Best Expandable Hose UK Reviews

Best Expandable Hose UK – Reviews

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A hose is a great tool, letting you easily water things around the garden and rinse off a car after it has been washed, along with countless other uses. Finding a reliable product isn’t easy, as they have a reputation for not being the most durable, easily tearing, cracking, and splitting.

Damage often occurs when overstretching a hose or using too much water pressure, while they can often get pierced by things lying around the garden or driveway. The problem is often made worse when using a hose that isn’t long enough, with the constant stretching and kinking making them more susceptible to damage

This has led to an increase in popularity of the expandable hose. As the name suggests, the hose can expand its length several times over, while also being much more durable and lightweight. Because they expand, the original size is much more compact, allowing for easier storage and a lot less hassle trying to tidy up!

What is the Best Expandable Garden Hose?

Read our buying guide below and reviews to find our top 5 picks for you to consider.

Crenova 30M Expandable Garden Hose

  • Length: 100ft
  • Brass connector with rubber washers
  • Double latex inner tube
  • Woven polyester outer tube
  • Seven spray nozzle functions

One of the best-selling optins currently available, this 30m hose from Crenova features quality construction, durable materials, and a versatile spray gun for all your watering needs.

Capable of expanding three times its original size, the length reaches an impressive 100ft (30m), making it a great choice for larger gardens, although its compact and lightweight design make it a good choice for most garden sizes!

Durability is one of the big selling points for this product. The inner tubing is made from a double layer of latex, giving incredible flexibility with added strength, ensuring the hose remains stable whenever in use.

Latex isn’t the most resistant to high temperatures though, so the maximum temperature of 50 °C means it shouldn’t be used with excessively warm water. Most people don’t use hot water anyway so it should be fine!

The outer tubing is made from woven polyester, which is also very durable material that is almost impossible to damage, as it rests cracks and splits due to the highly flexible design. It won’t kink or tangle, which are the main reasons that cracks and splits develop, so expect it to last many years.

The fittings and connectors are also very durable, with the main connector being made from solid brass and has a plastic washer inside. Brass is the best material for a hose fitting because it is rust resistant so will last for some time, while the rubber washer helps to prevent leakages when its connected to a tap.

With seven different spray functions, the spray nozzle is highly versatile and perfect for all kinds of gardening and outdoor chores, with spray options including jet, angle, mist, shower, centre, soak, and flat.

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FlexiHose Upgraded Expandable 50 FT Garden Hose

  • Length: 50ft (75ft and 100ft options available)
  • Double latex inner tubing
  • Polyester outer tubing
  • Brass connectors with on/off valve
  • Eight spray nozzle functions

When a company offers a lifetime replacement guarantee, you know they are confident in the quality of their product, which is exactly what FlexiHose offers with their fantastic expandable garden hose.

The standard size is 50ft at its largest, expanding to around three times its original size (around 17ft). This size is perfect for smaller gardens, although there are 75ft and 100ft size options available for those that need extra reach when using the hose.

Made from durable materials, the FlexiHose will likely last for years, if not decades, thanks to the robust inner and outer tubing components. The inner layer consists of a double layer of latex for added solidity when using the hose, with the 2mm thickness being one of the thickest currently available.

The latex can be used with hot water too, although avoid anything higher than 45 °C or the inside may become damaged.

The outer tubing is made from polyester, giving it complete flexibility to self-retract when no in use. This material is strong but has plenty of give, so you don’t need to worry about it splitting or cracking over time.

Of course, if there are any issues with any of the tubing you can get a replacement for free! This gives customers the peace of mind that their money is being well spent, which is certainly case when you consider you probably won’t need to buy a new hose ever again!

The fittings are all made from premium quality brass, providing a rust-free connector that won’t seize up or fall to pieces after a few years of use.

Eight spray nozzle functions are available and the nozzle itself is made from a zinc alloy for added durability.

