Best Garden Hedge Shears

Best Garden Hedge Shears

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Maintaining hedges is one of the more difficult tasks in the garden. Hedges require frequent shearing to keep them looking great and stopping them from becoming wild and overgrown. So, owning a reliable set of hedge shears is a must for easier maintenance and leaving them looking as good as possible.

However, with so many different types of hedge shears available, it’s not always obvious which is the best type for your garden. Shears come in various sizes and designs, any of which may be the best choice for the hedges in your garden, so it helps to know what to look for when buying.

  • Geared cutting mechanism
  • Hardened carbon steel blades
  • Lightweight aluminium handles
  • 10-year warranty

The Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Geared Hedge Shears are a fine choice of maintaining shrubs and hedges throughout the garden. Built from quality materials and simple to use, these shears make hedge maintenance quick and easy.

As the shears feature a geared cutting mechanism, they are generally stronger than similar sized shears that don’t have this feature, requiring much less effort when cutting through branches and twigs.

The blades are also high quality, being made from hardened carbon steel that makes them very durable. Furthermore, the upper blade of the shears is PTFE coated, making them even more result-resistance while offer a smooth cut every time.

Tubular aluminium handles result in a lightweight feel to the shears that helps to reduce fatigue when using over long periods. It also includes cushioned grips for added comfort, highlighting just how easy it is to operate the Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Geared Hedge Shears.

The blades measure 7” when open and 10”, while the handle is 12”, making them suitable for smaller size hedges and shrubs. The will work on taller hedges of course, this just requires a ladder or some other way to elevate your height, so are best suited for small hedges.

Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Geared Hedge Shears

Our Rating:

  • Compound cutting action
  • Carbon steel wavy blades
  • Aluminium body and soft grip handles
  • 5-year warranty

The Pro Garden Hedge Shears from Davaon offer great performance and easy usability, making them a great addition to any tool shed.

An advanced compound cutting action provides the shears with a powerful cut that doesn’t require much exertion. This is great for reducing fatigue and arm strain while also making the shears that bit better at cutting tougher branches.

The wavy blade design means the shears are fantastic at gripping large sections of twigs together without them falling away, resulting in a much more efficient shearing action each time – it helps to reduce the time trimming your hedges by gather as much as possible for each cut.

Furthermore, the blades are made from tough SK5 carbon steel. This not only makes them more durable but also helps to avoid clumping, as does the non-stick coating on the lower blade. When combined with the wavy design of the blade, these shears offer precise cutting every time.

An aluminium body helps to keep the weight down to an impressive 948g, while the cushioned handles ensure comfortable grip that keeps strains to a minimum, allowing for easy shearing throughout the day.

Davaon Pro Garden Hedge Shears

Our Rating:

  • Geared and levered cutting mechanism
  • PTFE coated stainless steel blades
  • Fibreglass handles

The Power Gear Hedge Shear from Fiskars is an outstanding shear for cutting a variety of hedges and shrubs throughout the garden. With a powerful cutting mechanism and lightweight design, the Power Gear Hedge Shear offers easy cutting even on thicker growth.

Combining a gear mechanism and level system, the shears offer exceptional cutting power that won’t tire you. Even when cutting through thick growth, the shears remain easy to use and require little effort to cut.

When you consider the lightweight design – it weighs just 626g – it’s clear just how easier hedge maintenance is made with these awesome shears. This lighter weight is achieved by using fibreglass reinforced with polyamide – it’s strong yet very lightweight, making it fine choice for the body of the shears.

The blades are made from stainless steel and are coated with PTFE for added durability and reduced friction, while the grips feature a fibreglass reinforced plastic for comfortable operation throughout the day.

Fiskars Power Gear Hedge Shear

Our Rating:

  • Telescopic aluminium handles
  • 25cm wavy non-stick blade
  • Soft grip handles

This telescopic hedge shear from Wilkinson Sword is an excellent option for those with hedges, shrubs, and plants of varying sizes thanks to the adjustable handle length.

Should you need to reach for a higher hedge then you simply extend the handle up to the max length of 875mm. When collapsed, the handles measure 680mm, making the shears the ideal length for close cutting on smaller hedges and shrubs.

The handles are easy to extend as well, and because it uses a 3-step extension with lever and locking mechanism there is no risk of the handles collapsing when in use. 

A wavy blade design offers exceptional grip, making it much easier to gather large amounts of twigs to get an even cut each time. The non-stick coating also helps in this regard, as it prevents cut foliage from sticking to the blades, saving the time and hassle of constantly cleaning them mid-task.

To ensure ease of the use, the handles are crafted from a lightweight aluminium that makes using them less strenuous, as does the soft grip cushion on the handle.

Wilkinson Sword Telescopic Hedge Shears

Our Rating:

  • Partially serrated steel blades
  • 57cm length
  • Rubber buffers

If you need a powerful shear for trimming hedges, look no further than the Bahco P51. The shear is suitable for professional use, so it certainly packs enough punch to cut through those more troublesome growths that ordinary shears struggle with.

