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Not all garden multi tools are worth the investment.

Yes, most offer convenience of being able to quickly switch between different tool functions, yet many of the entry level products are electric devices, operating on either mains power or lithium batteries.

While these tools can be great, they often lack the power needed for harder tasks, such as sawing through thick tree branches or strimming long, dense grass. Corded tools restrict your movement, and even the convenience of a lithium battery is somewhat limited due to the short run times that even the best batteries offer.

Petrol-powered garden multi tools are such a great alternative to their electrical counterparts. They are fitted with small combustion engines that offer unrivalled power, making them much more efficient at strimming, trimming, sawing, and pruning.

Also, petrol as a fuel is much more efficient than batteries, meaning much longer run times while enjoying improved manoeuvrability over corded models, 

If you need a robust piece of garden hardware suitable for all kinds of tasks like sawing, pruning, and strimming, choosing the best garden multi for your need can make a huge difference to the efficiency of your outdoor tasks.

  • 52cc 2-stroke petrol engine
  • Includes strimmer, hedge, trimmer, pruner, chainsaw, brush cutter and extension pole
  • Toolkit and safety gear included

The BU-KO Petrol Multi Garden Tool is a high-quality garden multi tool kit with everything you need for your garden maintenance. With a powerful engine and host of attachments, garden work is much easier to perform and less time consuming, making the BU-KO a worthwhile investment for gardeners everywhere.

Thanks to a 55cc 2-stroke petrol engine, the BU-KO multi tool offers fantastic power for each tool, making them that more efficient. With a power that equates to 3HP, the tools can cut, trim, and strim through pretty much anything with ease, so it’s certainly a noteworthy feature worth mentioning.

Versatility is also a big selling point, as there are a total five attachments for every form of garden maintenance. For example, the nylon strimmer and brush cutter attachment are perfect for mowing grass, undergrowth and brambles, coming with enough power to remove those tougher patches.

Other attachments include a long reach chainsaw and pruning saw. They come with plenty of power too, making them suitable for thicker tree branches and various hedges and shrubs that you want to trim.

Better still, any of the attachments can be extended by using the extension pole attachment, which increases the reach of the tool by 105cm. This is especially useful for those hard to reach hedges and bushes you may struggle to reach.

As if that all wasn’t enough, there’s even a safety kit with the multi tool, with glasses, ear defenders, work gloves, and a shoulder harness all included.

An incredibly versatile and powerful device the BU-KO Petrol Garden Multi Tool has everything you could need to do your garden maintenance throughout the year. May buyers considered this model to be the best garden multi for sale in the UK.

BU-KO Petrol Multi Garden Tool

LMH Editors award

  • 52cc 2-stroke engine
  • Includes hedge trimmer, grass strimmer, brush cutter, and chainsaw attachments
  • Long reach telescopic pole

The P1PE P5200MT combines four garden tools in one, with a hedge trimmer, grass trimmer, brush cutter, and chainsaw attachment included in one device. Each of these is powered by a robust 52cc 2-stroke petrol engine that offers incredible power for dealing with tougher maintenance around the garden.

A grass trimmer is an essential tool for lawn maintenance and the P1PE P5200MT comes with a nylon string trimmer attachment. The tap n go nylon line is perfect for even thick and dense lawn trimming, while the easy feeding of the line ensures less time fiddling around to try get a line fed through.

The steel blade attachment is perfect for heavy growth like brambles. The three-tooth blade is made from hardened steel and covers a wide area, allowing for quick and easy removal of even hardier growth that other tools struggle with.

Sometimes this steel blade still lacks cutting power you need, which is where the chainsaw attachment comes into play.

Measuring 32.7cm, the chainsaw has razor sharp teeth that can cut their way through thick tree branches and make short work of thinner growth, while the telescopic pole means you can reach those high spots without endangering yourself.

Trimming hedges can be quite the chore but the P1PE P5200MT makes it much easier thanks to its impressive 34cm double sided hedge trimmer attachment. Like any of the attachments, you can reach up to 3.2m when the pole is fully extended, making trimming higher spots less difficult.

P1PE P5200MT 52cc Petrol Garden Multi Tool

  • 52cc 2-stroke engine
  • Includes brush cutter, long reach chainsaw, grass trimmer, and hedge trimmer
  • 1m extension pole for increased reach

The AOSOME 5 in 1 Garden Tool is an affordable and reliable multi tool that makes all your garden maintenance tasks much easier to complete.

While a 5 in 1 tool, there are technically four different tool heads along with a 1m extension pole, although this is certainly a handy inclusion as many tasks, you’ll complete with these tools are much safer and easier when using a long extension arm for added reach.

For instance, it’s useful when using the hedge trimmer attachment to deal with taller hedges and shrubs, while increasing the reach when using the chainsaw attachment can improve safety by eliminating the need to overextend yourself, espiecally if cutting from a ladder.

Better still, the hedge trimmer has an adjustable range from 90 to 270-degrees, allowing you to easily adjust the cutting head to suit your trimming needs.

The brush cutter attachment is a three-teeth steel blade that has ample cutting power, making it a good choice for removing brambles and other thick growth – it can easily be used to remove twigs and branches where the chainsaw would be overkill.

