Qualcast Lawn Electric Lawn Mower- 1400W

qualcast-electric-lawn-mower-1400wAre you looking for an all-round high quality lawn mower that will offer you an outstanding performance as well as an excellent value of your investment? Do you enjoy living in a neat and tidy environment? Then you will actually love what Qualcast Lawn Mower- 1400W has to offer. Electric mowers are currently rated as the most popular type of mowers purchased in the UK as they offer great value to customers as well as their ease of use.

With advancement in the level of technology, there are very many types of electric lawn mowers available in the market and making a selection may be a challenging task. This article covers a detailed customer based review on one of the best lawn mower currently available in the market and will help you to make a more informed decision before you can place your order.

Qualcast Lawn Mower- 1400W is an excellent, powerful and very efficient lawn mower in cutting wet or dry grass 1400w-qualcast-mowerclose to the edges. It features four wheels which makes a smooth action over an even ground and it doesn’t get blocked when the grass is damp like in other lawn mowers. It needs less effort to operate and cuts over drain covers and the path edges with no scraping.

Key Features

Qualcast is rich in attractive features which make it to be considered as one of the best and most popular lawn mowers available in the market. These features are as follows.

  1. 1400 Watts

1400 Watts powers the lawn mower to cope with the extra demands of cutting your lawn. The Qualcast’s unique Electric Turbo Drive technology actually requires 1400Watts to transfer the power of the motor to the blade torque so as to maintain the blade speed in all conditions and help you achieve the best finish and a class leading grass collection at all times.

  1. It Features a Strong Steel Blade with 37CM Width

The stainless steel blade delivers a precise 37cm wide cutting path. The strong blade and turbo drive motor provides AirLift grass collection technology that results into great cutting and collection performance.

The blade is perfect in cutting the grass of various lengths and an added advantage is that all the Qualcast garden power products as well as pressure washers come with a free 2 year guarantee. You will therefore have a peace of mind after purchasing Qualcast Lawn Mower- 1400W.

  1. 2cm-7cm Cutting Height Range

Because different weather conditions, personal preferences and the type of grass play a great role in determining the ideal cutting height the Qualcast Lawn Mower features 2 centimetres and 7 centimetres adjustable height range.

The lever for adjusting the height of the cut is well positioned and simple to use when the grass gets long. The height adjustment feature makes it easier to deliver perfect cuts and helps you to tailor the mowers performance to your lawn’s needs.

  1. 40 Litre Grass Collection Box

The generous 40 litre grass collection box has a decent size and is effective in easing the emptying process. Its large capacity keeps a reasonable amount of grass cuttings inside and therefore, it doesn’t need emptying very often. This saves enables you to mow at a faster rate and within a short period of time.

The 40 Litre grass collection box has an extra handle and is also light, which makes it easy to empty, remove and reconnect. It also features a little plastic flap that stands upright when in operation. The full indicator is effective in alerting you when the box is full which enables you to close the box. Therefore, you don’t have to keep on checking whether it is full or not.

It is recommended that you should remove the mulching attachment from behind the grass flap before you can clip in the grass box in place. However, the grass box can sometimes fit easily without having to remove the mulcher.

  1. Compact and Lightweight Design

It has a lightweight construction which makes the mower to be conveniently manoeuvrable around the lawn obstacles. It weighs only 14Kgs and this also contributes to the ease of carrying the lawn mower in and out of the shed or house. The compact design also helps it to fit comfortably in the shed or garage making storage easy.

Other Features

  • It has a quick stop blade brake.
  • The handles are nicely designed and folds to help with storage. You should ensure that the cable is clear of the handle fold position while folding it as it is very easy to trap.
  • It has two handed starting switch that offers no hassle start ups.
  • There is a plastic gadget on the mower which can be used to hang the cable so that it doesn’t get in your way while mowing.



  • The high speed turbo drive motor offers excellent performance and also features a safety switch which is extremely sensitive. 
  • It is reliable and has a manufactures guarantee of two years. 
  • It is made of strong, robust and solid materials which make it to be durable. Qualcast Lawn Mower- 1400W is actually built to last. 
  • It is easy to assemble and comes with an instruction manual. 
  • It is quick and operates quietly. 


  • The assembling procedures are not clearly outlined in the instruction manual. The included instruction manual has been criticized by a high percentage of customers; however, it is better than useless. Assembling the machine is not a tough task to some individuals, especially to those people who like electronics. 
  • The 10 meter cable is considered to be too short, but this can be solved by using an extension cable. 


Final Verdict

Whether you have an awkward garden on a hill full of long grass, a two way sloping garden or uneven garden full of weeds, the Qualcast Electric mower will actually surpass your expectations. It copes with the lumps and bumps perfectly and it’s able to cut grass of any length perfectly. Place your order today and get ready to give your lawn excellent looks. The lovely rear rollers work well to stripe the lawn and provide you with the best opportunity to add an excellent finishing touch to the overall look of your garden.


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