Best Cantilever Parasol Reviews UK

Best Cantilever Parasol Reviews

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A parasol is a must-have item if you enjoy sitting outside on your garden furniture. Cantilever parasols are easily the most stylish type of parasol available, featuring a tilting function that allows you to adjust the positioning to various heights for the best coverage possible.

These elegant parasols don’t just add a sophisticated pieced of garden décor to your patio or decking area, but also provide welcome coverage from the sun. Nothing is better than enjoying some sun in the garden but it always important to have some form of cover to protect from the heat and UV rays.

However, as the sun is always moving throughout the day you want a parasol that is easy to move around with the sun’s position, which is why this type of parasol is such a great choice. Check out the buying guide below for tips on how to buy the best cantilever parasol!

  • Powder coated steel frame with cross base
  • Polyester cover
  • 24 solar-powered LED lights

This parasol offers plenty of coverage thanks to its impressive 3m cover, which is enough for even the largest garden furniture sets. Enjoy a late-night meal with the perfect ambience thanks to the charming LED lights found on each of the eight frames of the canopy, which is a very nice touch that adds more style to the already elegant design of the parasol.

The metal frame is made from powder-coated steel for the upmost durability while the cover is made from a tough 180g polyester and is available in a variety of colours. Both materials can withstand the British weather without trouble, ensuring the parasol lasts for many years.  

COSTWAY 3M Outdoor LED Parasol

  • Powder coated steel frame with cross ferrous base
  • Polyester cover
  • Adjustable height

This cantilever parasol is strong but stylish, offering an attractive canopy cover in a rich burgundy colour, although there are various colours available to match with your outdoor décor. The metal frame is made from powder coated steel and features a cross ferrous base, making it a very stable design, especially against strong winds.

The pole is adjustable to various heights along with the standard crank and tilt mechanism featured in this type of parasol. Both ensure the parasol is completely adjustable to various heights and positions with little effort. The canopy measures 3m so is big enough for most garden furniture sets.

mcc direct 3 m Patio Parasol

  • Aluminium pole
  • Metal cross base can be filled for added stability
  • Polyester canopy
  • Foot pedal to easily adjust canopy position

The SORARA Roma is a stunning cantilever parasol that adds elegance to your garden. At 3m x 3m, the polyester canopy offers ample coverage and is durable enough to handle the sun and rain, making it fine choice for British gardens.

Made from aluminium, the frame is very strong but also lightweight, making it simple to move around as needed. Adjusting the position of the canopy is very straight-forward too, with a foot pedal providing an easy way to rotate the parasol 360-degrees.

SORARA Roma Cantilever Parasol

  • Polish coated aluminium pole
  • Polyester canopy
  • Wind-up mechanism

This parasol from Alfresia is the perfect combination of style and functionality. Available in range of natural colours, the parasol measures 2.7m in diameter to provide lots of coverage for your patio or decking area, while the cover itself is made from weather-resistance polyester to guarantee longevity.

The frame is just as tough, made from a polish coated aluminium that is rust-proof and very lightweight, while there is an integrated wind-up mechanism for adjusting the parasol’s position. Both the frame and canopy are wipe-clean for easy maintenance.  

Alfresia 2.7m Cantilever Banana Parasol

  • Anti-rust steel pole
  • Polyester canopy
  • Cross base for stability

With a rust-free steel frame and a weather-resistant polyester canopy, this gorgeous cantilever parasol from CASART will last many years with little maintenance.

The steel cross base on the frame is very compact but also incredibly strong, providing good stability for the entire parasol, even when it’s incredibly windy outside. That said, it’s never a good idea to leave a parasol open in the wind unless you’re using it!

The canopy itself is large (available in 2.7m or 3m) so offers a large amount of coverage, while the fabric is available in a range of colours to match your garden décor.

CASART 2.7M/3M Outdoor Parasol

Pole Material

The pole material for this type of parasol is usually made from metals. Steel and aluminium are two popular choices as they offer strength and durability while being lightweight enough to move around as needed. Make sure the metals are treated with an anti-rust coasting to ensure they withstand the rainy weather.

Wooden cantilever parasols are available but far less common. They do offer a natural aesthetic that matches well with wooden garden furniture, but they are also more susceptible to rotting and weather wear from the British climate. If choosing a wooden parasol, make sure it has a suitable coating to help prevent rot and mould.

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As the main function of a parasol is to provide protection from the sun, it makes sense to choose a suitable material for the parasol’s cover. There are various choices available, most of which are suitable for the UK weather, with most people choosing the cover based on the style.

Polyester covers are usually the strongest and cheapest materials for a parasol cover. This makes them a good all-round choice, with the styles being mostly the same as other types of materials.

Acrylic and olefin are another two popular options for parasol cover materials, being notably durable. For instance, acrylic covers maintain their colour even when constantly exposed to UV rays, while olefin is highly waterproof so a great option for the rainy British climate.


The size of the cantilever parasol determines how much coverage it offers, so you want to consider how much of an area you need to cover. Check your Rattan garden furniture for an idea of how much coverage is needed and use this to choose a suitably sized parasol.

For example, if you have a smaller table with a few chairs, then a 5 – 6ft parasol should offer enough coverage. 7-foot parasols are suitable for medium size tables with 2-4 chairs, while anything from 8 to 10ft should be enough for larger furniture sets with lots of chairs.

Furthermore, when considering the size of the parasol bear in mind this also determines how heavy it is. You’ll likely be moving it around the garden throughout the year, possibly in and out of storage too, so avoid buying something that is too heavy to move around.

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