Best Cordless Lawn Mower Reviews UK

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Best Cordless Lawn Mowers Reviews UK


Are you thinking of purchasing a new cordless mower for your garden? Below are what we consider to be some of the top battery powered models to buy in the UK.  Our more detailed reviews are below. The best sellers table and will go into more detail on the features and spec of each machine including how long the battery lasts, reliability and charge time. Read on to find one that suits your lawn and your budget. All of the below machines have went through rigorous testing by the manufacturer in attempt to provide models that are worthy of any gardener.

The Bosch Rotak 32 LI is a high powered cordless lawnmower that is best suited to small or medium size lawns, ideal for gardens with up to 150m2 of grass. The 36 volt lithium-ion battery gives a really good level of power, making light work of cutting the grass with no danger of wires getting in the way, creating a safer experience. This Bosch Rotak 32 LI has a 32 litre grass collection box on the back to minimise mess and clear up time.

The mower features a roller which enables you to create perfect lawn stripes but also aids the grass sitting in the right position for the blade to enable a smooth even cut with no bald patches. There are also lawn combs to work in tandem to bring the grass into the perfect cutting position. This cordless lawnmower has an adjustable height feature meaning you can change the cutting length from 30-70mm, and the design allows it to cut right to the edges even going over small ridges like edging stones etc to give a stunning cut. Bosch are proud of the Syneon Chip which is installed in several models including this one and is responsible for intelligently deciding the energy and power needed for each specific job, adjusting as it goes for maximum performance.

The handle has ergonomic grips which ensures that you maintain a better posture when cutting the grass and reduces the strain on backs and arms. The unit is nice and light weight making it easy to move whilst in use and also back and forth from storage. There are various purchase options including just the unit, and adding a second rechargeable battery or replacement blade. Overall a great little cordless mower for home use. Many buyers consider this to be the best cordless lawn mower for sale in the UK.

LMH Editors award

1. Bosch Rotak 32 LI High Power Cordless lawnmower

Gtech products are known for their innovation and high quality and the company has once again hit the mark with the new updated Gtech Cordless lawnmower. The design is sleek yet it is really easy to use. It has all the features most people would look for in cordless mower. Read our detailed Gtech lawn mower 2.0 review.

  • 48V battery that lasts about 40 minutes
  • Quick 1 hour charge
  • 42cm carbon steel blade
  • light weight at just 13.5kg.

2. Gtech Cordless Mower 2.0

Our Rating:

Battery powered Gtech 2.0 mower

  • 40V Lithium-ion battery
  • Battery charger
  • Adjustable cutting height
  • 30cm cutting width

The Mighti-Mo is a powerful cordless lawn mower from reputable manufacturer Flymo. Offering the perfect blend of usability and performance, this cordless lawn mower makes garden maintenance easier than ever.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of the Mighti-Mo is the cordless design. Cordless lawn mowers have come a long way in a short time, thanks in no part to improvements in battery technology. The Mighti-Mo utilises a powerful 40V lithium-ion battery that offers a run time of up to 25-minutes.

This roughly translates to enough battery power to mow up to 250m2 on a single charge. That’s enough juice to mow most medium size lawns in one go, while the charge time is a respectable 120-minutes.

A battery charger is also included with the lawn mower, which isn’t always the case with other cordless mowers, allowing you to recharge the battery each time before you use. It’s a nice addition that highlights just how much value for money the Mighti-Mo offers.

With a cordless lawn mower such as the Mighti-Mo, you can expect easy manoeuvrability as there is no power cord restricting movement, making it so much easier to mow your lawn time and time again.

The Mighti-Mo is also a versatile mower. A 30cm cutting blade is adjustable to five different heights, ranging from 15mm to 65mm. This is perfect for cutting throughout the year, letting you remove smaller amounts during growing season with the option of cutting more length as needed.

A 30L grass collector is also included, allowing you to get rid of your clippings without the need for a rake. It even collapses into a compact design for easy storage, highlighting just how much convenience the Mighti-Mo offers gardeners!

3. Flymo Mighti-Mo 300 Li Cordless Battery Mower

Our Rating:

Bosch is a well known name in the tool world and the Bosch Rotak 37 LI Ergoflex is a great example of a cordless lawnmower. This example weighs only 13kg, which really is light and therefore easy to move around the lawn and indeed to lift in and out of storage. As expected is has an attached grass box to minimise mess, and this is a hefty 40 litres meaning less time having to empty and a quicker overall grass cut.

