Best garden hose spray gun reviews uk

Best Garden Hose Spray Guns UK

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  • Metal (brass) design
  • Suitable for all purposes
  • 170-250 psi
  • Leak-proof nozzle

Made entirely of metal, this Crenova spray nozzle offers both durability and power in abundance. Considering the input required is between 40 and 100 psi (pounds per square inch), the water gun can potentially more than double this into a maximum of 250 psi. Therefore, the design of the product alone is allowing you to be more efficient with the water you use. With this level of power, you’ll be able to water your plants and flowers while also cleaning gutters, walkways, and even your car.

Thanks to a rubber hose washer, there shouldn’t be any worrying about leaks. If, after buying this product, you do experience leaking within the first year, the manufacturers will send out a free replacement so this gives peace of mind. Depending on the job at hand, the nozzle can be adjusted from mist to spray to jet stream with a simple rotation. As far as all-purpose garden hose spray guns go, Crenova has entered the market with one of the best; knowing the manufacturer is confident in their product and will send a replacement if it leaks allows us to be confident when using it at home.

Crenova Spray Nozzle High-Pressure Water Gun

  • Full flow control
  • Five different spray patterns
  • Quick connect system
  • Vibrant design

Next up, we have the Hozelock Seasons Multi-Spray Gun from Hozelock Ltd and the difference in material for this one is quite obvious. Rather than metal, it’s a plastic design which will work for those who do the odd job now and then, but might cause issues for those who rely heavily upon the device. One benefit of choosing a plastic spray gun is that you’ll often have an opportunity to choose a colour to suit your garden; in this case, it’s lime green, pink, or purple.

Aside from the material, the quick connect system keeps the whole process simple when you want to change attachments and the five spray patterns enable the device to be used for different tasks. While the power might not match the previous product, the manufacturers suggest it will still be ideal for washing soap off cars and ‘gentle watering’. One feature that impressed us was the ability to lock the flow control at 40%. Rather than squeezing the trigger a certain amount for ten minutes, it can be locked into place while you water your flowers (this also reduces water wastage!).

Hozelock Seasons Multi-Spray Gun

  • Extra heavy-duty material
  • Soft rubber-coated handle
  • Nine different spray patterns
  • Leak-Proof design
  • 24-month warranty

Just from the short feature list above, you can probably tell that we’re heading back to the ‘bells and whistles’ side of the market. In terms of the basics, Cookey has decided on a metal body and trigger and an anodised finish which should alleviate the worry of rust and wear. If you use the hose every day, the rubber handle will feel wonderful in the hands and the trigger is easy to squeeze while allowing for a lock and a steady stream.

Why bells and whistles? Well, for one thing, it offers nine different spray patterns including soaker, mist, jet, angle, cone, and vertical. Additionally, you won’t need any adapters for the product to fit your hose and the many washers will prevent leaks from occurring. With Cookey, we have another company who believe in their product and proof of this comes from a two-year warranty; this keeps you protected against any defects with the material or workmanship. If you aren’t happy when the product arrives, although this is rare, they’re even willing to offer your money back.

Cookey Multi-Spray Watering Gun

  • Nine spray patterns
  • High-quality metal body
  • Clever, sleek design
  • High pressure for all needs

As we come to yet another high-quality product, it’s easy to see why choosing a device can be so difficult. Again, we find nine different spray patterns and a superb metal body which work together for walkways, driveways, plants, sheds, filling paddling pools, and whatever else you may have in mind. Meanwhile, the handle has a nice rubber coating which makes it easier to grip and not slip from your hands. With the spray gun, it should also prevent leaks while the brass connection slips on and off whenever required.

As before, we find a ‘save effort buckle’ which locks the stream at a certain point to save you having to hold the trigger down. For capacity, the manufacturers believe the full stream to reach up to 50 feet which is very impressive (to say the least!). In Fanhao, we also have a superb manufacturer and they promise a 100% satisfaction guarantee. As well as a 90-day money-back guarantee, they also provide a one-year replacement or refund warranty if there are any issues with quality (including leaking).

