Best Oscillating Multi-Tool

Best Oscillating Multi-Tool

Bosch PMF 10.8

  • Cordless multitool
  • Lightweight ergonomic design
  • Variable speed settings
  • 3-year warranty

The Bosch PMF 10.8 is a great oscillating multitool that packs plenty of power and features a range of attachments for all the DIY jobs around the home.

Featuring the innovative Bosch Syneon Chip, the Bosch PMF 10.8 internal components work in perfect unison, with the motor, battery and gearbox working together to produce quality power and performance.

Using the multitool is very comfortable thanks to the ergonomic design, namely the inclusion of a soft grip handle that absorbs the worst of the vibrations to prevent fatigue and strains. Lower vibrations help when it comes to precision, so this is certainly a helpful feature that enhances the performance of the tool.

It also weighs just 2.6kg, so even when using for long periods and in award positions, it’s still comfortable to use and should tire you too quickly.

The Bosch PMF 10.8 is designed to perform various tasks, with a selection of attachments provided. Suitable for sawing, sanding, cutting, routing, and scraping, it’s a versatile multitool with plenty of applications.

Better still, the accessories are easily interchangeable thanks to the universal tool holder screw, so switching between attachments takes just a few moments. Furthermore, there are great extras that make jobs far less difficult, such as the dust extraction when sanding and the four-stage depth stop for precise sawing.

A handy carry case is provided to ensure the tool remains well protected, and there is a set of instructions that give precise details on how to maintain the multitool and change the various accessories.

The variable speed setting is another fantastic feature that allows you to choose between five distinct speeds, making it easy to find the right setting for every job.  Make sure you register this tool if purchased, as it comes with a three-year warranty that is well worth signing up for!

BLACK+DECKER Multi-Oscillating Tool

  • Corded Multitool
  • Variable speed controls
  • 300W motor

BLACK + DECKER are one of the most reliable power tool manufacturers on the market, so it’s little surprise they have a fantastic oscillating multitool. Packed with a powerful 300W motor and featuring a range of accessories, this is a great choice of multitool that comes with a very reasonable price.

Suitable for a variety of tasks, this oscillating multitool is one of the more robust models available. At 300W, it’s capable of doing a variety of tasks including much more hard-wearing jobs that other multitools don’t have the power for.

The multitool is a fine choice for cutting, cleaning, sanding, and scraping on many different surfaces. From sanding doors, window sills, and skirting to removing hard sealants and grout, this is a multitool in every sense. It can even cut openings in plastered walls should you ned to fit electric sockets and fittings.

Given the versatility of the oscillating multitool, it makes sense to include a range of speed settings. The variable speed controls make it simple to find a pre-set speed to suit every type of task, ensuring each accessory has the optimum setting, which also helps to extent their lifespan.

The ergonomic design of the multitool makes life much easier, especially during those long tasks that would normally tire. For instance, the body is slim, and the overall weight is very light, making it comfortable to operate for longer periods.

Better still, there is a sliding lock feature that allows the user to operate the tool singlehandedly, which is a unique feature not found in every tool. To prevent any issues during operating, the variable speed setting counter is found at the rear of the tool, preventing any accidental changes in speed mid-task.

With a huge range of accessories available, there’s no home DIY project out of reach for this versatile oscillating multitool from BLACK + DECKER.

WORX WX680 Sonicrafter F30 Multi-Tool

  • 350W corded multitool
  • Variable speed setting up to 20000rpm
  • Includes cutting blades, sanding pad, and sanding sheets

The WORX WX680 Sonicrafter F30 Multi-Tool is a great all-round performer suitable for a variety of home projects. Available for a reasonable price and coming with several accessories for cutting and sanding, there is plenty to like about this versatile oscillating multitool.

With a powerful 350W motor, this multitool is one of the best options for cutting and sanding. It features a selection of cutting blades, including a 35mm precision end cut blade and a 35mm bimetal end cut blade.

So, whether you need precise cuts in hard to reach spots or want to make minor trimming cuts on materials for a job, the Sonicrafter gets the job done. Its strong enough to cut through most woods and can even cut through tile, while its suitable for removing grout and other tough substances.

Sanding is also made much easier with Sonicrafter. It comes with a sanding head and an impressive 29 sanding sheets to ensure you have all the best options for getting that perfect surface finish.

Better still, you can easily add more accessories. As the multitool features a unique universal fit system, it’s possible to add various accessories with ease, regardless of the brand of the attachment or when it was first manufactured.

A hyperlock clamping system means it is quick and easy to change any accessory - you don’t even need any tools to loosen or unlock anything. With over one ton of clamping force, all accessories remain firmly attached, preventing any mishaps mid project.

Wolf 260w Multi-Function Oscillating Combat Tool

  • 260W Corded Multitool
  • 6 Speed Settings
  • Soft grip handle
  • Includes wood cutters, plastic cutters, circular cutting blades, scraper blades, and sanding base plate

The Wolf Combat Tool is one of the best-priced oscillating multitools on the market, offering great power and performance along with a range of accessories. It’s a quality multitool suitable for many jobs, being particularly good at cutting various materials.

