Best garden shed reviews uk

Best Garden Sheds Reviews UK

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Keter Plastic Garden Shed

  • Plastic garden shed with wood effect
  • 6ft x 6ft
  • Ventilation for better airflow
  • Includes windows and skylight

This plastic garden storage shed from Keter is a great all-rounder suitable for storing gardening supplies, bikes, BBQs and garden furniture. Made from a durable plastic material with a stylish wood effect, the shed looks good but is also built to last.

As a plastic shed it is relatively easy to install. The self-assembly instructions make it quick and easy even if you have limited DIY experience, so it’s a great investment for anyone looking to get their shed installed with minimal fuss.

Furthermore, the plastic material helps make the shed very durable. It’s UV-resistant to wont warp or discolour from sun exposure, while the structure is reinforced with steel to ensure it remains upright and sturdy.

It is also simple to maintain – just give it a quick wipe with a damp cloth and it will remain in top condition for years to come! There’s no need to paint or varnish either, so it’s really a low-maintenance shed in every sense of the word.

The large double door design is ideal for storing large equipment, which should be an issue given the large 6ft x 6ft dimension of the shed. It comes with secure flooring for better stability and durability, while there is also a window, skylight, and ventilation to make the inside very pleasant.

There are also two shelves included with the shed – simply install the brackets and enjoy the additional storage space!

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Lifetime 10 x 8 Heavy Duty Garden Plastic Shed

  • Plastic shed made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Large size – 10ft x 8ft
  • Includes skylights, windows, and ventilation
  • Double door design

The Lifetime 10 x 8 Heavy Duty Plastic Shed is a massive garden shed that makes for a great investment, as you can expect it to last for several decades with minimal maintenance. If you’re in the market for a large shed that isnt’ going to rot or deteriorate any time soon, then this could be the shed for you.

While there is an attractive decorative design on the shed, it remains incredibly durable. Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with powder coated steel reinforcements, expect the shed to last for several decades – it even comes with a 10-year warranty to highlight how much faith the manufacturer has in the product.

At 10ft x 8ft, the shed provides ample storage space, making it a great choice for medium to large size gardens. The high-ceiling double door design ensures easy storage for even the largest equipment, while there is an oil, stain, and slip-resistant floor that make it safe to walk on and easy to maintain.

With two large and four small skylights, the shed is flooded with natural light that make the interior even nicer, while the screened vents ensure ample fresh air circulating throughout the structure. There are two side windows as well, which provide addition natural light and make for a stylish addition to shed.

Better still, four shelves are included with the shed, allowing you to maximise storage space. Two placed into the corner of the shed while another two can be attached to the walls.

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Suncast BMS7400 Moulded Resin Storage Shed

  • Durable plastic resin material with wood grain texture
  • Reinforced roofing and flooring
  • Stylish double door with vent
  • Lockable handles

The Suncast BMS7400 is a strong yet attractive plastic shed designed for small to medium size gardens. Measuring 7ft x 3ft, it’s not the largest shed but will be a fine choice for anyone seeking a more compact storage solution in their garden.

At 8ft in height there is plenty of headroom, so you can easily make the most of the storage by adding more shelves to the walls.

The floor is also reinforced, which ensures there is no damage from storing heavy equipment. Large garden supplies are also easier to put into the shed thanks to the massive double door design, which also features some stylish window vents that maintain airflow inside.

The durable plastic resin material comes with a nice grain texture that help to make it look more natural, which is a big plus for anyone that isn’t a fan of the look of plastic sheds. Not only that, but the reinforced roofing panels features a tiled effect that offers a pleasant aesthetic.

This design also makes it simple to install, with the double skinned wall panels easily connecting – you don’t need to be DIY expert to install the Suncast BMS7400.

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WALTONS Metal Large Garden Shed

  • Made from strong steel panels
  • Double sliding door design
  • Apex style roof
  • Includes log store at side of the shed

The WALTONS Metal Large Garden Shed is a great buy for enthusiastic gardeners that need a lot of storage space.

Measuring 11.2ft x 6.2ft, this is a massive shed with plenty of room for furniture, gardening supplies, and a large lawn mower.

Better still, there is also a log store section on the outside of the shed, giving ample room to store any logs for your fire, although this area can be repurposed should you not need to store any logs.

The double door design opens with a sliding motion, making it even easier to store large equipment such as a lawn mower or garden table. Access couldn’t be easier either, while there is the option to put on a padlock on the predrilled holes of the door.

Made from strong steel framing and panels, this is a shed that is designed to last. Treated with a nice while the green colour, the shed won’t need any type of paint or varnish to maintain, looking fresh and vibrant for years to come.

Construction may take a while given the size of the shed. WALTON do provide an in-depth online video for easier construction, but it’s a good idea to get the help of a friend to put the structure together – some DIY experience is recommended as it require some drilling and foundation to be laid.