The blade can be adjusted over 10 different heights from 20-70mm allowing you plenty of scope to achieve the perfect result. Ergonomically, plenty of consideration has gone into this lawn mower. It has a wide range of adjustment functionality, and it can be operated left or right handed – with one or both hands. It has been awarded an Ergonomic Certificate and Bosch were the first manufacturer to achieve this accolade for their garden tools.

Most of the Bosch rechargeable cordless lawn mowers now feature an intelligent chip which is able to determine the correct amount of power needed for each job, maintaining a constant blade speed and evening out the load. The mower has grass combs to ensure that the grass stands up and nothing is missed when cutting, and the blade does an amazing job on most lawn types with a cutting width of 37cm. Charging the battery takes just 60 minutes or if you are in a hurry a quick 30 minute charge will give you 80% battery power which is enough to finish a job. Being battery operated the mower is quiet to operate and does not require any fuel sources or cables dragging across the floor making it ideal for the less confident gardener to cope with.

4. Bosch Rotak 37 LI Ergoflex Cordless 36 Lawnmower

Our Rating:

  • Includes two 36V lithium-ion batteries
  • 6 cutting heights
  • 38cm cutting width
  • 35L grass collector

If you’re looking for a robust cordless lawn mower, look no further than this BLACK+DECKER Lithium-Ion Lawn Mower. Utilising powerful lithium-ion batteries for cordless mowing, this mower packs plenty of punch, being ideal for tackling medium-size lawns.

The 36V lithium-ion battery gives the mower plenty of run time for taking on medium size lawns, with enough power to mow around 600m2 in a single charge. To make things even easier, a second battery is included, so if the battery drains before you finish you just switch out the battery and continue.

A cordless mower such as this is generally much easier to use in gardens. Your movement isn’t limited by the length of a cable or any obstacles in the garden, while there is no risk of accidently running over the cable as you mow.

The 38cm cutting blade is as sharp as they come and makes mowing medium lawns less strenuous. A wider cut means less time going over missed spots, while the cutting blade adjustable cutting blade also adds to the convenience.

You can easily switch between 30mm and 80mm with a quick pull of the adjustment level, letting you get that perfect cutting height to ensure a healthy, vibrant lawn.

For instance, mowing small amounts each week over growing season makes your lawn look fantastic while avoiding the common mistake of removing too much length at one time. Of course, there are instances when you need to take more length than normal, so it’s great to have so much versatility with this BLACK + DECKER mower.

There is also a large grass collector with an impressive 35L capacity, making tidying up all those clippings quick and easy each time. In fact, you probably won’t need to stop and empty mid-mow, as this is more than enough space for clippings from a medium-size lawn!

An integrated handle means you can easily carry the mower from the shed to the lawn, while the main handle also has a collapsible design for convenient storage. All in all, this is a robust cordless lawn mower that is very reliable piece of hardware, offering easy mowing time and time again.

5. BLACK+DECKER Battery Powered Lawnmower

Our Rating:

  • Cordless
  • EasyEdge grass combs
  • 5-point height adjustment
  • Adjustable handle bars

The Ryobi OLM1833H is a cordless lawn mower perfectly suited for working in small gardens with tight spaces. Compact and lightweight, it’s one of the easier lawn mowers to operate, with no cord restriction and simple manoeuvrability, making it a fine addition to any smaller gardens.

As Ryobi lawn mower, it is part of the ONE+ system, meaning any lithium-ion batteries owned from other Ryobi power tools or garden appliances can be used with the OLM1833H. It’s recommended that you use either a 4.0Ah or 5.0Ah battery, which offers some of the best run times, clocking around 45 minutes give or take.

Unfortunately, the battery and battery-charger are not included with the lawn mower, although they are available for a reasonable price and are compatible with all other cordless tools and appliances from Ryobi.

If you’re in the market for some new power tools or other gardening appliances, be sure to check out devices featured as part of Ryobi’s ONE+ system, as you will be able to interchange the batteries and chargers. This may end up saving money in the long-run, as you won’t need to buy new batteries for each tool you buy – a great idea for any DIY enthusiasts considering buying a lawn mower.