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HmiL-U Garden Hose 150ft

  • Length: 150ft (50ft and 100ft options available)
  • Double thermoplastic polyester inner tubing
  • Double webbing polyester outer tubing
  • Brass connectors with on/off valve
  • 9 water spray functions

The HmiL-U is a versatile garden hose that can expand from an already impressive 50ft to 150ft, making it one of the largest available. If you don’t need one this big then check out the 50ft and 100ft size options, as they offer the same quality build and performance but with less length.

Regardless of what size you go for, this hose is strong and durable, using some of the best materials available to ensure a long-lasting product you can rely on. For example, the inner tubing uses a double layer of thermoplastic polyester, meaning it’s stronger and more flexible than latex and can be used with hotter water (up to 98 °C).

The outer tubing uses a double layer of woven polyester, making it highly flexible for easy expansion and retraction without any kinking or twisting, while the material won’t degrade quickly over time. For instance, the manufacturer estimates it can be used 1000-1500 times at the recommended pressure level, which around double the industry standard.

Brass fittings are used for all the connectors, so rusting, cracking, or splitting shouldn’t be an issue, while a rubber washer prevents any leaks when connected. There is also an on/off valve on the connector itself.

The spray gun offers a range of water sprays, including angle, flat, shower, cone, soaker, jet, full, centre, angle, and mist, so there should be one for every task you have. The spray gun can be locked into position for continuous spray without holding down the trigger, while there is ab anti-slip and soft grip handle for added stability and comfort when using the hose.

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TheFitLife Expandable Garden Hose

  • Length 25ft (50ft and 75ft sizes available)
  • Triple layer latex inner tubing
  • High-strength polyester outer tubing
  • Brass connectors
  • 8 spray nozzle functions

The FitLife range of garden hoses are a good option for people with smaller gardens. The standard size is 25ft, making it one of the shorter lengths on the market, although not everyone needs the longest hose they can find, with this compact size catering to those that need a small and lightweight hose.

That said, there are larger sizes available if the 25ft model is too short, with 50ft and 75ft sizes providing additional length when necessary. In any case, the hose expands three times from its original size, so it offers lots of reach and makes manoeuvring around gardens and outside spaces much easier.

This hose is one of the few that uses a triple layer of latex for its inner tubing. This makes it even tougher and more stable than hoses with single or double layers, so you can expect this to last for many years. Also, the latex is 100% natural, making it an eco-friendly option.

The outer layer is woven polyester fabric. It’s a high-density material that expands and contracts with ease, and it’s not susceptible to accidental tearing, puncturing, or friction damage like most traditional hoses. There is a lot of give too, so the hose doesn’t tangle or kink.

All brass connections and fittings ensure no rust from constant contact with water, while the material is resistant to cracking, splitting, and leaking.

The spray gun comes with a rotating nozzle that can be adjusted to various spray settings, including a full spray, wider mist spray, a concentrated jet spray, an angled spray and many others. There are eight spray settings to choose from so it should cover any type of chore.

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Avyvi 100FT Expandable Garden Hose

  • Length: 100ft (50ft size available)
  • Double latex inner tube
  • Polyester outer tube
  • Brass connectors
  • 8 spray nozzle functions
  • Storage bag and hose hanger

This hose from Avyvi is a good choice for people with larger working areas, measuring 33ft when retracted and expanding to 100ft when expanded with water. If you need something smaller there is also a 50ft size that is perfect for compact gardens.

It uses all the best materials to ensure the upmost durability, with a 12-month warranty included with the hose in case something tears, cracks, or breaks, although this is very unlikely given the quality of materials in use.

For example, the inner tubing is made from a robust yet flexible double layer of latex. It’s ideal for hoses as it gives the right balance between strength and flexibility, greatly minimising the chances of damage from things like rocks, friction from dragging, and getting caught around objects.

The outer tubing is made from a woven polyester fabric that can be easily stretched but offers ample protection for the inner tubing material. It’s also very lightweight, so the hose weights very little so can be easily used for long periods without fatigue setting in.