Finally, there is the handy grass trimmer. Using a petrol strimmer is a popular option for people that have lawns that tend to get long and overgrown, as the engine produces much more cutting power, making it much better at catting away thick and even wet grass.

All the attachments are powered by a robust 52-cc 2-stroke petrol engine. Despite this powerful engine producing a lot of power for each tool, the multitool itself isn’t too heavy or cumbersome to operate, while there is also a should shoulder harness strip to help offset the weight and improve balance.

AOSOME Multi Function 5 in 1 Garden Tool

  • 52cc 2-stroke engine
  • Includes hedge trimmer, chainsaw, grass trimmer, and brush cutter
  • Extension shaft for increased length

Hyundai is a highly regarded car and motorcycling manufacturer but they also make excellent petrol power tools, such as this impressive 5 in 1 heavy duty garden multi-function tool.

As you might expect from Hyundai, the combustion engine is one of the best you’ll find in any garden tool, with the 52cc 2-stroke high torque motor offering ample power for even the toughest maintenance tasks around the garden.

The engine boasts fantastic torque, so it doesn’t even need to be operated at maximum revs for an efficient performance. It’s also very easy to start thanks to the soft start recoil system, while a digital rev limiter protects the engine from being damaged from overspeed, which is a common issues for many petrol tools.

This all means that you can expect easy operation and plenty of longevity from the machine. With minor maintenance, it should last for many years to come, highlighting how much of a great investment it is.

As for the attachable tools, you get the usual range of garden tools. This includes three-blade brush cutter for hardy plants like brambles, a chainsaw for trees and shrubs, and grass and hedge trimmer attachments.

Each one can be quickly swapped out and the powerful engine ensures they have all the juice they need to tackle all the toughest plants around the garden. Should you find reach isnt enough, which is often the case when trimming hedges and pruning trees, just use the handy extension pole for more reach.

Hyundai Heavy Duty 52cc 5 in 1 Petrol Garden Multi Function Tool

  • The model combines many elements of successful multi-tools and implements them extremely well, utilising a “Tap n Go” nylon feed, a metal blade, a hedge trimmer, a pole pruner and an extension pole to ensure higher plants and branches can be effectively maintained. The multi tool is well built, lightweight and durable, with an emphasis on longevity and a consistently high standard. The pruner has a 25cm chainsaw head which can cut plants up to 20mm in diameter, and the “Tap n Go” system allows for easy renewal of the nylon feed by simply tapping the head against the floor.
  • Overall, the Mountfield 5 in 1 is a functional, practical tool with a versatile set of attachments to give you a consistently high gardening experience, with a good standard of performance and a powerful engine to ensure the tasks are easily accomplishable. The model also includes all the tools you need to begin assembling and using your multi-tool immediately.

Mountfield Multi-Tool 5 in 1 

Garden Multi-Tool Buying Guide

When it comes to maintaining our gardens, it’s not unusual for us to accumulate a number of tools such as shears, hedge trimmers, strimmers, loppers, pruners and more as the years go by. As such, we can soon struggle with space, and be left wondering if there’s any solution to our problem. While we can store so many, much older tools may be taking up more than their fair share of the tool shed. Fortunately, progress within the world of garden tools mean that a lot of designs have been streamlined, with many multi-garden tools becoming the Swiss-Army knife of the shed. Garden multi-tools have become popular as they serve many purposes simply by the adding and removing of attachments. There’s also the fact that garden multi-tools are able to cover different distances and lengths, and there can be solutions for those who may normally struggle in the garden.

As you can see, there is a benefit to owning a garden multi-tool, regardless of your plans. However, to ensure that we’re getting the right kind of garden multi-tool, we need to ensure that we’re investing in the right product.

While there will be some decisions that only you can make, we all know that a little knowledge always helps. As such, the following guide explains what to look out for when shopping for a garden multi-tool, as well as what to look out for when making an online purchase.

best garden Multi Tool Features to look out for

As there are many manufacturers of 5 in 1 petrol multi-tools, the options available can differ. Generally, you will find that most multi-tools will come complete with attachments such as a trimmer, pruner and bush cutter. It’s human nature to want all of the features you can get hold of, but it’s worth remembering that you may not need them all. As such, the features you look out for should only be the ones you need.

However, there’s certainly no harm in looking at the many options available to ensure that the garden multi-tool you invest in is able to cater to your needs. While it can be tempting to go with the recommendation of a friend of family member, their needs may be different to yours, so you should ensure that you consider all factors before making a decision, and not rest on recommendations alone. This isn’t to say that those telling you are misinformed, but it’s certainly advisable to carry out some research prior.

The main pull of a multi-tool is that it can operate from a single unit, and can be of great use when contending with a number of different tasks in the garden.

Depending on the garden multi-tool you choose, you will find that they are operated via a battery, or petrol. Again, it serves a purpose, and which is one is best-suited to you is purely preference. Both options will be able to carry out several different tasks with ease.