The Ryobi OLM1833H is designed to maw mowing easier in small gardens. For instance, it’s cordless so is less restrictive, while the 12kg weight makes it simple to move around without getting tired or achy. Therefore, the OLM1833H is a good choice of lawn mower for elderly gardeners, as it doesn’t take much effort to operate.

Adjustable handles also help in this regard, with five different handle lengths available. This is a great feature that allows gardeners of every size to find the right setting for comfortable operation of the mower.

An interesting feature included with the OLM1833H is the EasyEdge grass combs. Place around the body of the mower, it directs the grass blades into the path of the blade. This makes the mower very effective at removing longer grass from those hard to reach spots around the edges of the lawn and near fences and walls.

Furthermore, the Ryobi OLM1833H includes five adjustable cutting heights, allowing complete control over lawn maintenance throughout the year. This is great for mowing at the beginning and end of the growing season, as lawn growth rate differs during these periods so requires different cutting heights to get a precise finish each time.

The Ryobi OLM1833H is also very easy to store. With a fully collapsible design, you can have the mower reduced to a fraction of its original size for better storage – perfect for gardeners tight on storage space!

Anyone looking for a reliable cordless lawn mower for small gardens will want to check out the Ryobi OLM1833H.

It’s built to take on the trickier aspects of mowing small lawns -such as manoeuvring in tight spaces – while also being compact and lightweight. Adjustable cutting and handle heights make it a versatile mower suitable for use all year long, while the ability to interchange batteries with other Ryobi tools will appeal to many.

6. Ryobi  ONE+ 18 V Lawnmower review

Our Rating:

The Greenworks Tools cordless Lawnmower is a lovely example of a cordless lawn mower. The 40 volt battery is one of the more powerful seen in cordless mowers and offers a very consistent performance when cutting the grass. The mower weighs in at just 16kg, making it a great lightweight mower that is easy to manoeuvre round the lawn and in and out of the shed. It features a folding handle making it versatile to store, as it can either be folded down or because it is lightweight, hung on a wall out of the way.

The blade has a standard cutting width of 35cm, which gives a good cutting path and makes it easy to turn. It is also great for getting right to the edge of the grass, even if there are edging strips in the way. The blade has 5 different adjustment positions depending on the length of grass and the finish required, with a one lever adjustment from 20-80mm. Being cordless means there are no wires trailing on the floor, so the overall experience is much safer as there’s no danger of mowing over them. The handle is also height adjustable to ensure that back strain is kept to a minimum.

As we have come to expect with battery mowers there is an attached collection bag which makes the job much easier as there is no need to rake up the clippings afterwards. The bag is a massive 40 litres which lessens the need to stop and empty it. When empty it also be folded to ensure the unit can be stored neatly in smaller spaces. Overall this is a great little mower from a name that has secured an excellent reputation in the garden tools department.

7. Greenworks Tools  40V battery Lawn Mower

Our Rating:

Greenworks G40LM41K2X Cordless Lawnmower for Lawns up to 500m², 41cm Cutting...
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Greenworks G40LM41K2X Cordless Lawnmower for Lawns up to 500m², 41cm Cutting...*
  • CUTS MEDIUM-SIZED LAWNS UP TO 500m² WITHOUT RECHARGING - each battery cuts 250m² giving you the...
  • TWO NEW GENERATION LITHIUM 40V 2Ah BATTERIES – one to use and one to have on charge, the lawnmower...
  • 5 CUTTING HEIGHTS AND 2-IN-1 MULCHING OR COLLECTION – a single lever makes it easy to raise the...

Cordless lawn mowers eliminate the need for wires that can be a trip and cutting hazard but also tie you to a certain space. The Evopower EVO1536Li Rechargeable is a great example of a cord free lawn mower. Battery is often favoured over petrol engines as it is cleaner and again, safer. This mower only weighs 16kg making it suitable for home users as well as small professional garden maintenance companies. The powerful 36 volt rechargeable battery delivers plenty of power to make easy work of lawn maintenance. For most lawn jobs you can expect a battery life of 30 minutes from one charge which should be plenty for the average garden lawn, very long or wet grass will mean it has to work harder and therefore the battery might discharge quicker. Recharging the battery takes just five hours which is similar to others on the market.

