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Hozelock Auto Reel with 30m Hose

· Wall-mounted reel

· 30m hose

· Automatic rewind

· Child lock

· 5-Year warranty (when registered online)

Nothing can be more annoying than trying to reel your hose in after using it, so the fact that the Hozelock Auto Reel hose features an automatic rewind makes a great choice for anyone looking for less hassle from their hose.

The auto rewind feature is simple and effective – simply tug the hose to unlatch the drum for the automatic rewind system to kick into action. There’s a breaking system within the mount to help ensure a controlled rewind that won’t damage the hose in anyway, while the layered system guarantees no kinks or tangles.

Best garden hose uk

Best garden hose uk

As for the hose itself, at 30m in length it is long enough to cover most garden areas, made easier by the 180-degree coverage design feature – the wall bracket to attach the hose can pivot at 180-degree angle for easier manoeuvring and reaching those difficult spots in your garden.

This is an entirely optional feature, as you don’t have to mount the reel onto your wall should you not want to. For those that do, all the screws and plugs are provided, while the bracket also features an integrated padlock to prevent theft.

It also comes with all the necessary fittings to connect to the tap, and the 3 layer and anti-kink design of the hose results in a very durable product that will last many years. In fact, if you take the time to register the product online, you receive an incredible 5-year warranty!


Hozelock Pico Reel

· 10m hose w/multi spray gun

· Winding handle for easy rewinding

· Tangle-free design

· Lightweight

The Hozelock Pico Reel is a great hose for smaller garden spaces. At 10 metres in length, you should have no problem reaching areas in small gardens, balconies, or patios, helping to water pots, borders, and planters with ease.

Additionally, the hose comes with a very handy dual design, allowing you to either carry the Pico Reel or leave it close to the tap depending on what’s easier. Carrying shouldn’t be much of an issue thanks to the lightweight design of the hose, with an ergonomically designed carry handle to offer maximum comfort.

As with any garden hose, rewinding is very time consuming, but thanks to the easy rewind handle featured on the Pico Reel you can expect to rewind the hose without any struggle. When stored away, the hose reel prevents any tangles or kings, allowing the hose to be nearly stored each time without the risk of damage.

Furthermore, storing the Pico Reel is made easy thanks to the compact design. Whether you want to leave it outside or store it in the shed, it takes up virtually no room so will not clutter up your garden, which can often be a problem for smaller spaces.

Compact, lightweight, and easy to rewind help make thee Hozelock Pico Reel a great garden hose for smaller outdoor spaces including gardens, patios, and balconies. BUY ON AMAZON

Hozelock 60m Assembled Hose Cart with 50m Hose

· 50m hose

· Robust and durable

· Portable drum with towing handle

· Extra-long winding handle

If you are in the market for a strong and durable garden hose for larger gardens, then the Hozelock 60m Assembled Hose Cart is certainly worth consideration.

With 50 meters of 12.5 multi-purpose hose, you can be sure of reaching virtually any area of even the largest gardens. It’s also made from high-grade plastic materials that result in one of the strongest hoses on the market – you can expect many years from this quality hose!

Better still, the hose is designed with transport in mind, with the hose cart making manoeuvring the hose simple, especially with the adjustable towing handle, oversized wheels and steel axle. So, no matter your height, you can easily adjust the cart handle to make it comfortable and easy to transport throughout the garden.

Also, the wide stance and low centre of gravity design results in a very stable cart that won’t be easily knocked over. And because the handle can be lowered when not in use, storing the hose won’t be an issue either.

To ensure easy rewinding, the drum features an extra-long one piece winding handle. Simply grab a hold of the handle and start rotating for a quick and easy rewind that prevents any kinks and tangles from damage the hose.

Coming with a simple yet effective design, plenty of hose length, and a simple rewinding system, the Hozelock 60m Assembled Hose Cart is a fine choice for most gardens.  BUY ON AMAZON

KingTop Expandable Magic Hose Stretch Hosepipe with 9 Function Spray Gun

· 30 metre expandable hose

· No kinks, tangles or twists

· Highly durable

· Multifunctioning spray gun

The KingTop Expandable Magic Hose Stretch Hosepipe with 9 Function Spray Gun may not look like a traditional garden hose but it certainly functions as good as any of them!

