best-self-propelled-lawn-mowersAll of the new features of the Titan Pro 6.5HP are geared towards user convenience and ease of use. For starters is the improved 6.5 horsepower engine. No more lagging or bogging down in the thicker grass. This engine needs no coaxing to get the job done. Start-up is made easier as well with an all new automatic choke system. All that extra power is perfect for the self-propel feature which is a favourite with consumers. With the large cutting deck, you can make short work of the yard.


The Titan Lawnmower sports a number of safety features including the one deck height blade adjustment arm. This gives you the ease of adjusting your cutting height with one lever on top of the deck, adjusting the blade height, not the deck. Your hands never get near the blades. At eight different height options, there is not much that will elude you. When you come to a difficult area, an older style mower will allow the blades to hit the ground. From a close trim to a higher cut on uneven http://laparkan.com/buy-sildenafil/ ground, there will be no more “bald” spots. With a simple adjustment of the lever, you are all set.

Another appealing feature of the Titan Lawnmower is the three in one option for the clippings. You have the choice9Titan Pro Lawnmower 21 6.5HP SELF PROPELLED 3 in 1 MULCHING MOWER of side discharge, mulching or bagging. The mulching function actually aids you in improving your lawn by adding nutrients back to the soil.

Now let’s look at all the fun things! The Titan Lawnmower has large rear wheels and rear wheel drive, and paired with the 6.5 horsepower engine, your get up and go will actually get up and go! The handle folds down for convenient storage and a front handle for ease of lifting when transporting or tucking into seasonal storage.

To top off the experience for user, there are 2 cup holders on the handle. You can have your drink and keep small tools handy while mowing. Whatever you do, you owe it to yourself to check this mower out. It will be a favourite addition to your garage.

  • Titan Pro

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