One of the most impressive aspects with the Wolf Combat Tool is the range of cutting blades it comes with. There’s great variety to the cutting blades, with circular and semi-circular options included, with the Wolf Combat tool capable of cutting through various types of plastic and wood.

For example, the 10mm and 20mm blades are a fine option for cutting through thin woods and plastics with great precision. Should you need to cut through something thicker, then the semi-circular, circular, flat end wood cutting blades are all suitable for the task, while there is even a diamond tipped semi-circular blade.

Not only that, the Wolf Combat tool features a delta sanding base plate along with 20 different grit delta sanding sheets for all your sanding needs. There is also a stainless steel stepped scrapper blade for cutting through grout, highlight just how versatile this oscillating multitool is.

To accommodate the various accessories included with the multitool, there are six different speed settings available. In total, you get a speed range between 11,000 and 21,000rpm, so it’s possible to get the optimal speed for every task.

 The Wolf Combat Tool is excellent for a variety of home improvement tasks. Whether trimming skirting boards or laminate flooring, cutting plastic or metal piles in hard to reach spots, or simply scraping paint and ground from a surface, the Wolf Combat Tool is up to the task

Makita DTM50Z Oscillating  Tool

  • Cordless
  • Variable speed control dial  
  • LED light
  • Accessories can be installed at 30º increments, across 360º

The Makita DTM50Z is an affordable oscillating multitool suitable for cutting through wood, metal, and plastic, while also functioning as a robust chisel and sander. As a cordless oscillating multitool, it’s easy to manoeuvre in tight spots and the 3.0Ah lithium ion battery offers plenty of battery life - although this needs to be bought separately.

As for cutting, this is a fantastic multitool for the job. It’s ideal for cutting around frames and fixings, and is capable of cutting through plasterboard, wood, and plastics. You can also cut through most types of pipes with the appropriate cutting blade accessories, which are unfortunately not included with the power tool itself.

However, it’s easy to add in various accessories that you already own, with the multitool using the oscillating multitool interface system, which oscillates the accessories at 3.2°. Accessories can also be installed at 30° increments across 360°, offering great versatility as they positioned in countless angles to suit the task at hand.

A slimline ergonomic design also helps when operating the multitool. It’s not too heavy, and the thinner shape of the tool prevents the hands and wrists from getting easily fatigued, which is often the case with thicker, heavier oscillating multitools.

There is also a variable speed dial that allows you to control the speed of the DTM50Z with precision, ranging from 6000 - 20,000rpm.

Again, it’s worth mentioning that this oscillating multitool includes only the main body unit, so there is no battery, charger, case, or accessories.

What is an Oscillating Multitool?

An oscillating multitool is one of the most versatile power tools to own. Capable of cutting, sawing, sanding, scraping, and grinding, these tools offer a range of functions that help make DIY tasks much easier. Garden multi tools offer similar versatility with different attachments for various gardening jobs.

The only drawback of buying an oscillating multitool is knowing which device to choose!

There is a wide range of oscillating multitools available, all of which offer their own distinct functions. The last thing you want is to buy a multitool that doesn’t have the necessary features for your requirements, so it helps to do some research prior to buying.

Check the guide below for all the information you need to know to buy the best oscillating multitool.

Things to Consider When Buying an Oscillating Multitool

Speed Settings

It helps to buy an oscillating multitool that includes a variable speed setting, as it allows for different speeds to be set to accommodate the task at hand. For example, when sanding surfaces it’s good to have a choice of high and low speeds to get a suitable finish.

Handle and Grip

Oscillating tools are designed to be held in both hands, so make sure you find a tool with a suitable handle. This doesn’t just mean something with a comfortable grip - although that is important - but also a handle that isn’t too big or small to fit in your hand.

For instance, people with larger hands may require a thicker grip to ensure easy handling, while those with shorter hands will want a grip that isn’t too large and difficult to control. Remember that heavier tools are also more likely cause fatigue when gripping for extended durations.


The more vibrations an oscillating multitool makes the quicker your hands fatigue, so be sure to find something that doesn’t vibrate too heavily. Also, the vibrations may cause a loud noise, which gets quickly irritating.

Cordless or Corded 

This may not be too important for everyone, but some people prefer the freedom of a cordless multitool. Be mindful that if you buy a cordless option that you then need to consider battery options, and if going for a corded model then you’ll want to ensure the cord isnt too short and restrictive.


The power of an oscillating multitool is measured in volts, and the higher the voltage the more power to expect. High voltage multitools therefore get tasks completed at much quicker speeds, but they tend to cost more at the same time. Also, not everyone needs the most powerful multitool, especially when doing basic odd jobs around the house.


All multitools feature a range of attachments, but some have more than others, which makes them more versatile. Many tools include various accessories that can be attached and removed as needed providing they have a universal attachment, so be sure to keep an eye out for this.

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