Perhaps the most eye-catching feature behind the hose is that it can expand up to three times its original size, offering up to 30 metres of hose once water starts to flow through. With a triple-layer natural latex material utlisied for the tubing, you never need to worry about twits, kinks, and tangles, as the hose is designed in such a way that they simply do not occur.

It also ensures that the hose remains small and compact when not in use, with it returning to the original size as soon as the water flow stops, allowing for easy storage and transportation. While there’s no reel included, it can be easily attached to most standard reels without issue.

Additionally, the hose can withstand a serious amount of pressure and will last you many years. Anti-rust fittings and a leak-resistant connection help in this regard, and the hose is suitable for a wide variety of uses including gardening, car washing, home cleaning etc.

Coming with a spray gun attachment with nine different settings, there’s various styles of watering you can use depending on your needs, whether it’s a wide mist for watering plants or a powerful jet for cleaning a car.

There’s certainly a lot to like with this hose, especially the fact that it’s such a versatile and durable product, so it’s hard to deny that the KingTop Expandable Magic Hose Stretch Hosepipe with 9 Function Spray Gun offers great value for money. BUY ON AMAZON

Kärcher HR4.525 Hose Reel With 25m PrinoFlex Hose

· 25m hose

· Mobile hose reel that can also be wall mounted

· Built to last

· Spray gun attachment

While best known for their pressure washers, German manufacturer Kärcher also produce some high-quality hoses that are well worth checking out. The Kärcher HR4.525 Hose Reel With 25m PrinoFlex Hose is a prime example of this, offering a quality hose that is built to last many years.

The hose measuring 25 metres in length and comes with a mobile hose trolley, offering ample size for most small and medium sized gardens. As you would expect, the hose is manufactured using high-grade materials that guarantee longevity, as does the fittings, including connectors made from anodized aluminium and brass, ensuring they don’t deteriorate over time.

Should you not need to transport the trolley as you use the hose, then it can easily be mounted onto a wall for more compact storage. The reel itself is loose enough to provide quick and easy access to the hose in any case, while the fast winding handle allows you to unwind and rewind the hose without any hassle.

For a hose that can cover most standard-size gardens and is built to last, there aren’t many better options than the Kärcher HR4.525 Hose Reel With 25m PrinoFlex Hose. BUY ON AMAZON

Kärcher CR3.110 Compact Hose Box

· 10m micro hose

· Removable hose reel

· Spray nozzle

· Mobile or wall mounted

The Kärcher CR3.110 Compact hose box is an affordable hose that is great for watering smaller size gardens or balconies. Compact and lightweight, this is the perfect hose where space is an issue, as it can be easily used as a mobile or mounted hose depending on your needs.

With a design that intends to save as much space as possible, the hose itself is only 10m in length with an 8mm dimeter, although is certainly enough to cover most small garden areas. The hose coils and uncoils at impressive speeds and with minimal effort thanks to the ergonomic handle design, making it simple to use and store.

As with all Kärcher products, the CR3.110 Compact Hose Box is built to last, using quality materials and fixtures to ensure a long-lasting hose. For instance, a water flow stop design prevents water flow and leakages when storing the hose, helping to maintain its condition over a longer time period.

A flat wall bracket allows for more space-saving storage, while it can be easily lifted off and used on the move due to the removable hose reel. Simply unhook the reel from the wall mount and take it with you!

There’s many great hoses designed for small gardens that are tight on space, but few offer such a durable and efficient option like the Kärcher CR3.110 Compact Hose Box.  BUY ON AMAZON

Garden Hose Buying Guide

Buying a garden hose may seem like a relatively straightforward task, yet with so many options available and plenty to take into consideration before you buy, taking the time to research the best hose for your needs is always recommdended.

While many people will just opt for the cheapest option, doing so could end up costing more in the long-term, as it will likely need replaced sooner rather than later. For instance, a quality garden hose should last for upwards of ten years with the right maintenance while a cheap hose will not last more than a year or two, so by investing a little more now you will likely save more in the long run!

