Evopower battery powered Cordless Lawn Mower

Evopower battery Lawn MowerCordless Lawn Mower

Are you in need of a powerful lawnmower, one that does the job and doesn’t harm the environment? You’ve come to the right place. The Evopower battery powered cordless Lawn Mower is the answer to your lawn maintenance needs, making cutting grass a fun and noiseless experience.

Battery Powered, Environment-Friendly Mower

There’s virtually no smoke or any pollution coming out of the Evopower Lawn Mower. Its secret? A powerful, rechargeable Lithium Ion battery that can handle grass cutting operations on up to 30 minutes at a time. Rapid-charge batteries and charging cord are included; there’s no powering up time to speak of. You can just take it out of the garage and start cutting grass in seconds! You won’t ever need to buy oil or petrol for this product. Ran out of power while in the midst of cutting a large lawn? Simply take it back to the garage, plug it in and it’s ready for use. You won’t be inconvenienced and go out of your way to buy petrol to operate the Evopower Lawn Mower.

Excellent Cutting-Edge Features

The Evopower Lawn Mower combines its electrical, battery-powered aspect with some great features you’d expect from modern appliances. There are six different height adjustments for mowing your lawn, and the 15-inch dual-purpose blade cuts a wide path for easy and efficient mowing. You can save time and use it for the more important things in life! Anyone can operate this push mower, as it only weighs 16kg and it doesn’t emit harmful fumes. The wireless feature ensures you won’t get tangled or make a mess out of things. The lawnmower’s handle controls this powerful cutting tool, and the body is especially molded for aerodynamics. The materials are rust-resistant and wont easily dent. This product from Evopower is built to take a beating.


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