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Sometimes outdoor spaces feature thick growth and vegetation that make manual cutting very difficult. Similarly, there are types of grass that are almost impossible to trim with a strimmer or lawnmower due to their density, in which case a brush cutter to remove brambles is the better option.

  •  50.8cc two-stroke engine
  • String nylon cutting head
  • Three-tooth & Eight-tooth cutting blades
  • Ergonomic handle with fingertip control

Hyundai produce some seriously impressive petrol gardening tools and this brush cutter is no exception. Featuring a powerful 50.8cc two-stroke petrol engine, it has enough cutting power to get through dense grass, thick weeds, and bushes using just the string 450mm nylon cutting head.

For tougher growth such as brambles, there is a three-teeth steel cutting blade that makes short work of even the thickest vegetation, while the eighth-teeth steel cutting blade is powerful enough to cut through thicker wood growth where sawing is required.

Despite being powerful the machine doesn’t cause fatigue. This is thanks to the anti-vibration system and ergonomic harness and handle design, which reduce the amount of vibrations from the engine to make long periods of cutting easy on the body.

It also weighs 9.68kg so should be easy enough to carry around, while you can easily control it using the fingertip controls on the handle grips.

Hyundai 51cc Brushcutter

  • 43cc two-stroke engine
  • Twin line cutting head
  • 3-teeth cutting blade
  • Includes ergonomic harness

This powerful brush cutter from Trueshopping features a 43cc two-stroke petrol engine and interchangeable cutting heads that make it a fine choice for both gardening enthusiasts and professionals.

The twin line cutting head is suitable for cutting through long, dense grass and weeds, easily navigating through trouble spots such as borders and the base of trees and posts. For those tougher growths you can switch out the 3-teeth cutting blade, which is powerful enough to cut through thick bushes and brambles.

It also includes a harness for safe and comfortable handlining, while the split handle bar design helps distribute the weight of the cutter, which is quite heavy due to the weight of the petrol engine. That said, this weight offers incredible cutting power that is suitable for even the worst weather conditions.

Trueshopping 43cc Petrol Brush Cutter

  • 43cc two-stroke engine
  • 42cm cutting width
  • Three cutting heads – nylon line, 3-teeth blade, and 100-teeth saw blade

If you need a powerful and versatile brush cutter then the Mcculloch B43 BT Petrol model is well worth a look. Powered by a 44cc two-stroke petrol engine, it has enough cutting power to remove even the most troublesome garden growth.

In fact, there are three different heads that can be attached to suit your needs. The nylon line is great for cutting lawns and weeds, while the three-teeth cutting blade is suitable for thicker bushes such as brambles.

A 100-teeth saw blade is also included for removing thick, woody branches from bushes and even trees, making it capable of handling any gardening challenge you can throw at it. There is also a split handle design that makes operating the machine that bit easier, as does the double padded harness.

Mcculloch B43 BT Petrol Brush Cutter

  • 18V Electric Battery
  • 2-in-1 Cutter – includes cutting line and cutting blade
  • Soft grip handle

The Ryobi OBC1820B is a versatile gardening tool powered by the innovation ONE+ 18V lithium battery, which can be interchanged with over 70 compatible power tools, so if you already have one of these and are looking for a brush cutter then this may be the perfect choice.

As a two-in-one cutter the OBC1820B works as both a strimmer and brush cutter. The 30cm cutting line is ideal for long, dense grass that a lawn mower might struggle with, providing a wide cutting width for fewer passes and quicker job in general.

For those larger bushes and shrubs, simply switch out the 20cm hardened steel cutting blade, which makes short work of thick growth around the garden. The soft bike handle offers comfortable control of the unit when in use and features variable speed controls to get the right setting for every task.

Ryobi OBC1820B ONE+ 18V Cordless Brush Cutter

  • 52cc 2-stroke petrol engine
  • Interchangeable cutting heads – includes cutting line, 3-teeth, 4-teeth, and 8-teeth cutting blades
  • Shoulder straps and split hand design

If you need a powerful and versatile model then the TIMBERPRO 52cc Heavy Duty Cutter is a great choice. Featuring 4 different cutting heads powered by an impressive 52cc 2-stroke petrol engine, you’ll be able to maintain gardens of every size with this versatile tool.

The cutting line is perfect for tough lawns packed with long, dense, and wet grass while also making short work of light strimming work. When it comes to heavy-duty trimming tasks simply switch out one of the three cutting blades to get the job done with ease.

It comes with 3-teeth, 4-teeth, and 8-teeth cutting blades that are suitable for various types of plants and bushes around the garden. The tougher the growth the more cutting teeth are recommended, so there is no lack of options with this brush cutter.

For easier operation there is an adjustable harness and a split-handle shaft that evenly distribute the machine’s weight for easier garden maintenance.

TIMBERPRO 52cc Heavy Duty Brush Cutter

Buying Guide

What is a Brush Cutter?

Often called a line cutter, a brush cutter is a type of outdoor maintenance tool designed to cut through the thickest, most troublesome growth using a monofilament line attached to a powerful motor.

They’re popular with professional groundskeepers that have various types of grasses, bushes, and shrubs to maintain, with the powerful cutting abilities making it a very efficient tool for outdoor maintenance.

Additionally, these tools are popular for gardening enthusiasts that have difficulties maintaining their outdoor spaces with conventional gardening tools. With exceptional cutting power, interchangeable cutting heads, and a range of handy features, a brush cutter is a useful tool well worth investing in for people with large or unkept gardens.

Choosing the Best Brush Cutter

There are many variations of this popular gardening tool, so it’s important to consider a few things to ensure you get the most suitable product for your needs. For instance, not everyone needs the most powerful engine while others may require a lightweight machine to complete garden maintenance, so there’s a few things to think about before you buy one.


Monofilament lines are powered by a motor to give it superior cutting power, but not all cutters have the same amount of power.

Electric battery powered models are usually the weakest but are still a great choice for smaller gardens with less dense growth. They’re also much quieter and lighter to operate compared to petrol powered cutters, but they may struggle to cut through thicker bushes.

Petrol powered models offer unrivalled cutting power, making them perfect for large gardens with various plants and foliage that need regularly cut. 2-stroke engines are the most popular in this category, although more fuel-efficient 4-stroke engines are also available, with petrol powered brush cutters are often capable of cutting through thick branches using blade attachments.

Head Attachments

As mentioned, these tools use a monofilament line to cut through bushes and grass with minimal fuss. But there are also various interchangeable brush cutters that come with different blade attachments such as toothed cutting blades.

If you only plan on cutting through thin bush foliage and longer grass then you may not require a blade attachment, but those with thicker bushes and branches may benefit from the extra cutting power blade attachments offer.

These attachments vary in shape, size, and function, so be sure to check these out before buying a product in case they offer something you need.

Shaft Design

There are a few shaft designs that impact the usability and function of the machine, so bear this in mind when choosing. A straight shaft is the most common design, offering a simple and effective way to cut and are suitable for interchangeable cutting heads.

Bent shaft designs are somewhat easier to operate as they allow users to get closer to what is being cut, although this typically causes less cutting power as the engine is connected to the cutter using a different method.

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