Choosing the best garden hose for you

It’s easy to assume that a standard garden hose will be more than enough for most people. However, this isnt the case as there are many things you should take into consideration prior to buying a garden hose, from where it’s being stored to how big of an area it will be used in.

Important Things to Consider when buying a hose


choose the proper garden hose length

Choose the proper garden hose length

The length of a garden hose is one of the first things that many people look at; and many immediately go for the largest option that is available. It makes sense when you consider there will be no restrictions to the areas you can water, but there are many times when bigger isn’t always better.

For instance, a longer garden may be able to cover larger areas, but they are also much more expensive and heavier than other types, also making them more difficult to store. Plus, maintenance can be much more difficult as draining large hoses takes a lot longer to do, so it’s clear that the largest option isnt always the best.

Garden hoses typically come in lengths from 7.5 to 30-metres with many sizes in between, so there are a few options to choose from. The best way to determine which is best for you is to measure the furthest distance from the spigot or tap and then go for a hose that is slightly longer than this.

This is because you want to have plenty of room to work with without having to constantly pull or snag the hose as this can lead to damage or snagging.


garden hose diameter

Garden hose diameter

The diameter of a hose refers to the size dimensions of the inner hose tube, and this plays an important role in how much water the hose is able to carry and the water pressure level it offers. There are various sizes of diameters available for a garden hose so its import to select a size that is suitable for your needs.

Sizes generally start at 3/8 inch (9mm), with options available in ½ inch (13mm) ¾ inch (19mm), and 1 inch, while some inner hose diameters reach as large 1.5 (40mm).

Garden hoses with smaller inner diameters (3/8 – ½ inch) are widely viewed as the ideal size for most people, as it provides the ideal combination of water flow and pressure while being lightweight enough to manoeuvre.

These smaller diameters are best combined with lengths of around 15m for an everyday garden hose that will be used for watering flower beds, pots, baskets etc. However, they are not as well suited for tasks that need higher water pressure such as washing your car with a petrol power washer


Hose materials

Hose materials

There are two main types of materials commonly used for garden hoses – vinyl or rubber. You also find hoses made from a combination of both materials.

Vinyl – This material is the cheaper option of the two while also being lighter and easy to use. However, this also means they are less durable, making them more susceptible to cracking, kinks, and general wear and tear.

Vinyl garden hoses can also deteriorate faster, especially if exposed to extreme weather conditions, so it is important to store them properly. In terms of affordability, hoses made from a vinyl material are a clear winner, so if you are on a budget it’s certainly a great option.

Rubber – Unlike vinyl hoses, those made from rubber materials are more robust so will last much longer, but this also makes them more expensive and heavier to manoeuvre.

However, rubber hoses are less prone to kinking, while they can also withstand the more extreme elements that bit better. They can also carry hot water, which will be useful for some, while also being less likely to cracking.

Should you want to find a happy medium between these two, composite garden hoses that use both materials are a fantastic choice.


Hose stength

Hose stength

The strength of a garden hose is a reference to the overall amount of pressure that it can withstand, so if you were to exceed this amount the hose will likely rupture. You will not necessarily need a hose with a high strength, as it is more important for tasks that require high water pressure such as a sprinkler or using a pressure washer machine.

Strength will be measured in psi, and it should be clearly written on the size of the hose or on the packaging. If you intend to use your hose for tasks involving high pressure, anything above 350 psi is recommended.


hose coupling

Hose coupling

The fitting or coupling of a garden hose is the attachment that connects the hose to the water supply. They will be made from either plastic or metal, with the latter being much more durable and robust.

However, metal couplings can be difficult to fully secure, in which case a lighter plastic option is better suited. Plastic fittings also come more ergonomically designed, making them much easier to attach in most cases.

Yet if there is one aspect about metal couplings that make them a much better option it is the fact that they are much more likely to break or leak. Therefore, metal couplings, especially those made from brass, are widely considered the best option.

