Einhell GC-PM 461 Lawnmower

Einhell GC-PM 461 lawnmowerThe Einhell GC-PM 46/1 S Self Propelled Lawnmower can best be defined as a powerful and robust lawn mower boasting of a strong engine capable of cutting speeds as high as 2900rpm. The performance-driven and highly proficient petrol mower is the ideal solution for large gardens with the most demanding and challenging gardening conditions. On a full fuel tank the mower can mow an area of up to 1400 square metres.

Featuring 4 strokes single cylinder Briggs & Stratton engine and a robust 125cc, this Einhell lawnmower can tackle almost anything you throw at it. Its versatile engine makes your work easier with its disengaging rear wheel drive mechanism, which also gives you the flexibility of allowing the mower to propel itself across the lawn.

It only requires you to take control in areas that are hard to navigate.
The mower’s 46cm cutting width reduces the number of rounds you make along your garden while at the same time ensuring that you cover a decent amount of area for the amount of fuel you put in. The mower also gives you 9 sets to choose from ranging from 30cm to 80cm, making your options more than enough. Additionally, this Einhell lawnmower boasts incredible time-saving features, including a whopping 50 litre grass collection box. This reduces the number of times you’ve to empty the grass container, which in turn gets the job done faster.


The handle can be folded, making it a nice option in the event that you’ve limited storage space. Furthermore, the mower is height adjustable, making it suitable for both tall and short people.
Pros: Powerful engine with the ability to tackle all gardening conditions Can be folded to save on storage spaceIt has adjustable cutting height to suit people of different heightsLarge cutting width reduces mowing timeIt has large grass storage capacity hence reduced stops to empty the containerHas powder coated deck that makes it resistant to scratch and corrosion

Cons: Does not come filled with oil when you purchase Sometimes manual propel/self propel change over lever can slip out of position
Conclusion: This Einhell lawnmower is one of the most efficient and robust lawn mowers currently available in the market. Its powerful engine makes it possible for you to tackle almost any gardening tasks with little effort. Its adjustability and the ability to be folded makes it a flexible mower to use. Although it has a few cons, they are outweighed by he pros. Furthermore, the mower has been proven to provide many years of service due to its durability.


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