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A Guide to Buying Log Stores

Wood burners and fireplaces are becoming more widespread throughout homes to combat the ever-increasing prices of gas and electricity. Not only do they offer an additional way to heat your home, but they can also act as an attractive piece of décor for an indoor living space.

One of the best aspects about owning a wood burner is how cheap the fuel is. Wooden logs are relatively inexpensive, whether they are bought in bulk or smaller amounts, but there is one key issue many people overlook – storing the logs

To get the most out of logs when used in fireplaces and wood burners, they need to be kept dry and well aired, otherwise they are a lot less effective. This means you could potentially be losing money from your fuel, so it’s always a great idea to invest in a log store.

With so many options available and quite a few things to remember before investing in one, it can be quite difficult choosing a suitable log store. Here are some great options that cover most price ranges:

Normanton 6ft Wooden Log Store

For anyone in the market for a large log store perfectly designed for optimal storage, then this Normanton 6ft Wooden Log Store is a fantastic option.

At 6ft in size, there is no need to worry about running out of storage space, as this log store can hold as much 2.3 cubic meters of firewood. That’s a fair number of logs, so anyone that has multiple wood burners or just wants a year-round supply on hand will appreciate the capacity of this model.

Better still, the design features are perfect for effective storage. For example, its elevated from the ground with a slatted floor, features an open front, and a tilted roof to keep rainfall out.

It is also made from treated timber to ensure longevity!

Extra Large Log Store

As the name implies, this is a massive log store capable of holding as much firewood as you need. Measuring 262cm x 131cm x 69cm, it is much longer than it is tall or wide, which many will find useful when working with narrower spaces.

More importantly, it can still hold a huge number of logs, with a maximum capacity of 2 cubic meters.

A combination of a raised floor with an edged front and lower back panel provides the ideal environment for the logs to dry, as does the angled roof and open front design. The timber used is also heavy duty and fully treated, so you should get a long lifespan from this large log store.

Charles Bentley Heavy Duty Wooden Garden Small Log Store

Not everyone requires a massive log store for their firewood – sometimes a small storage is more than enough! For anyone looking for a smaller model, then this store from Charles Bentley is worth consideration.

It has all the hallmarks of a quality store, including a raised floor, open front, angled roof, and slatted walls. This ensures the wood remains dry from any rainfall, but with plenty of airflow as well.

The compact size is great for many outdoor areas, with the store measuring 152 x 117 x 56cm, making it a narrower in size but with a great height for storing plenty of logs. Total capacity is 0.78 cubic meters, and there is also an kindling shelf that can be placed to a desired height.

Finally, it is made from treated Nordic spruce, so it is certainly durable as well.

Burnley 4ft Wooden Log Store

Measuring 4ft, this is a great smaller-sized log store at an affordable price. It is designed with depth in mind, so it isnt too tall or wide, which will be ideal for many spaces struggling to fit larger stores but still need a good number of logs to be stored.

Again, it is a well-designed log store, featuring an elevated floor to evade the damp, while the lower rear panel ensures moisture can still escape. The timber to construct the store is also treated, so there’s no need to worry about it rotting away after a few years.

Cottensmore 6ft Wooden Log Store

This 6ft wooden log store offers plenty of space for countless logs – anywhere between 1.5 to 2 cubic meters worth! This is made more impressive by the fact that this is very reasonably priced for a log store of this size – be sure to take advantage if you are looking for a large but affordable log store!

The design is perfect for storage, with a raised floor and lower rear panel combination to ensure dryness and air flow, and the pressed timber ensures the store is durable enough to last many years outside.

While it is not the widest or deepest store, it is one of the tallest on the market, with the 6ft height being useful for tight spaces as you can store the logs upwards rather than outwards.

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Why You Should Use a Log Store for Firewood

Log stores are necessary for anyone that requires a steady supply of firewood, as it helps to maintain their condition. This means you can store logs for weeks or months at a time without worrying about them getting too wet.

Rainfall is one of the biggest reasons to invest in a log store for your firewood, as you never want firewood to be damp and full of moisture, as it will greatly reduce its effectiveness as a fuel source. This is because drier logs burn at higher temperatures, making them a much better source of fuel for a wood burner.

A lack of airflow can create a similar problem for logs that aren’t stored effectively. Log stores however, are designed to create optimal airflow, meaning the logs will remain as dry and moisture-free as possible, making them much more effective as fuel.

A log store can also be a great way to save time and energy, as it means you can store as much as a years’ worth of firewood! You won’t need to head outdoors as often to cut logs, as you can have a steady supply that will last you much longer than if stored outside.

Things to Consider Before Buying

While you can certainly buy a standard log store and set it up without fuss, it’s worth taking time to plan ahead so you can get the most out of your storage. Wood burners and fireplaces will be used for years to come, so it’s a good idea to consider all your options to make sure you get the best possible log store you need.

If done properly, a one-time investment in a log store can last well over 15 years!


One of the harder things to establish when looking for a log store is what size you will need. There’s obviously many options available, so be sure to set a budget so you know just what size range you can afford.

Always try to give yourself more space to work with, as it is better to have space and not need it than not having the space you require. Nobody wants excess logs going to waste after all!


Where exactly will your log store be going? The placement is important not just for establishing how large a store you are able to buy, but also in terms of the most effective location for storage purposes.

For example, a south facing store will enjoy more wind and air flow, which in turn helps the logs to remain dry and moisture-free. On the flip side, you may want the store as close to house as possible, which may make a south-facing direction more difficult. You would also want it in close proximity to tools like your electric log splitter and log splitting axe.


Most of log stores are made from timber, although there are some options made from metal materials.

As timber is the most common and affordable material for a log store, it is probably the best option to go with. Be sure that the timber is treated however, otherwise it may be low-quality and therefore susceptible to rotting – a big to consider given the British weather!

Non-treated timber will last a fraction of the time, meaning you could end up having to purchase a new store after just a few years. Quality materials will ensure your log store lasts for as long as 15 years, making it much better investment.


Some log stores are more optimally designed than others. For instance, all good log stores should have an open front and a roof that won’t allow rainfall to drip inside.

Also, the floor of the store should be raised from the ground to avoid dampness, preferably with slats to help improve airflow at the same time. Similarly, there should be gaps on the walls to allow more airflow while still preventing any rainfall from seeping in.

Therefore, you should always look for stores with slanted roofs and slatted walls, as these design features create the ideal storage environment.

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