It comes with a built in grass box to collect the cuttings as you go, and to ensure the perfect job there are 6 different height adjustments on the blade making it suitable for a wide variety of finishes. The Evopower EVO1536Li has a 15 inch wide cutting path which makes quick work of each cut but also enables the unit to turn in tight spaces with ease.

It has an adjustable handle, enabling it to be set correctly for the users height and taking away any stress and strain to the back. The manufacturer offers a 1 year warranty and are confident that the unit has been constructed to ensure it doesn’t rust or dent even if accidentally knocked. A great example of a rechargeable cordless lawn mower, it is easy to use, sensibly priced and nicely robust.

8. Evopower EVO1536Li  Battery 36 V Lawn Mower

Our Rating:

A nice little black and orange cordless lawn mower from the company Worx, who have a good reputation in the garden servicing tools industry. This mower boasts a 40 volt lithium-ion battery for a powerful competent performance. Worx have added Mute technology to this machine which reduces an already quiet performance to nothing more than a whisper.

The rechargeable battery offers a good cut time and doesn’t take too long to recharge. The unit features a battery life indicator so you will never suddenly be caught short. The mower is capable of dealing with lawns that have got a little overgrown and the blade can be adjusted between 20-60mm to give a really professional finish. There is a 33cm cutting path, giving good turning capabilities. This feature packed cordless lawn mower also comes with Intellicut Technology which ensures that the mower gives that bit extra on longer more stubborn grass, boosting the power just enough, but doesn’t lose any performance on easier shorter lawns.

If you are not concerned about the lawn clippings and prefer them to mulch on into the lawn you can use this mower without the rear collection box and it will distribute them effectively. Should you prefer to have the clippings collecting then the grass bag can be attached, and this too features a helpful indicator that lets you know when you have reached the limited and need to empty it. The whole unit weighs in at 14kg, which means it is perfect for domestic use and is easy and lightweight to manoeuvre around the garden and storage areas. Overall this is a good example of a lightweight cordless lawn mower that delivers a really good performance even on lawns that have been left to get a little bit overgrown.

9. WORX WG776E 40V Cordless Lawn Mower

Our Rating:

The Hyundai Cordless Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Powered 36 V Lawn Mower could be the perfect solution for the average small to medium lawn owner. It features a 36 volt lithium-ion rechargeable battery which offers a cutting time of about 30 minutes and takes about 1.5 hours to charge fully. If you have a very wet or long lawn then it will need to work harder and may not last the full time. However one of the clever things about the Hyundai garden tool range is that the batteries are interchangeable. So if you have another product from their range you can simply swap the batteries over and keep both fully charged for any job. Each battery is designed to last for 1000 charges but being interchangeable, and available separately offers a long life on this mower.

The blade offers a good level of height adjustment ranging through 6 different levels from 30-80mm and can be adjusted easily if you want to change it half way through. For longer lawns starting on a higher setting, then running over again on a lower setting can create the perfect finish. The cutting path is 38cm wide which is about normal and the overall weight of the unit is just 14kg so it isn’t hard to push or turn, great for domestic use. It has a rigid clipping collection box which holds up to 35 litres, meaning you will not always have to keep stopping to empty it. Overall the Hyundai cordless lawn mower offers a clean efficient lawn cut with a very quiet motor that also has the advantage of not having any emissions found in petrol alternatives.

10. Hyundai Cordless 36 V Lawn Mower HYM36Li

Our Rating:

The Ryobi RLM18C34H25 ONE+ is a futuristic looking hybrid lawnmower. This means that you have the combined luxury of being able to operate this lawnmower from the rechargeable 36 volt lithium-ion battery (it features 2 batteries) – or be able to plug it into the mains and use as a corded mower, generating an excellent level of versatility. The cable is a useful but not massive 8 foot long, which makes it ideal just to finish the job if the battery goes flat before you finish. Again with most rechargeable units the weight has been kept low at just 18kg making it easy to move around the lawns. This model features a folding handle which could make storage a lot easier if space is limited. A handy battery life gauge makes it really easy to see how much power is left and whether a charge – or cable is needed.

