


McCulloch M46-125WR Petrol Wheeled Rotary

McCulloch M46-125WR Petrol Wheeled Rotary

McCulloch M46-125WR Petrol Wheeled Rotary

Among the things that make the McCulloch M46-125WR petrol lawn mower among the best in its category is the fact that it offers an easy user experience and the power to do serious mowing. The M46-125WR is a 3 in 1 machine: it can cut, collect, and mulch and discharge.

Its handles are ergonomically designed for an easier user experience. In particular, they feature rubber padding and easy-to-reach controls. Other notable usability features include the use of ball bearings, which makes for a smoother user experience through better manoeuvrability, which is quite important considering this lawn mower weighs in at 32 kgs. .

The lawn mower's construction quality is also quite impressive, which means you will enjoy the M46-125WR's for a quite a while before it shows signs of weakness. Even then, the manufacturer was able to make this lawn mower with adjustable hinges so that you will have an easier time storing it after use.

The lawn mower comes with a cutting width of 46 cm, which is quite adequate if you are looking for a lawn mower that is well-suited to doing extensive mowing jobs. Beside these great features, the lawn mower also features large rear wheels for easier manoeuvrability even in difficult conditions.

Like other premium petrol lawn mowers, this lawn mower also comes with speed control. The speed varies depending on the amount of tension placed on drive bar. For added convenience, this self propelled lawn mower can also be used as a push mower in cases where such a feature is needed, for instance, in tight spots that require unique mowing manoeuvres.


It is one of the best lawn mowers for a large garden, a petrol lawn mower is certainly one of the tools you can conveniently give it the care it needs. These lawn mowers often feature a wider diameter, which may be insignificant for a smaller lawn but quite a godsend when mowing a larger area.

Another thing that may compel you to keep a petrol lawn mower at the top of your list as you shop for a lawn mower includes the fact that these lawn mowers do not require to remain attached to electric cables as is the case with their electric variants. The top 3 lawn mowers out there at the time are BMC Lawn Racer 17”, the Frisky Fox PLUS 20”, and the McCulloch M46-125WR petrol lawn mowers. These lawn mowers feature ample cutting width, robust construction quality, handy extra features, easy to use, and the ability to handle heavy mowing assignments with ease.


Best Electric Lawn Mowers Reviews

Flymo Best Electric Lawn Mower UK
  • Flymo FVISIMO Electric Lawn Mower
    Flymo Best Electric Lawn Mower UK
  • Rating : ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

  • Roller Lawn Stripes
  • 1200 Watt
Bosch Rotak 40 Best Electric Lawn Mower
  • Bosch Rotak 40 Electric Lawn Mower
    Bosch Rotak 40 Electric Lawn Mower
  • Rating : ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

  • Powerful Electric Rotary
  • Integrated Rear Roller
Bosch Rotak 34 R Electric Lawn Mower Reviews UK
  • Bosch Rotak 34 R Electric Lawn Mower
    Bosch Rotak 34 R Electric Lawn Mower
  • Rating : ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

  • 1300W Powerdrive
  • 34cm Cutting Width

Bosch Rotak 40 Ergoflex Electric Lawn Mower

The Rotak 40 Ergoflex is a very popular electric lawn mower from Bosch. Below are some specs of what is a contender for best electric lawn mower in the UK.

  • Powerdrive+ System

  • Ergoflex handles

  • Large grass box

  • Extended Grass Combs

  • Quick click one button setup

  • Adjustable cutting height

Best Electric Lawn Mowers Reviews UK

Best Electric Lawn Mowers Reviews UK

trusted household names when it comes to electronics and other household items. It is known for its high quality products that are designed to make gardening easier and effortless. The Rotak 40 Ergoflex Lawnmower feels great, looks great and comes with great features that prove once again you can never go wrong with Bosch products. Here are some of its top features.

  • Powerdrive+ System

The powerdrive+ system is designed with advanced 1700 w high power motor and a cutting hardened precision blade with ridges enabling clean cutting of all types of grasses. The optimized airflow technology will collect more grass clippings than any other lawn more and leave your lawn tidy and neat.

  • Ergoflex handles

Ergoflex handles emulates the computer console handset making it easy and effortless to keep you lawn in shape. You can operate the mower easily and achieve optimal power with 8 different grip positions and adjustable height. The handles are designed not only designed for easy movement but also for support to reduce muscles strains and improve body posture.

  • Large grass box

The mower comes with large grass box that can hold 50L saving you time of emptying grass cutting.

  • Extended Grass Combs

With extended grass combs at the edge of the sharp steel blade and inset front wheels, Rotak 40 Ergoflex Electric Rotary can cut grass growing over the edge of the lawn leaving a clean and quality finish. You can cut around walls, paths, or flower beds without leaving strips of uncut grass.

  • Quick click one button setup

No more hassle or additional tools when assembling. The quick click setup allows you to have the mower ready in seconds and remove the handles for easy manoeuvre and transportation.

  • Adjustable cutting height

The integrated handle allows for adjustable cutting heights of between 20-70 mm. You can set the mower to the appropriate height easily with a single point height of cut on 6 different height of cut position settings.