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WALTONS 8×6 Wooden Garden Storage Shed

  • 8ft x 6ft
  • Made from premium treated timber
  • Apex roof design
  • 10-year rot guarantee

The WALTONS 8×6 Wooden Garden Storage Shed is an attractive wooden shed that offers lots of storage space. It’s suitable for most average sized gardens, coming with a spacious 8ft x 6ft design that provides room for furniture, bikes, a lawn mower, and various garden supplies and furniture.

Wooden sheds are always a stylish addition and this shed is no exception. Made from premium timber that is dip treated for additional durability, the shed comes with a 10-year rot guarantee, although the timber should last for many years longer than this without any signs of rotting.

The apex roof design further helps with durability. It ensures water flows down and off the roof, avoiding pooling and potential rotting on the sheet board roofing. The flooring is also made from a solid sheet board to prevent mould and damp setting in inside the shed, keeping it strong and safe during the colder months.

Framing and cladding is installed throughout the shed as well, which should help reinforce it and make it last that bit longer. While there are no windows on the shed this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it helps to make the shed more secure.

Putting the shed together shouldn’t be too difficult, although getting help from a friend is a good idea. The shed comes in flat panels, so simply drill these together, attach the flooring and roofing, and then finish off by attaching the large door.

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Garden Shed Buying Guide

A shed is a must-have feature for any garden. Gardening is one of the best pastimes for homeowners, giving them a much-needed chance to reconnect with nature, even if just enjoying a small patch of grass and a few plants and flowers, and a garden shed offers the perfect storage for various gardening and landscaping supplies and can be neatly set against garden fences, walls or garages..

A good garden shed can last for many years and become an attractive fixture in the garden. If you have a large garden you can illuminate a path to the shed with solar lights which add a nice look with no maintenance involved. However, buying a shed is often a daunting process, as there are a lot factors that effect how suitable a garden shed is for your outdoor space.

Check out the guide below for all the info you need to buy the best garden shed:


One of the first considerations to make when buying a garden shed is the material it’s made from. While traditionally made from wood, there are now sheds made from various types of materials, all of which offer their own pros and cons.

Wooden Sheds – The quintessential material for a garden shed, wood makes for a very stylish shed that fits with the natural appearance of a garden. While cheaper wooden sheds are available, you may want to invest in a high-quality wood such as cedar, as this material is much more durable so should last longer.

Sheds – Metal sheds are more popular than ever, offering exceptional durability and easy maintenance that makes them a great buy for most gardens. They can be easy to assemble in most cases, especially compared to a wooden shed, while they are also fire-resistance and incredibly secure.

Plastic Sheds – Plastic sheds are also becoming very popular for gardens, namely because they are one of the most affordable options available. Despite their low-cost, plastic sheds remain very durable and are relatively easy to install.


Another important consideration for a garden shed is its size. Obviously, you can only work with the space you have in your garden, so the shed needs to be an appropriate size to ensure it doesn’t take up too much space.

Plus, if you have a smaller garden, there isn’t much need for a large shed, while those with larger gardens probably need a shed big enough to hold their supplies. So, be sure to get an accurate idea of how big a shed you require.

If replacing an old shed, simply measure its dimensions and go from there, but if you don’t have a shed then you’ll need to mark out an area where you plan to put it and measure the length and width to get the necessary measurements.

Also, bear in mind that sheds come in various heights too. Most people are fine using average heights, but people that are on the taller side may want to consider getting a shed that is big enough for them to stand in.

Remember, the bigger the shed the more storage space you get, but this comes at the expense of less garden space. Some people downsize or upsize when replacing an old shed, so consider if there are any advantages of going bigger or smaller.


Garden sheds are exposed to the elements year-round, so it’s always worth checking out how durable they are. Weather resistant materials are highly recommended, especially for wooden sheds, as they are more susceptible to rotting and leaks.

Roof Type 

Most UK gardens require a shed with a sloping roof, otherwise the constant rainfall will quickly damage the roof. There are a few types of roofs that help with this, namely apex roofs that are v-shaped and pent roofs that slope at one side.

Apex roofs are usually available on most sheds, while pent roofs tend to be used on smaller sized sheds for the most part. Always avoid a flat roofed shed, as it leads to pooling water that will eventually damage the roof.

Floors, Windows, and Doors 

While these features are standard for most sheds, there aren’t a guaranteed feature to be sure to consider this before buying.

For instance, most wooden sheds should come with a wooden floor to help keep them dry and prevent rot and mould, while windows are a nice addition for growing plants in the shed but aren’t always necessary.

Doors are always included in a shed, but you may want to invest in a double doored shed if you have larger equipment to store, and stable doors are always a good option for anyone with children that want to restrict access to the shed.

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