The cutting path on this particular lawn mower is 34cm and the clever combs underneath allow you to cut right to the edges of the lawn ensuring a really neat job. The mower has 5 different height adjustments (20-70mm) for different lawn conditions and finishes, and the adjustment is from a simple handle on the top making really easy to change settings many times throughout the cut. There is a grass cutting box on the back which makes light work of the clippings and negates the need to rake up after you have finished. The grass box is also designed to fold and collapse when not in use making the whole unit great for smaller spaces.

Ryobi offer an interchangeable battery system with many of their cordless tools, meaning that you can always have a correct battery fully charged, and switch tool when needed.

11. Ryobi  ONE+ 3 V Cordless Hybrid Lawnmower

Our Rating:

Buying Guide for Cordless Battery-Powered Lawn Mowers

For the longest time, we’ve known that careful attention to a lawn will allow it to excel all throughout the year. In essence, every action we take with our lawn will have a knock-on effect for the next season. For example, poor care during winter and spring will lead to troubles in summer. Therefore, we need to think about what we’re doing and this normally starts with a good lawn mower.

While treating the grass and adding all sorts of products can sometimes be helpful, the basics need to be in place first and this starts with cutting. In the summer, as the grass grows faster, the lawn mower is more of a necessity but this doesn’t mean we need to lock it away from October to March. Instead, a cut every now and then will prevent the grass from growing too long and encouraging health issues.

With this in mind, you need a lawn mower that proves to be a good companion all through the calendar. With the improvement in batteries and lawn mower design over the years, we’ve been able to introduce a new niche to the market, cordless lawn mowers, and this is what we want to discuss today.

As a buying guide, our main focus will be on the considerations you need to make as well as the best features on today’s lawn mowers. However, we should first explain the market because there are many different names and numbers you’re likely to come across.

As is true with every purchase in life, we urge you to not just buy a product because a friend or family member has recommended it. By all means, listen to the opinions of those around you but don’t just make your decision based on this because the market is vast. Since your lawn is completely unique, you have different needs to everybody so we would prefer to focus on what YOU need. Sure, a particular model like the Aerotek might be a dream for your friend but what happens when you try it and the battery doesn’t last long enough to mow the whole lawn?

Why Choose a Cordless Lawn Mower?

Before we launch into the main considerations, why should you even consider a battery-powered lawn mower. Since corded lawn mowers have been treating us well for so long, is there a need to make the switch?

  • Convenient – Firstly, why get tangled and constantly worry about where the cord is when you can mow your lawn without one entirely? Rather than buying all sorts of extension cords and experimenting with the right socket that allows the best reach in all four corners of the garden, a cordless lawn mower allows for complete freedom and you can mow the lawn in whatever manner you wish.
  • Easy to Start – Compared to pulling a cord or worrying about oil, all you need to do to get started is hold the button and squeeze the handle.
  • Powerful – For some reason, there seems to be a misconception that battery powered lawn mowers are weaker than petrol and corded mowers when this simply isn’t the case. With some of the newest models, they can be just as powerful which brings the clean cut you desire time after time.
  • Lightweight – These days, there tends to be a difference of 30-50 pounds between cordless and other mowers you’ll find on the market. Although this doesn’t sound like much, it starts to show after a few minutes of pushing it around the garden.
  • Easy Storage – With no fuel tank and no lead to wrap around the handle seventeen times, the majority of mowers can be folded down and stored in a small space. On the other hand, some even allow for vertical storage so you can lean it up against the shed wall.
  • Quiet – In the market, battery-operated mowers, just as we see with battery-operated cars and other products in life, are generally much quieter than other designs. With this, you’ll be able to mow earlier in the morning or later at night without causing inconvenience to the neighbours.
  • Help the Environment – If you also want to do your bit for the environment, battery-operated lawn mowers don’t emit dangerous gases into the air and they tend to use energy more sparingly than corded models.
  • With all these benefits, it’s not hard to see why this niche has seen an astronomical boost in popularity recently. So, you’ve decided to buy a cordless lawn mower…what now?
Considerations when Buying a Battery-Powered Mower

What do you need to consider before buying a battery-powered lawn mower? What makes your needs different to everybody else’s? Let’s take a look!