Fanhao Garden Hose Spray Gun

  • Eight spray patterns
  • Durable and simple-to-use design
  • Comfortable grip
  • Six-month replacement warranty
  • Adjustable pressure

Finally, the feeling we get from this device is that it’s sturdy and durable. According to the company themselves, the spray gun offers ‘premium construction’ that puts an end to the old problem of knobs falling off after light use. Elsewhere, the patterns include soaker, shower, mist, jet, and centre, while the soft rubber coating on the handle means the user can keep going for extended periods without feeling discomfort.

If you feel as though the product has failed to live up to expectations, Kurelle has set up a 100% money-back system and all damages and defects will fall under the warranty, which lasts for six months. As you’ll see when you look at the product, it couldn’t be easier to change spray pattern thanks to a simple-to-use design. Not only does the nozzle twist freely to change setting, each spray pattern is written in place so you don’t have to mess around for ten minutes before finding the right one. Whether you want to water your lawn or clean your pets, Kurelle makes it easy.

Kurelle Multi-Functional Spray Gun

Buying Guide

For plants and flowers to grow successfully, they need sunlight and water. While we can’t necessarily control the sun, we can only carefully plan where we place the plants, we can control the amount of water they receive. In order to do this, you need a high-quality garden hose. Today, we want to provide you with some advice on what to look for when searching the market, the considerations you need to make, and more!

Key Considerations

How do you avoid the poor-quality garden hose spray guns? Carry on reading because we have some great advice!


First and foremost, you’re likely to come across three main options; plastic, metal, and a combination of the two. If you’re looking for the very best, metal would be your answer because of the durability it offers. Typically, manufacturers will use brass, aluminium, or zinc. Meanwhile, it can be hard to find a good plastic spray gun because they can fail with high-pressure water, they can crack, and the plastic can be affected by the sun. Finally, a hybrid model will combine the two and provide a middle ground. If you can find a product mostly metal with a plastic handle, it’ll be both lightweight and durable.

Grip Styles

In total, you’re likely to come across three different designs and the most common is shaped like a gun. Whenever you need water, just squeeze the trigger and it’ll start feeding out; these types are normally metal or a hybrid material. Elsewhere, you’ll find a dial design where the user chooses between shower, jet, mist, etc. If you have various types of plant and they need different watering styles, this would be ideal. For those with a large garden, or perhaps deep beds, a watering lance will allow an extension of the spray. Normally, these will have some form of dial and a shut-off feature.


The reason why plastic causes so many issues is because it can be weak when connecting the nozzle. With a quick connect system, the nozzle snaps onto the hose in a matter of seconds. Alternatively, some models require you to screw the nozzle on and off. If you can find a metal quick connect style, and combine this with rubber washers, it should have a longer life.

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While the power and style of the hose spray gun is important, you also need to think about how it’ll feel in your hands. Especially for those with large spaces to water, you need to feel comfortable over prolonged periods of time. If the product is too heavy or cumbersome, it can cause discomfort and pain in the wrist.

Furthermore, you can also think about other features with regards to design. Does it come with a shut-off feature, for example? Although this won’t make or break your experience, it’ll be more convenient if you can shut the water off at the nozzle. While on this note, is the product well designed to reduce risk? In the past, we’ve read stories of many people injuring their hands or wrists because of poor design. To avoid injury, there should be enough distance between hand and water; the ability to manage how much water passes through is another benefit.

Spray Style

 Before we launch into the second half of this guide, where we’ll review a few products, we mustn’t forget the different spray patterns available. As mentioned when discussing the dial design, some spray guns will go for every spray pattern possible which includes strong jets and light showers. On the other hand, others will be one-dimensional in the sprays they offer. We aren’t saying that one is wrong and one is right, but you need to think of your needs when deciding. If you want to also use the hose for cleaning your driveway, the jet will be a handy addition. If you just want to shower your flowers, there’s nothing wrong with a product that focuses entirely on this.

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