Best Conservatory Heater Reviews

Best Conservatory Heater Reviews

A conservatory is a beautiful addition to any home, offering a peaceful room to enjoy the nice weather, with the glass design being perfect for those long summer days. However, when winter sets in a conservatory becomes an entirely different place.

The windows that once let natural light flood the space now cause heat to quickly escape the room, making them one of the coldest places in the house. This is not only bad for anyone sitting in the conservatory during winter, but also the plants that are usually part of the décor, with the cold quickly killing off most conservatory plants.

However, these problems are easily addressed with a good conservatory heater. Available for a reasonable price, a conservatory heater is the perfect solution to those cold winter months, keeping any plants warm and toasty until the good weather returns.

Before buying a conservatory heater you need to make a few considerations to ensure that the heater you buy is suitable for your needs, otherwise it may be a waste of money. Check out the below guide for all the info you need to buy the best heater for a conservatory

Conservatory Heater Buying Guide

Size and Power 

The smaller the heater the less power it has, which can make heating a larger conservatory quite challenging. So, it’s important to think about the overall size of your conservatory to help choose a suitably sized heater that adequately warms the space.

A compact conservatory doesn’t need the largest heater, while bigger conservatories need a heater that has enough power to heat the room. Power is usually measured in wattage, so the higher the number the more heat is produced, so keep this in mind when looking to warm larger conservatories.

Temperature Settings

The more temperature options the heater has the better. This lets you choose from various heat settings according to your needs, which is handy because the weather won’t always require the highest temperature settings.

Variable temperatures are always best, but even one or two should be okay, especially if the conservatory is on the smaller side.

Safety Features 

As with any heating device you want to make sure the conservatory heater has safety features in place. Most products come with safety features now, such as auto cut-off switches to prevent overheating that may damage the heater or lead to something more serious.

If the unit is freestanding, consider anti-tip safety features that cuts it off should the heater fall on its side, which can lead to a foot injury or a fire hazard should it go unnoticed.


Many conservatory heaters are wall-mounted, so bear this in mind as it will require some form of installation. If this sounds like too much hassle then look for freestanding heaters - their portability makes them suitable for use around the home.

Additional Features 

While you might just want a basic heater that warms the conservatory there are other features that you may find appealing. For instance, an automatic timer is great for setting on and off times for the heater, allowing you to choose a time and day for the heater to turn on and off.

The Adax NEO Modern Electric Skirting Panel Heater is a compact but powerful electric heater suitable for most types of conservatories. Featuring an innovative 24-hour 7-day timer and electric thermostat, it is easy to setup the heater to atomically turn on and off depending on your needs.

This is great if you want to heat the conservatory automatically each day, such as just before you wake up or arrive home from work. There are two automatic heating modes too, including anti-frost to defrost your conservatory windows and comfort mode for an ideal room temperature.

It is also very easy to operate and program thanks to the dynamic control on the digital thermostat - this also shows the current temperature for optimal heating.

Starting at 600W, there are several power options available, including 800W, 1000W, and 1200W, so there are options available for every conservatory size. Regardless of the power option, the heater has a low-profile that doesn’t take much space, measuring 200mm in height and 84mm from wall to the front when mounted.

Heating takes very little time and the unit is completely silent due to a lack of fans and turbulent air movement. This also makes the heater suitable for people with allergies such as asthma. For added safety there is an auto-cut out feature.

Adax NEO Modern Electric Skirting Panel Heater

The Dimplex 3 KW Electric Oil Free Radiator is a powerful and versatile heater suitable for conservatories of any size.

As an oil-free heater, the Cadiz is more energy efficient compared to oil heaters of the same size and power, while also being around 30% quicker to warm compared to similar oil heaters.  Being a freestanding heater, it can be rolled into other rooms beyond the conservatory, weighing far less than most oil heaters of the same size.

The Cadiz also has a unique feature called twin panel technology that allows either side of the heater to be turned off independently of each other. This is great for directing heat towards a specific direction  

It also offers comprehensive control over heat settings. Using the electronic climate control system, you can adjust the temperature in 1 °C increments ranging from 5 °C to 35 °C. A programable timer offers 24-hour timer control, letting you program a time and day for the heater to turn on and off.

Better still, it comes with temperature memory that allows the heater to remember the preferred temperature settings. An LCD display screen also shows all the info you need, including current temperatures and auto-settings. You can even control it using a remote control for the upmost comfort! 

Dimplex Cadiz 3 KW Electric Oil Free Radiator

This skirting heater is a great choice for smaller conservatories where space may be tight, offering a low-profile heater that is easily fitted to walls or used freestanding. While not the largest unit, it offers a great amount of heat through the 500W convection heating system, so you shouldn’t go cold with this heater in the conservatory.

Its slim design makes it suitable for those with less space, which is certainly ideal for keeping the heater out of sight. Heat rises quickly no matter where you place it of course, but those conscious about space in their conservatory will appreciate this design feature.

While you may want to mount it on a lower portion of the wall it is a freestanding unit too. This allows for easy transportation around the home that many may find useful, especially for quickly warming smaller spaces during the winter months.  

There is only a single heat setting so you don’t get much options in terms of how warm you want to heat the conservatory, but it’s not overly powerful anyway so should never be too warm. It also has an electric reset safety cut-out feature and overheating protection, so the single heat setting should never cause any issues in terms of safety.

The Prem-I-Air Thin Radiator Panel Heater is a versatile heater suitable for conservatories small and large. A powerful 1000W heating system offers quick and efficient heating, while a range of heating options give you complete control over heating the room.

For instance, the heater has various programable modes that include frost prevention, comfort, and economy settings. These can be turned on manually or programmed automatically using the touch pad control panel.

Settings are available hour by hour seven days a week, so any time you want to program a heat mode it couldn’t be easier. You can also set specific temperatures beyond these pre-set modes to get the preferred heating.

Installation is simple with the choice of freestanding or wall mounted, although freestanding is a good choice should you want to use it in other rooms around the home.

The Dimplex OFRC20C is a freestanding heater that can be used throughout your home, making it a versatile option for heating rooms other than the conservatory. However, its size makes it an ideal fit for small and medium sized conservatories that get too cold during the winter months.

It has a unique feature for an electric heater in that it is completely oil-free. A lack of oil heating allows the heater to heat up much quicker than oil heaters with similar power, so you won’t be waiting long to get your conservatory nice and warm.

This heating system also helps to save energy consumption when heating to 15-20 C, so it’s not just quicker to warm but also cheaper to operate. No oil means quieter operation and no chance of oil leaking, so it’s a great feature that makes the OFRC20C stand out from the competition

The 2Kw power output is equivalent to 2000W, so it is certainly not lacking power, while there are two heat settings and a thermostat with frost settings. This means you simply set it to required setting to either defrost the windows or simply warm to the desired temperature.

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