  • Garden Size – In general just like the best electric lawnmowers , cordless lawn mowers tend to be more suited to small and medium-sized gardens than any other because the batteries will have limited life. If you have what would be considered a ‘large’ garden, you’ll need to spend more of your time researching otherwise you might have to take a break half-way through to recharge. Of course, this is something you might be happy with if you already take breaks during the task. Once you consider your garden size, you can compare and contrast between models. While some will offer 40 minutes of mowing time, others will run beyond an hour and even up to two hours. Ultimately, it depends on the battery the model boasts. Leading from this, you’ll also need to think about charging time. As mentioned previously, what if you need to take a break in the middle of mowing the lawn? In order for this to be acceptable, you’ll need a model that can charge quickly and some allow for 30-minute charging and numbers similar.If you’re short of time and your lawn mowing tends to be a quick exercise, we recommend scanning the market for a more appropriate model.
  • Weight – Do you have certain health problems that bring trouble when pushing a heavy lawn mower around the garden? If so, a battery-powered mower would be the ideal solution because, as we’ve seen, they tend to be much lighter [1]. With some models coming in at the 30-pound mark, it means you can mow the lawn without the shoulder, back, or knee pain that normally comes with it.Not only is weight important when cutting the grass, you also need to consider it for storage. If you’ve got a great bulky unit of a mower, the process of getting it from the shed or garage is eventually going to become somewhat of a chore. As you think about mowing, the thought of lifting the heavy mower will put you off and your lawn suffers as a result. If the product is light, you won’t have a problem getting it ready each time.
  • Self-Propelled Features – While on the topic of making things easier for yourself, especially if you suffer with certain injuries, some cordless lawn mowers will actually be self-propelled which means they move forward of their own accord. Of course, you’ll have to guide it and turn around corners but this feature means you don’t have to actively push the mower around the garden which can be a great relief for many.
  • Cutting Deck – Typically, it will be the balance between the battery life and the cutting deck that allows you to choose the right lawn mower. Instantly, we think a low battery life is bad news but this isn’t necessarily the case if the cutting deck is wide because it means you can cut a wider patch with every sweep of the garden. Therefore, this could actually be more useful than a longer battery life and tiny cutting deck. As we’ve said previously, you need to assess your own needs and find out the amount of grass the mower can cut in one charge rather than just its duration.
  • Storage Space – How much space do you have available to store the mower? Do you have plenty of room in the shed or garage? Are you forced to bring the mower indoors and squeeze it into a small cupboard under the stairs? Once again, this is another reason why the recommendations of friends and family aren’t always the best way to go. If you’ve only got a small space available for storage, you’ll need to consider this when purchasing.As we saw when discussing the benefits of cordless mowers, some these days will fold down to become very compact while others can be stored upright which means you can gently lean it against the wall. If you have all the space in the world, feel free to look towards the other considerations in this list.
  • Charging System – These days, the charging system should allow for the battery to be removed from the model before then charging away from the mower itself. Although this is the system you’re most likely to see when shopping the market, make sure your chosen model offers this ability otherwise you’ll have to plug the whole unit into the wall somewhere and this can be incredibly inconvenient.
  • Extra Features – After the features and considerations we’ve already discussed, you can then move onto the features that won’t make or break the experience but will make it that little bit easier. For example, some advanced lawn mowers will offer a three-in-one solution where you can choose between the grass being mulched, discharged out the rear/side, or bagged.Elsewhere, the mower could have a warning light when the battery is running low or an adjustment for power when you’re running through a particularly rough patch of grass. As you search through the market, you might find an additional feature that really suits your garden.
  • Customer Support – Finally, we always hope that customer service won’t be needed but you have to plan for the worst just in case. If something happens to go wrong, the company should have several ways in which you can contact them whether through phone, social media, email, or even a live chat feature on their website.With customer support, we should also include the warranty because this is another consideration you need to make. Are you happy enough with a one-year warranty or would you prefer a three-year warranty for added protection?


At the risk of overdoing it slightly, your needs really are the most important consideration; why buy a lawn mower without considering your own needs when you’re the one to be using it for the next few years?

These days, there are some fantastic cordless battery-operated mowers on the market so take your time and read through the features. Rather than getting as close as you can with a model and taking a risk, find the one that matches everything you need!

Check out our guide on the best petrol lawn mowers and are reviews of the top manual hand pushed mowers.

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