Brass is used for the connections, which is always a sign of reliable quality, with brass being the most durable and resistant material for a connector. Its resistant to corrosion and very strong, so won’t crack or split like connectors made from subpar materials.

The spray gun features eight different spray settings that are easily interchanged by rotating the nozzle. Spray patters are varied, including mist, vertical, and shower sprays to name a few. There’s one for almost every task, whether rinsing shampoo from a car, cleaning away pet droppings, or hosing down garden furniture.

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Buying Guide

Looing for the best expandable hose but aren’t sure what you need? There are certain things to look for in a product, as you want to ensure that it is long and durable enough for your requirements. Check out this handy guide for all the info you need to choose the right product!


You want a product that is more durable than a standard hose, so to get this you need to look at several components that make up this type of hose.

Inner Tube Material 

The inner tube of an expandable hose is important for the long-term durability of the product. Choose something with a poor-quality material and it will break sooner rather than late. There are two choices when it comes to the best materials for the hose core – thermoplastic polyester and latex.

Latex is the cost-friendly option but it’s still a durable material for the core. Its high flexibility makes it ideal for the expandable function without sacrificing durability.

The only real downside to this material is that it cannot be used with hot water, as this will damage the material and ruin the hose, so if you need to clean anything with hot water then avoid this material.

Thermoplastic polyester (TPS) is more expensive but also more durable. It’s got similar strength and durability to latex but with the added bonus of being heat resistant. This means you can use the hose with hot water, making it a more versatile material.

Of course, not everyone uses hot winter with their hose. If you are just using it for watering things in the garden and/or rinsing your vehicle and other objects, then latex is a good choice as it will probably be cheaper!

Outer Tube Material 

The material that surrounds the inner core of the hose should also be considered. This material is responsible for giving the hose its structural stability, so you want something strong and durable so it continues to function properly.

Of course, the material needs to have some give too, with flexibility being very important for a hose!

As a result, the best material for the outer shell is definitely polyester.

This brings the perfect balance of strength and flexibility, so always look for this material if possible. Double woven polyester is even better too, as this has an additional layer for improved durability.

Fittings and Connectors 

Don’t overlook the importance of durable fittings and connectors- these can make or break the hose!

Choose poor quality materials and the fittings are going to split and crack in no time, which is why you should avoid plastic fittings at all costs. While cheaper, these are also less durable and more likely to break, causing leaks and ruining the pressure levels.

Instead, look for quality metal materials like brass, which are perfect for fittings because they can resistant water and will last for many years. Aluminium is a decent alternative to brass, being lightweight and cheaper to produce, although they are more likely to crack compared to brass.

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You obviously need a hose that is long enough to complete your chores, so consider what type of reach you require and look for a hose with a suitable length to accommodate this.

People with a larger garden will want more length to ensure that the hose can reach everything without overextending itself, so the more length the better if you have a bigger outdoor space.

Similarly, if your driveway or parking sport isn’t the closest then more length is a good idea so that you can reach it.

On the flip side, if you are working in a smaller area then a shorter length should be fine. It’s not always necessary to have plenty of reach, especially if you probably won’t be going too far from the water source, so choosing something smaller could save money and storage space.

That said, because of the expandable design there isn’t much harm choosing a product with plenty of length, as you never know when you might need more reach.

Bear in mind that the longer it is the less pressure you have!

Spray Nozzle Attachments

What type of attachments do you need? Think about the chores you’re doing and what attachments are best suited for this. For example, a multi-functional spray nozzle is a great choice for people using the hose for different tasks like watering plants and rinsing vehicles.

Spray guns are great for general use and are comfortable to handle for longer periods, making it a solid choice. These can be adjusted to produce various types of sprays, from concentrated jets to light mists to wider fan sprays.

You also get sprinkler attachments that can be great for easy garden maintenance in the summer, while kids will undoubtedly have fun playing around with a sprinkler and many other attachments

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