  • 16 kg item weight
  • 86.2 x 47.6 x 44.6 cm product dimension
  • 40 cm width of cutting
  • 1700 watts
  • Corded electric power source

Bosch Rotak 34 R Corded Rotary Lawnmower Review

Bosch Rotak 34 R Corded Rotary Lawnmower

This is yet another lawnmower from Bosch. The Bosch Rotak 34 R Corded Rotary Lawnmower comes with incredible features which makes it one of the best mowers in the market today. With a 1300W motor and 34 cm cutting width, it’s ideal for both small and medium sized lawns. With this mower, you can cut up to and over the edge of the lawn and reduce trimming work.

Here are some of the main features that make Rotak 34 R Corded Rotary Lawnmower popular.

  • Powerdrive

Bosch Powerdrive system is designed to give you maximum power when mowing. Rotak 34 R lawnmower is one of the top lightest and fastest Bosco Rotak lawnmowers. The high speed motor of 1300W combined with set of gears keep the blade running at high speeds cutting along any grass with ease. When the grass gets tough, the Powerdrive system automatically increases the torque of the motor to match the increased load on the blade. You are assured of full power at all times.

  • Grass combs

Grass combs at the front and inset wheels enables Rotak 34 R to cut grass over or growing close the edge. You can cut around walls, paths, or flower beds without leaving strips of uncut grass. The rear roller also gives your garden a clean and precise stripes as well as stability and scalp free lawn edges.

  • Compact design

The Rotak 34 R Corded Rotary Lawnmower is designed to easily assemble and fold for storage. The double folding handles and grass box that is a stackable grass box allows the mower to be reduced to a height of only 55cm, enabling compact and convenient storage.

  • Adjustable cutting height

The Rotak 34 R comes with 5 different cutting height positions of between 20-70 mm to choose from depending on the condition of the lawn or the your personal preference.

  • Lightweight and easy to carry

The weight of Rotak 34 R is only 11 kg and comes with integrated handle, stackable grass box that make it easy to manoeuvre, transport and store.

  • Large grassbox

With a 40L grass box, you can cover a large area before emptying the grass cuttings. The large grass box requires less emptying and thus gives you more time to garden.


  • 11 kg item weight
  • 62 x 41 x 38 cm dimension
  • 1300 watts motor
  • 10 m cable
  • 34 cm cutting diameter
  • 40 L grass box

Flymo FVISIMO Visimo Electric Wheeled Rotary Lawn Mower

Flymo FVISIMO Visimo Electric Lawn Mower Review

This mower has is powered by 1200 watts electric wheeled rotary with a metal blade of 32cm. The power to electric wheeled rotary lawn mower is supplied by a 10 meter cable ideal for cutting small to medium lawns.

The powerful reel roller is designed for lawn stripe and clean cutting edges. It’s comes with easy to use features which include, manually adjustable cutting height of 20-60mm, vision window which shows when the grass is full, easy to empty and remove grass box and a 29 L volume collector.

Flymo FVISIMO Specs

  • 10kg weight-
  • 61.8 x 38.2 x 32 cm product dimensions
  • 32 cm width of cutting
  • 240 volts
  • 1200 watts

If you are looking for a simple to use lawn mower that is designed to get the work done, Flymo FVISIMO Visimo Electric Lawn Mower is the right product for you.

Bottom line

When choosing the best electric lawn mowers from Amazon UK, consider the suitability of the mower for you and your garden. 32-37 cm width mowers are ideal for small to medium lawns while 40-43 cm mowers with more power are suitable larger lawns. Go for the lawn mower that meets your needs and is within your budget. However, make sure to choose wisely before settling on one particular lawnmower, In some cases, people tend to go with the trends currently being experienced in the market instead of settling on item that is best for their lawn.


Electric Vs Petrol Lawn Mowers

A lawn mower is quite essential if you want to keep your yard looking lush and beautiful. Mowing the lawn is actually an essential task if you want to keep your lawn looking attractive all through the year. A good looking lawn will not only enhance the aesthetics of your home, but it will also increase its' resale value. There are basically two types of mowers, namely; electric lawn mowers and petrol lawn mowers. Each of them has its' own pros and cons.

Electric Lawn Mowers

Bosch Rotak 40 Ergoflex Electric Rotary Lawnmower
There are two types of electric lawn mowers; corded mowers and cordless mowers. Electric lawn mowers are usually quieter and they are much more environmental friendly as compared to the petrol lawn mowers. They can also be easily turned off and on when mowing, as required. Electric lawn mowers are particularly good for small and medium sized yards where electric power is readily available. They're usually lightweight and small, hence they are a great option for those you don't like pushing heavy mowers around. You can read our reviews of the best cordless lawn mowers here.

Pros of Electric 

  • They save you money in the long run.
  • Less dependency on fuel.
  • They start quickly and require less time pumping, priming, and pulling.
  • They work effortlessly even on thick grass.
  • They do not have any fuel filters that need changing.
  • They do not require oil change.