The heavy gauge steel blades are designed for heavy-duty maintenance as well as being perfect for close cut hedge trimming. It’s slightly serrated at one end, allowing it to cut through branches up to 15mm thick.

Cutting through thicker branches often takes more effort, so the inclusion of rubber buffs is a welcome one. This absorbs much of the force excerpted when cutting through hard and thick branches, while the soft-grip handles should also keep fatigue to a minimum.

Overall, this is a fantastic shear for cutting various types of hedges, shrubs, and plants. It does require a little more effort to use than most other shears, but the fact it can cut through branches that normally require a lopper make it completely worth it.

Bahco Professional Hedge Shear

Our Rating:

Choosing the Best Garden Hedge Shears 

Looking to buy a quality set of hedge shears for your garden but are unsure where to start?

It is important to consider a few things when buying shears, otherwise you may end up with shears that aren’t optimal for the hedges and shrubs in your garden.

Garden hedge shears have different uses. For instance, some are designed for privet hedges while others are more suitable for taller shrubs such as the arborvitae.

So, it’s worth making a few considerations prior to buying shears to ensure you get the most suitable type for your gardening needs.


Garden hedge shears typically come in long and short models, so be sure to think about which is most suitable for your hedges. If you need to reach above your head to trim the hedge, then a set of long shears is a good idea to help avoid repetitive straining from constantly holding up.

Conversely, if your hedges and shrubs are small enough that you don’t need to reach upwards to trim them then a short set of hedge shears will be fine.

If you both tall and short hedges in the garden, it may be worth getting a set of shears with telescopic handles that can be shorted and extended as needed.

Make sure you inspect to overall length of the blade as well as the handle. Longer blades (9-12”) are suitable for back hedges with plenty of height, while shorter blades (about 6”) are suitable for close cutting.


The overall weight of the shears is important as it determines how difficult they are to operate for long durations. For instance, heavy shears are going to tire you quickly so may require longer to trim the hedges, but are often necessary if you require large, robust shears.

Consider the types of materials used in the shears to determine how heavy they may be if it isnt stated outright. Fibreglass and aluminium are lightweight yet very strong, although often cost more, while wood and steel handles tend to be cheaper option but are also some of the heavier materials used.


There are several types of shear blades to choose from, with the most common being straight-blade shears. These are a great all-round as they can cut through most thin branches and foliage while also packing enough punch to remove thicker parts too.

You also get serrated shears, which often come on one or both blades, and these are a great option for cutting through thicker growth. For instance, branches thicker than a ¼ inch may be difficult to cut with straight-blade shears, in which case serrated blades are a good alternative.

Wavy blade shears feature curvatures on the blades for enhanced grip. This is especially useful when cutting through large amounts of thinner twigs, as it keeps them in one place and prevents them from sliding away from the blade.

One drawback from these blades is their difficulty in sharpening compared to straight-blades.

Also, consider the materials used for the blades. The best garden hedge shears tend to be made from carbon steel for better durability and easy maintenance, while it may be worth investing in coated blades for additional resistance to rusting, sticking, blunting etc.

Cutting Mechanism 

The cutting mechanism in hedge shears is very important as it relates to the overall performance of the shears.

For example, those that feature a geared cutting mechanism have more power for cutting through thick growth with requiring much effort from the operator. Additional power isn’t always necessary however, especially if your hedges are frequently trimmed or on the smaller side.

Blade Tension 

A very useful feature to keep an eye out for in hedge shears is a pivot-bolt. This allows the tension of the shears to be adjusted, which is a helpful when there is a hedge or shrub that needs a bit more tension to cut.

Cutting Capacity 

The cutting capacity of hedge shears refers to the maximum size of branch it cuts, so the bigger the capacity the better the shears are at cutting through thick branches. The largest cutting capacity is usually ½ inch, although some shears feature a limb notch feature that extends the capacity further.

Remember, hedges are only suitable for branches of a certain thickness, after which its best to use loppers that are capable of cutting through thick branches.


Shears get very tiring when used for long periods, and unfortunately most hedges require a fair amount of time to trim! Therefore, it helps to find shears that are as easy to use as possible, with various features helping in this regard.

For example, soft grip handles help to reduce strains from repetitive use, while shock-absorbers are also a good feature for this. The action of the shears may also affect usability, with scissor-action being one of the easiest on the arms and wrists.


A good set of hedge shears should last many years with some regularly maintenance. Try to find shears that are easy to maintain, keeping an eye for blades that are easy to sharpen and whether replacement parts (such bolts) are available.

Also, consider how easy they are to clean and sharpen. Straight-blades are generally the easiest to sharpening once they dull, while coated blades that prevent rusting or sticking may make them easier to clean.

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