Best Electric fire log burner reviews UK

Best Electric Fire Reviews UK

  • Two different heat settings
  • Remote control-operated
  • Two opening doors
  • Both log effect and real coal available
  • Thermostat

Made of cast iron, this is the epitome of what we were discussing in the electric stove section. Despite being electric, the stove is made of high-quality material and should stand the test of time. Depending on what you’re looking for, there’s also the option of a log effect or using real coal at installation.

Another misconception with electric fireplaces is that you don’t have a great deal of control over the temperature of the room, but the thermostat and two heat settings allow for not only control of heat but also of consumption. If you want the flame effect but without the heat, perhaps if you’re entertaining guests, this is also an option so there’s real flexibility from Dimplex. Once ordered, you won’t have to pay any servicing or installation costs and the manufacturer even offers a 12-month warranty just in case something severe happens within the first year.

  • 1850W heater
  • Two different heat settings
  • Vivid flame effect
  • Safety features

If you’re looking for a more affordable freestanding solution, this could be the one for you and it comes from a reliable manufacturer in VonHaus; they even offer it in three different styles. As you’ll see from the images, the bronze-style handles really bring character to the electric fire heater and would make a welcome addition to any home. In terms of the finer details, the two heat settings are set at 925W and 1850W but flexibility is introduced with fan settings and an adjustable thermostat.

When in action, this fireplace uses a vivid flame effect that looks just as beautiful but without the stress and danger that comes with a real log fire. On a winter’s day, you might want the fireplace to look more visible to your guests and VonHaus provides this opportunity with a brightness option. If you’re safety-conscious when it comes to these types of products, it’ll be good to know the stove comes with a thermal cut-off device which should prevent major issues.

  • 1800W heater
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Realistic flame effect
  • Safety features

Much like the stove we’ve just seen from VonHaus, this realistic electric fire operates on two different heat settings and the two settings are actually very similar; 900W and 1800W. What’s more, this is coupled with an adjustable thermostat to give you more control over the temperature of the room. Made of metal with resin, again we find a manufacturer who has chosen high-quality materials for a durable product.

If the occasion requires, the flame effect can be used without the heating and this is another benefit of choosing an electric solution over an authentic fireplace. Sometimes, a relaxed Sunday afternoon of reading calls for more ambiance and this can be achieved with a simple flick of the button (without having to boil up at the same time!). Galleon navigates this problem majestically, and an automatic shut-off feature will spring into action if there’s any overheating or potential of danger (or simply when the room is warm enough).

In addition to this, customers have noted how quickly the stove warms. Rather than turning it on and having to wait half an hour to feel the effect, it warms instantly.

  • Remote control and thermostat
  • Independent flame effect
  • 2000W heater
  • Realistic three-dimensional flame

If you liked what Dimplex offered previously but need something slightly different, perhaps the Opti-Myst will be the answer. Although this is towards the more expensive end of the electric fire market, it does offer the most powerful heater we’ve seen so far with 2000W. With this in mind, it shouldn't have a problem warming even the largest of rooms. Additionally, they have the self-proclaimed ‘most realistic three-dimensional flame effect fire’ the industry can offer. Despite the traditional black cast stove, the flame effect utilises modern thinking and looks wonderful.

Otherwise, you can enjoy all the usual benefits with this model including a remote control, thermostat, a flame effect independent of the heater, and more. In the sleek black finish, it should work with most decors and the added doors help to keep the authentic feeling electric stoves offer. Depending on the day, there’s also two different heat settings; one would suit the end of autumn as the sun starts to fade away, and the other is reserved for those harsh winter days.

  • Inset design
  • Thermostat and remote control
  • LED flame effect
  • 3 flame effects
  • 5 brightness levels

Earlier, we spoke of the LED technology that now seems to be shaping the market and here we have the first example of this (as well as the first inset option). If you have an existing fireplace cavity or a wall planned, you’ll need an inset design and they don’t come much better than this one from Endeavour Fires. Thanks to the LEDs, the fire looks stunning and can be adjusted with five different levels of brightness. However, the customisation doesn’t finish there because there are also three flame effects.