Cons of Electric 

  • You have to get accustomed to mowing the lawn with a cord.
  • They are limited to the area that's within the length of the cord.
  • Electric lawn mowers are somewhat slower at mowing the lawn since they've a smaller cutting diameter.

Petrol Lawn Mowers

Petrol lawn mowers are very powerful, hence they are ideal for medium to large sized lawns. Petrol lawn mowers normally feature either two or four stroke engines (although most have four strokes), which require regular maintenance. Petrol lawn mowers use fuel or gas which you easily get from the gas filling station. These mowers are particularly a great choice if you intend to mow a large area. They're excellent for cutting lawns, and since they've a wider cutting diameter, they usually make mowing much easier and faster. They are also great for mowing thick grass.

Pros of Petrol 

  • Cut through thick grass with ease.
  • Much more mobile and flexible.
  • Can mow large areas without having you wait for batteries to charge.
  • More durable than most electric lawn mowers.
  • They pose no risk of electrocution.

Cons of Petrol

  • A 2 stroke lawn mower, you will have to add some oil to the petrol before you start mowing.
  • Hassle of regularly purchasing more petrol for your mower.
  • Petrol lawn mowers are noisier than electric lawn mowers.

Differences Between Electric and Petrol Lawn Mowers

-One of the major difference between petrol and electric lawn mowers lies in their maintenance. Electric lawn mowers only require cleaning the underside of the mower's deck after every mowing session, along with some periodic blade sharpening; with the battery powered electric mowers, you will also need to replace the battery after 5 to 7 years of use. On the other hand, the petrol lawn mowers require blade sharpening and cleaning, regular refilling of the petrol tank, changing of the engine oil after every mowing session, changing or/and cleaning the spark plugs annually, and cleaning carburetors and air filters whenever they get clogged.

-Electric lawn mowers like the Qualcast 1400 electric mower or Bosch Rotak 37 are more environmental friendly as compared to petrol lawn mowers. The engine on petrol lawn mowers emit airborne pollutants, and greenhouse gases in their exhaust fumes, while the motors on electric lawn mowers have no emissions at all. Petrol lawn mowers are also noisier than the electric lawn mowers.

-Corded electric mowers are limited in their operating range; they have an operating range of about 100 ft from the power outlet. Use of longer extension cords may cause voltage drop which can in turn lead to overheating, thus damaging the lawn mower’s motor. Moreover, the battery powered electric lawn mower’s run time is usually limited by its' battery's capacity. A typical battery for the electric lawn mower can give you about one hour of mowing time. However, depending on how powerful the mower is, and the capacity of its' battery, many battery powered electric lawn mowers can operate anywhere between 40 to 70 minutes, on a single charge. On the other hand, the petrol powered lawn mowers can last for many hours, and all they need is to be refilled with more gas on an as needed basis. With the electric lawn mowers, you will have wait for the mower's battery to recharge. This basically means that for the large lawns, petrol powered lawn mowers offer a wider and a much more flexible range of use, and they have no limits on their run time. They will keep on mowing the lawn so long as there is gas in the tank.

-Both electric and petrol lawn mowers come with various safety concerns. When using corded electric lawn mowers, one should always be mindful of exactly where the cords are, lest you slip or trip over the cords, or cut them with the mower's blade, thus risking shock. Faulty extension cords and wet grass can also create shock conditions. The power outlet that's used with the electric lawn mower should have the GFCI device which instantly cuts off the power in case there is a short, or such other malfunction.

Petrol mowers also pose a hazard when they are being refueled. Since gasoline is flammable, spilling it into the hot engine parts or near an open flame, could result in a fire.

A petrol lawn mower normally works best if you do not mind the little maintenance it requires. Its' great mobility and extra power makes it a great choice especially if you've a big yard/garden. However, if you've a small lawn, and you are not comfortable working with engines, you can opt for the electric lawn mower. The Hyundai HyM40P is a great example of a cheap petrol lawn mower that is reliable and gets the job done.

When choosing a lawn mower, you should also put into consideration the size of your lawn, the shape of your lawn, the gradient of your lawn and the type of finish you want. 

Different Types of Mowers

Lawn mowers come in different types. A decision to acquire a lawn mower should be guided by the size of your lawn, the grass planted and your budget. You also have lawn scarfiers and lawnrakes.

  • hOVER

Rotary lawn movers are effective for cutting grass in parks, airports, golf courses, pastures and parks. They have three sharp horizontal rotors that provide a very even spread of mulched grass material. Professions rotary mowers are built with an inbuilt hydraulic controlled system that can offset it to the right and left. They also have the capacity to adjust the height of the blades to fit different grass heights. This is done by adjusting the two wheels in the front and the two at the back that support the rollers. A maximum of four knives is functionally designed to maximise the vacuum in the process of mulching that results in the rising of the grass that had been flattened. Even with heavy duty loads, the self-tension pulleys provide a good transmission that ensures that grass is well cut.

These lawn movers come in different sizes and power. Some have simple petrol engines while others run on diesel. The robust models allow one to ride on them while mowing. They have a very high working speed and are self-lubricating. One is, however, able to adjust the rotary mower to floating when working on a rough stretch.

History of Lawn Mowers