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Best Decking Cleaner Reviews

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Cuprinol are known for making great gardening products and their deck cleaning solution is no different. It uses combination of cleaning detergents that are designed to efficiently clean the most common signs of dirt and grim on decking, including grease and mildew. 

The cleaner is easily one of the most efficient on the market. Whether re-staining or just cleaning decking, this cleaner is a powerful detergent that removes even the toughest signs of weather wearing.

This is especially useful for the British climate, with the wet and damp conditions being terrible for decking. Mould and algae often accumulate on decking as a result, especially during winter, so this cleaner helps to remove these nasty substances.

Once used, the cleaner restores the natural appearance and colour to the surface of the decking, making it look as good as new after just one use.

Another great aspect of this decking cleaner from Cupinol is that it actively prevents regrowth. The potent cleaner sterilises the surface after use, protecting against regrowth. Better still, it’s suitable for a range of materials beyond wooden decking, including stonework and patios.

It is worth noting that you’ll to use a good bit of elbow grease to scrub the surface with this cleaner!

Cuprinol 2.5L Decking Cleaner

Spray Today Gone Tomorrow is a powerful decking cleaner from Distrbusters capable of removing even the toughest stains and dirt from your decking. This is a professional-grade cleaner that effectively disinfects decking as it cleans, helping to remove dirt and grime, while also protecting against future growth.

Applying this to your decking should prevent mildew, moss, mould, lichen, and other nasty substances from accumulating on your decking. There is very little effort needed to use cleaner too.

Simply combine 5L with four parts water and use a garden spray bottle to apply to the decking. Leave it to do its thing and watch all the substances die and dissipate over the coming days. It’s completely biodegradable and free from bleach and acid, making it safe to leave for pets and kids after drying.

You also get a fair amount of cleaner for your investment. 5L of cleaner provides around 25L of cleaning material when mixed with water, so should give you enough to clean decking several times over.

You may even want to use it to clean other surfaces. The cleaner is suitable for various surfaces including patios, sheds, fences, pathways, and uPVC, making it a versatile cleaner that does the job well.

Dirtbusters Spray Today Gone Tomorrow

Spray and Walk Always is a great decking cleaner concentrate from Pro-Kleen. It’s one of the fastest acting cleaners, taking effect in just a few days after applying it to the surface. Moss and algae are the main targets for the cleaning detergent, but it also works effectively against general dirt and grime.

As the name suggests you simply apply the cleaner on the surface and leave it to get to work. It’s an incredibly convenient way to clean your decking as there is no scrubbing or power washing needed for the solution to work.

Also, it doesn’t feature bleach or acid and is biodegradable, making it safe to leave unattended once it dries into the surface, which doesn’t take long. This means children and pets can still use the decking without concerns about the cleaning solution causing any harm.

The cleaning solution is also quite versatile. While mainly designed to clean decking, it’s suitable for a range of other materials including uPVC, meaning you can use it to clean your window frames! It also protects the surfaces for months, so frequent cleaning isn’t necessary with this product.

Just combine one litre of cleaner with 4 litres of water and use a garden sprayer or watering can to apply to the surface.

Pro-Kleen Spray & Walk Away Concentrate

This spray and leave decking cleaning solution from Jarder is simple to use and offers great results. You don’t need to scrub or use a pressure washer with this solution, instead just combine a small amount with water, spray on the surface, and leave it to kill any growth.

It’s quite a versatile cleaner too, killing all kinds of unwanted substances that accumulate on decking. This incudes all types of green mould, moss, and algae. You also get about 30 litres of cleaning solution per five litre bottle, so you should get ample use from the cleaner.

Better still, it doesn’t just work on wooden decking either. The cleaning solution is effective on a variety of surfaces and materials around the garden, such as patio, fences, paths, driveways, sheds, uPVC windows, and even terracotta plant pots.

The cleaner starts to work immediately after application and will have surfaces clean and free of grime in a matter of days. It’s a deep penetrating cleaner that provides surface protection once it cleans away growth, preventing re-growth for up to six months.

As a biodegradable cleaning solution, it is completely safe to use around pets and children, although it should be allowed to dry first. There is no bleach or acid while it’s also non-caustic, making it incredibly safe to use.

Jarder Spray & Leave

How to Clean Your Decking

Once you decide on a decking cleaner it’s time to get cleaning! Most of the steps needed to clean your decking with a cleaning solution are relatively easy, although some solutions require you to scrub too. Even if using a cleaner that you leave on and don’t scrub, there are some things you should do to prepare the decking before cleaning it.

Here’s a breakdown of the steps to take to best clean your decking!

  • Step One – Remove Everything to Clear the Decking.  You want to remove all objects from your decking prior to cleaning. This makes applying the cleaner so much easier as you aren’t navigating around random bits of future or garden décor. Simply remove any furniture, pots, décor, and anything else that covers the surface of the decking.The entire surface should be cleared so you can evenly apply the cleaning solution across the decking!
  • Step Two – Brush Away Loose Debris. Once all the clutter is removed from the decking you should give it a brush to remove all debris. You may need to check it once before doing this, keeping an eye for bigger pieces of debris that should be removed by hand – remember your gardening gloves!Smaller debris like loose dirt, leaves, clippings etc., should be swept off from the surface. Grab a bag and a shovel, sweep the debris on the shovel and then empty in into the bag. Once this is done, look over the gaps between the wooden slats for any debris that may be lodged inside, removing it with a thin tool.Basically, you want all traces of loose debris removed so the cleaning solution can really soak into the surface.
  • Step Three – Rinse the Decking. If you have a pressure washer then it’s a good idea to give your decking a quick once over before applying the cleaner. Yes, the cleaner can remove dirt and grime without a pressure washer but doing this first helps to dislodge some of the tougher stains and substances, making the cleaner more effective when applied.If you don’t have a pressure washer then even using a garden hose is a good way to rinse the surface. Give it a good soak and then brush away the surface water with a hard-bristled brush, which should help loosen a lot of the dirt and grime. 
  • checkStep Four – Mix Cleaner and Apply. Follow the mixing instructions for your decking cleaner. They usually get combined with water and put into a garden sprayer for easier application, but this may depend on the type of cleaner. For instance, some cleaners are applied using a scrubbing brush to get into the surface, so be sure to check before you buy.In any case, expect to use a one of a scrubbing brush, watering can, or garden sprayer to apply the cleaning solution across the decking. Take a hard-bristle brush and really work the cleaner into the surface, even if it says you can leave it on without scrubbing – it makes that bit more effective.Dirt and grime should already begin to dissipate after the initial application. Then, it’s a case of waiting the recommended period for the cleaner to work and then rinsing it away. Some don’t need rinsed if biodegradable, but it may be worthwhile rinsing in a few days anyway.Note – plastic and composite wood materials probably won’t need a hard-bristle brush for scrubbing.

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