It is often the case that some may have more to consider than others. Evidently, only you can know what you need for your personal set of circumstances, so anything that doesn’t apply to you can simply be disregarded. An in-depth overview of the many factors people consider is as follows:

What Factors to consider when buying a Garden Multi Tool?

  • The length of the cutting blade – hedge trimmer attachment.
  • 5 in 1 petrol multi tools are a great option for the garden
  • The space between the teeth of the blade – hedge trimmer attachment.
  • What type of line the garden multi-tool users – strimmer attachment.
  • Whether the line can be fed automatically – strimmer attachment.
  • The diameter of the cutting blade – hedge trimmer.
  • The shape and size of the blade – brush cutter.
  • The length of the extension pole.
  • Whether there is an adjustable cutting head position – hedge trimmer.
  • Whether the shaft is fixed or adjustable.
  • Wattage and voltage.
  • what to consider when buying a garden multi tool

    Things to Consider Before Making a Purchase

    As with any kind of purchase, there are a few factors that need to be taken into account to ensure that you’re getting a solution that is beneficial for you. For example, some of us may require a solution that is better suited to a professional who needs a petrol brushcutter to tackle tough brambles, whereas others may just require something that is used every month or so. As such, there can be a difference in price, depending on how robust you need the solution to be.

    There’s also additional equipment to account for. Do you need to buy a multi-tool that comes included with items such as a safety harness and gloves, or is it just the garden multi-tool you need? Knowing what additional extras you need can ensure you can seek out the right kind of deal that fits both your budget and requirements.

    Wattage and voltage can also be a deciding factor, depending on the job in hand. While lower voltage options may be ideal for upkeep, they may struggle with more cumbersome jobs. Similarly, those who are looking to use the multi-garden tool professionally may want to seek out something that is going to be able to deal with the task in hand.

    Determining a Quality Online Retailer

    We’ve already touched upon only using a reputable dealer, but this can’t be reinforced enough. Some may have a complete wealth of knowledge of the online world, whereas others may not be able to carry out the research necessary. A reputable retailer will only offer products that are of a good quality. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any unsavoury retailers online, and some may even offer copycat solutions that are not only inferior, but will not meet current health and safety regulations.

    You can also ensure that the site you’re dealing with has customer protection at the forefront of its ethos. Generally, e-commerce sites will offer an encrypted connection to ensure that any payment details you are entering are kept safe.

    As well as offering a secure connection, there should also be a clear way of contacting the retailer in the event you have a query with your order, and this will be detailed within the contact section of the website. As such, if you approach a site and find that there is little in the way of contact details and security, then you should search an alternative store.

    Finding the Right Brand

    It’s often the case that those who have not purchased a garden multi-tool before to ask which brand offers the best product. As you can imagine, this can be a little difficult to determine as the best brand for a consumer can rest on a number of factors. As such, the right brand for you will offer a number of solutions with the required attachments. Of course, there will be brands that are deemed more premium than others, but we shouldn’t write off entry-level models either. You’d be surprised at how effective a budget solution can be.

    In this regard, it makes sense to refer to reviews so you can gain an understanding of how certain brands are regarded in the industry. This allows you to gain more insight, as although there can be a reliable brand, there may be a certain model which is best avoided.

    Once you have read the reviews, you will be in a position to shortlist potential garden multi-tools based on their reputation. Of course, you also need to consider other factors when determining which brand to go with. Although many feel they have to stay loyal, you have to remember that you’re looking for a solution that meets your needs, so if your current brand isn’t able to offer a solution, then it may be advisable to look elsewhere.

    The Benefits of Owning a Garden Multi-Tool

    While we’ve touched upon how beneficial a garden multi-tool is, there are actually a number of benefits, and can fit a number of different requirements. As well as taking up a lot of space in the shed, it can be a real pain going backwards and forwards retrieving different tools like cordless strimmers, for use in the garden. The use of a multi-tool is able to eliminate this inconvenience, as the attachments can be changed at will.

    A further benefit is that a garden multi-tool is much lighter than that of other tools, meaning that enjoying some gardening doesn’t have to be a tiring endeavour. It is also normal for a garden multi-tool to have an adjustable reach, allowing you to reach more troublesome areas without straining yourself.

    Are There Any Downsides Associated with a Garden Multi-Tool?

    As with any kind of purchase, there can be several downsides just as there are benefits. Those relying on a garden multi-tool to cater for jobs where more power is concerned may find themselves a little under-prepared. This can also occur if you opt for a cheaper garden multi-tool. While there are a number of respected dealers online, there are those who offer inferior products. However, if we’re able to research our requirements and ensure that we use a professional outlet to make a purchase, then there’s very little reason as to why the downsides can’t be minimised.

    However, you shouldn’t underestimate some projects, and should consider alternative options if you really can’t be sure that a garden multi-tool can meet your requirements. However, on the flip-side, many find that an investment in a garden multi-tool is rarely a waste of money.

    Those new to the world of garden multi-tools will more than likely still be a little perplexed as to what brand and type of multi-tool available to them. Although it may be something of a learning curve in the initial stages, with a small investment of time, there’s very little reasons as to why you can’t decipher as to what type of garden multi-tool is best suited to you.

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