Best Garden Incinerators Reviews UK

Best Garden Incinerator Reviews UK

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  • Massive 90L capacity
  • Stainless Steel
  • 3-legs for added stability
  • Chimney Lid

This 90L metal incinerator is a great option for anyone looking to try their hand at burning garden waste. Made from durable galvanised steel, the bin is surprisingly robust despite feeling lightweight, while it should last for a good while without rusting.

There are three legs that elevate the bin from the ground, which is a very useful feature as it avoids scorching the ground and generally improves airflow. Speaking of airflow, there is a series of airflow holes on the bottom half of the container, so it keeps the flames burning at the necessary temperatures.

It also comes with a chimney lid, so the heat will be well contained when the lid is on while the smoke is efficiently funnelled out without creating too much smell. The 90L capacity should offer more than enough room for garden waste, being ideal for people with larger gardens. 

CrazyGadget 90L Galvanised Metal Incinerator

  • Galvanised Metal Container
  • 75L capacity
  • Chimney Lid

This extra-large incinerator comes with an impressive capacity and plenty of airflow holes, so it’s a good choice for efficient garden waste management, while also being suitable for burning certain types of rubbish like paper and cardboard.

The 75L capacity should offer plenty of space for most large size gardens while the bin stands on three sturdy legs, ensuring the ground remains scorch-free and the fire has ample airflow. To further improve airflow the bin features plenty of holes throughout the body, although be aware that some are quite high so you shouldn’t handle it when it’s in use.

 A chimney lid ensures that no ash or copious amounts of smoke escape when burning waste, which helps maintain the perfect amount of airflow to keep the fire burning. It also comes with riveted handles for easy carrying, which is helpful because it’s a good idea to store it inside a shed when not in use.

Home Discount Extra Large Incinerator

  • Galvanised Steel Container
  • Square Design for Efficient Airflow
  • Lots of Holes to Increase Airflow

While the lack of a chimney or any type of lid is certainly disappointing, this square incinerator still works very well when burning large amounts of garden waste. The square design appears to give it a very efficient airflow, which is further enhanced by the number of holes on all four sides of the container

It’s also a lot sturdier than most dustbin-shaped models, as there are four legs that provide it with much better stability. Some of the three-leg bins often fall over in windier conditions, but this solid unit appears to stand firm even in less than perfect weather.

Also, the square design of the container makes it better for burning thicker chunks of waste. You can easily fit logs and thick branches into the bin and it will burn them away in no time, so if you have denser material that needs burned then this is a good choice of bin.

Kingfisher Square Incinerator

  • Huge 90L capacity
  • Made from Galvanised Steel
  • 3-Legs Steel Legs
  • Zinc Coated Handles

This sizeable incinerator from Denny International is a fine choice for larger gardens thanks to its incredible 90L capacity. With so much room you can easily burn large volumes of waste on a regular basis, with the container being suitable for burning garden waste such as clippings, weeds, leaves, and branches, as well as general waste like paper and cardboard.

There are several airflow holes throughout the body of the container, which combine to produce impressive airflow as the fire burns, helping it reaching the highest possible temperatures in no time at all.

Simply fill it with waste, set it alight and the flames will quickly gather and start quickly burning everything. To avoid accidently burning the ground, there are three raised legs that keep the container elevated, although you still look to place it on hard ground and avoid patios and the like.

As it’s made from galvanised steel, the container should remain in good condition for quite a while, although be mindful that frequent use will speed its deterioration.

Denny International FIRE INCINERATOR

  • 15L Capacity
  • Made from Galvanised Steel
  • Compact Design
  • Chimney Lid

Not all garden incinerators need to be huge containers – sometimes a compact design is just as effective for your requirements! If you don’t have a huge volume of waste needing disposed but still want to try burning waste, then this is a great option.

The 15L capacity may not sound like much but it still offers a fair amount of room for burning waste, especially if you have a smaller garden. Also, it’s a good size for burning various types of paper waste, with many people using it to burn personal documents containing sensitive information.

Despite its small size it’s a very sturdy container. Made from galvanised steel, it’s got three legs to keep it off the ground and a chimney lid to help funnel out the smoke while keeping the internal heat high.

There are also riveted handles on top of the lid and at the sides of the body. These are firmly secured so you can easily move the container around when you don’t use it, which is a good idea as it will help prolong its lifespan if you store it in a shed or garage.

Ventilation holes are also found throughout the body, so even though its not the largest incinerator it can reach the necessary temperatures for effective waste burning thanks to the improved airflow the holes provide.  

Mini Garden Incinerator

Buying Guide

What is a Garden Incinerator? 

A garden incinerator, often called a fire bin, is a large container used to burn garden waste such as twigs, cuttings, clippings, and leaves, while it can also be used to burn paper, card, and certain types of rubbish.

They basically look like a large metal bin with several holes through them. This is because the fire inside must burn at high temperatures to effectively dispose of the waste, so holes are created to feed oxygen into the container as the fire burns.

Why Use a Garden Incinerator? 

The best reason to use one is because it’s an effective way of getting rid of garden waste. Leaves, clippings, branches, and other garden waste that accumulate over the seasons, so by using a fire bin you can quickly and efficiently burn them, saving the hassle of loading bins or simply leaving the waste lying around.

Also, the residual waste from the burnt materials can be used as a natural soil fertilizer, not too unlike making and storing compost. Anyone that already burns their garden waste should use these types of containers as they funnel the smoke away and don’t scorch the earth like with a ground fire.

Tips for Choosing the Best

Thinking of buying one but aren’t sure what to look for? Then check out some of the tips below to help you choose the best product for your garden!


There various sizes to choose from, with bigger bins typically being the better option, although be sure you have enough space in your garden before choosing a size. Also, consider the volume of waste because you may not need the largest size available, with smaller models still doing a great job burning waste.


Always look for containers made from galvanised steel, otherwise they may end up rusting when left exposed to the elements. This material offers good rust-resistance while also being very durable, which is certainly needed given the purpose of the bin.


It’s usually better for the container to come with a lid, as this allows heat to be retained so that the fire burns at the required temperatures. Most feature a lid but it’s not a given, and while you may find a substitute lid at home, it’s probably not as safe as those made specifically for the incinerator. 


Not all incinerators feature a chimney but it’s certainly a feature worth having. The chimney is usually found on the lid, allowing smoke to be funnelled from the container while the fire still burns. This makes them more efficient and reduces the unpleasant smokiness that comes from burning the waste. 


While all models feature holes in the container, some have more than others, which is usually for the best as it creates a better airflow that lets flames to reach higher temperatures for more efficient burning.

So, the more holes the bin has the better, although they should be found mostly on the bottom half, otherwise the bin is difficult to move. 

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