Furthermore, the LCD remote control allows for seven-day programming and this also contributes to the wider automatic shut-off system. One of the biggest benefits of choosing an electric fireplace is the cost, and Endeavour Fires claim the fire effect costs less than £1.50 per year (for those on a standard tariff and don’t go over five hours per day). When you pay this little, and the inset fire looks so great, you’ll wonder why you didn't make this change much sooner.

  • Freestanding design
  • Full controls and thermostat
  • 950W and 1850W settings
  • Safety cut-off feature

To finish this guide, we’ve gone for the HOMCOM flame effect electric fire and it’s another one worth your attention. Using the provided controls, as well as the thermostat, you can adjust the temperature and stay comfortable at all times. The two settings are at 950W and 1850W which, as you’ve probably noticed, is around the levels expected for the market. After this, the brightness of the fire can be adjusted and the safety cut-off feature will prevent overheating in your room (and of the unit itself!).

Standing freely, the fireplace can be moved from one room to another and the elegant design offers a combination of modern and traditional. HOMCOM has chosen iron as the main material along with a tempered glass window at the front. With a coverage area of 30 square metres, the product should be perfect for your home or even your office.

Buying Guide

electric fireplace

While gas or solid fuel fires might give the best authentic value, we still feel as though electric fires can add tremendous value to a home. Not only do they look great, they’re also a more affordable option (as well as being easier to install!). If you’re currently shopping this market, allow us to provide some insight to make your buying decision that little bit easier.

Why Choose an Electric Fireplace?

Before anything else, we should explain why one would choose electric over the more authentic options. For us, the main benefit would be the removal of all the hassle that comes with gas and solid fuel fireplaces. You can enjoy the look and feel of a real fire, but without requiring a chimney, without all the servicing costs, and without producing harmful chemicals. Instead, a simple switch will turn the fire on/off.

Elsewhere, the numerous designs on the market allow you to choose a model that’ll suit your home. Also, installation costs are kept to a minimum and relocation is also possible.

On the flip side, realism can be an issue for many as can the noise of the fan. Compared to other types, the fireplace can be more expensive to run. However, if these disadvantages don’t bother you, an electric fireplace could be an ideal solution for your home.

What Types are Available?

Before we launch into product reviews of electric log burners, we should first explain the different types you might find while researching.

Inset Electric Fire

Sometimes called recessed electric fires, you’ll need a hole in your chosen wall in order for this type to be installed. For many, they use the existing fireplace cavity but this is by no means your only option; the cavity can be created especially for the fireplace. With the bulk of the unit built into the wall, there’s no cables or wiring because it’s all hidden.

Freestanding Electric Fire

If you don’t have traditional fireplace cavity, and you don’t want to starting building into your walls, another solution can be found with the freestanding units. These days, the design is so high-quality that the electric fire suite will sit flush against the wall and look realistic. There are many benefits to this type including the affordability, the removal of a need for a chimney, and the fact you can move it to whatever room it’s required.

Electric Stoves

For a traditional, and somewhat trendy, fireplace, electric stoves are actually in fashion at the moment. Constructed from the same heavy materials as normal stoves, the product looks realistic and they’re much cheaper to both purchase and maintain.

Wall-Mounted Electric Fire

If you’ve gone for a modern style of decoration in your home, a wall-mounted fireplace could finish it off perfectly. Otherwise, it might be that you have a lack of floor space. Either way, the sleek design of these models are sure to impress your friends as they visit.

Radiant Bar Electric Fire

If you don’t have a modern-style home, you could opt for the retro look with a radiant bar fireplace. Often, people are put off this option because they think it won’t emit enough heat but this simply isn't true.

When choosing a fireplace for your home, remember to assess your home, the space you have, and the look you want to achieve. Also, remember that different electric log burners will create slightly different effects. For example, many choose to hide lightbulbs under pebbles or under another part of the design. In other products, you’ll find ribbon flame or special LED effects; make sure you look at all these types before then choosing a favourite for your home!

Check out some of our other buying guides including our reviews of stove fans, log burner accessories and our article on choosing a chiminea for you patio or garden. We also have guides on conservatory, greenhouse and patio heaters.

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