To avoid issues with regards to attaching metal couplings, try to find an option that is larger in size and comes in an octagon shape – these should be much easier to tighten to a spigot.


Flexibility is always an important feature to consider, yet you will want to avoid a hose that is so flexible that it is likely to kink frequently. You want to have a hose that can bend with ease for manoeuvrability and storage purposes.

Kinking can be a death sentence for a garden hose as it is the leading cause of splits and cracks that will quickly reduce its lifespan. Now, kinking will happen to almost every hose at some stage, you just want to insure you have a product that does it as infrequently as possible.

Rubber hoses are less likely to kink, as are those that are reinforced with additional layers of ply. A good way to test a hose you are thinking of buying is to bend it; you are looking for a U shape and no kinking!

Types of Garden Hoses

There are many types of garden hoses available, but below are some of the more commonly used hoses.

  1. Lightweight

Also known as ‘light duty’ hoses, these are your everyday types that are suitable for most light duty tasks. They happen to be the lowest priced, but this also means they have features such as vinyl materials, plastic fittings and being more prone to kinking.

They are still a fine choice for anyone on a budget or those that will only use their hoses sparingly, so a smaller sized lightweight hose should be fine, providing you don’t need to use it as a sprinkler or for washing your vehicle.

  1. Heavyweight

For those planning on using their hose for a variety of tasks, a heavyweight option may be the best bet. They are much tougher, typically being made from rubber, and will usually provide higher pressure levels while also providing metal couplings and being less prone to kinking.

They will be much heavier than a lightweight option, so be sure to avoid them if you may struggle to move and store the hose.

  1. Flat

A flat garden hose isn’t too unlike the fire hose used by firefighters, being flat when not in use and inflated into a circular shape when carrying water. In general, they are lighter in weight and are self-draining making them easier to roll and store – you may struggle to do this without a reel however!

They also tend to be one of the most flexible types of hoses available so are usually made from vinyl, making them more likely kink, while they tend to carry lower water pressure levels as well.

  1. Soaker

Soaker hoses are designed to be used beneath the ground due to their porous design that allows small amounts of water to continually seep through into the soil, providing the roots of plants with a direct and constant source of water as needed.

You can lay these deeper into the ground or lightly below the surface. Some people opt to bury them at around 6 inches for vegetable beds, while just a few inches below a layer of mulch is another popular option for flower beds.

  1. Sprinklers

Sprinklers are not too much different, featuring small sections of holes that will spray the water upwards. The main difference is that rather than being buried beneath the ground, sprinkler hoses lay directly on top of the ground surface, providing a small and gentle source of water.

They are most commonly found on garden lawns, although some people set up sprinklers in flower beds as well.

  1. Coiled

As the name suggests, coiled hoses are coiled into a tight spiral shape whenever they are not being used. They extend into a straight hose upon use, although their lengths are generally much shorter than most other types.

Their main allure is their ability to be stored even in the more compact spaces. However, the main coiled feature means they tend to have a short length, making them more suited for smaller garden or patio spaces. Check out our expandable garden hose reviews here.



Much like there are many types of garden hoses, there are many types of attachments for a hose, so be sure to keep an eye on any attachments that are included with the product you are considering buying. However, some attachments may need to be bought separately, so be sure to check this!

For example, a multi-functioning garden hose attachment can provide you with all of the most commonly used attachments, such as a sprinkler or spray gun.

You may wish to go for a spray gun attachment that gives a variety of spray settings, as these can be great for watering different types of plants and flowers. You can easily adjust the settings on these to achieve a different type of spray.

For instance, a gentle spray is needed for younger plants which would make a fan spray a fine option while a jet spray feature is great for pressure washing and the like, making a spray gun a fantastic option as it can provide both.


Many garden hoses come with a reel when purchased, but many will not have this extremely useful accessory. Not only will it make your hose easier to store, but it ensures the hose is adequately protected from any accidents that could cause damage.

Plus, with a garden hose reel you no longer need to worry about tripping over the hose!

There’s a few types of reels you can go for, from a stylish wall mounted option to a portable reel that comes with wheels for easy transporting.

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