Best Pressure Washer Reviews UK

Best Pressure Washer Reviews UK

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What is the Best Pressure Washer to Buy?

Read our buying guide and reviews of our top 8 choices for you to consider below.

Karcher K7 Premium

Offering 160 bar pressure, the Karcher K7 Premium is a pressure washer suited for those hardest jobs out there, so it’s best-suited for washing away dirt and grime from patios, paths, and driveways.

It also boasts an impressive water flow, topping 600 litres per hour, so you can expect it to get those tough jobs finished in no time. For instance, it can clean around 60 square meters per hour, so it is great for large surface areas.

Better still, the K7 comes with a range of great accessories that make it suited for a wide range of tasks, while also being designed to make operating the pressure washer easier for the user.

This model comes with three separate attachments, including the Vario Lance, Dirt Blaster, and T450 T Racer Surface Cleaner.

The first of these allows the water to be used as both a fine spray and high pressure washer, with just a quick twist of the handle needed to switch between either mode. This allows you to use the K7 for a range of different tasks, with the fine spray great for cleaning your car while the high-pressure spray is great at removing difficult stains from patios and paths.

As the name implies, the Dirt Blaster is designed to remove dirt from surface areas, producing a powerful rotating point jet that is perfect for weather-worn surfaces such as fences, walls, etc.

The T450 Surface Cleaner meanwhile, is a great attachment for quickly scrubbing away dirt from exterior surfaces without any spray, working to great effect at removing stains and dirt from driveways, garage doors, and patios.

These attachments help to make the K7 a robust pressure washer ideal for many different tasks. A 10m high pressure hose also helps to make it very easy to operate without having to constantly move the pressure washer, making the Karcher K7 Premium pressure washer one of the most versatile products on the market today. May buyers consider this to be the best pressure to buy in the UK.    BUY ON AMAZON

Kärcher K4 Full Control

Karcher are the most popular manufacturer of pressure washers, and the K4 Full Control could be one of their finest products to date.

With 130 bar pressure, 420 waterflow l/h, a 6m hose, and a powerful 1800-watt motor, the K4 is a fantastic option suited for almost any task, but it truly shines when used for cleaning building exteriors and vehicles.

It includes two attachments that are hallmarks of Kacher pressure washers, with the Vario and Dirtblaster Lances offering a range of sprays to suit almost any task. For instance, the Vario lance allows users to swtich between a fine spray and high pressure sprays, so you can clean a range of different surfaces as needed.

Similarly, the Dirtblaster Lance offers the best attachment for cleaning dirty surfaces, especially weather worn outdoor surfaces.

The Karcher K4 full control also comes with a T350 T-Racer Surface Cleaner for quick and easy cleaning of flat surfaces without the need of a spray, which can be very useful for cleaning paths and driveways. Add in some of the powerful three-in-on stone detergent and you can expect stone surfaces to look as good as new after a quick clean with the K4.

Best Pressure Washer for Patio

Moreover, operating the Karcher pressure washer is made so much easier with the LED display trigger spray gun, as it guides you as you are using the machine to make sure the right pressure is applied for the appropriate surface.

The 6m hose does make manoeuvrability simple, with the high impact wheels and telescopic handle also helping in this regard. Storage is also convenient, as the lance attachments and hose are all stored on the K4, making compact and easy to store.

All in all, the Kärcher K4 Full Control is a great pressure washer for medium-sized tasks, such as cleaning pathways, outside walls, and even vehicles. A selection of great accessories make it great for many different tasks, so it is a fine pressure washer for those looking for an all-rounder that can tick many boxes.


Nilfisk E 130.3-9 X-Tra Excellence Pressure Washer

The Nilfisk E 130.3-9 X-Tra Excellence Pressure Washer offers a fine performance for a great price, while also coming with a host of features that make it quite the impressive pressure washer.

With 130 bar pressure and 440 waterflow l/h, the Nilfisk E 130.3-9 X-Tra Excellence is more than capable of tackling most stains and dirt, especially for a patio, driveway, brickwork, outdoor furniture, and even vehicles.

It features very robust design, with a metal aluminium pump that is built to last even after years of use. Nozzles can be easily interchanged to suit any task, with the spray lance featuring two distinct nozzles.

The Tornado Nozzle provides a fan jet that works great for removing general dirt and stains, making cleaning and rinsing very easy. The Powerspeed Nozzle produces a more direct, high pressure spray that will make short work of those more stubborn stains that are harder to remove.

This allows the Nilfisk E 130.3-9 X-Tra Excellence to clean a variety of objects, from those smaller dirt marks that will only take a second to remove, to even the toughest stains that seem impossible to get rid of.

Thankfully, these nozzles can be easily cleaned, while changing between the different options will only take a second, simply clicking into the lance when in use and removed with the push of a button.

The Nilfisk E 130.3-9 X-Tra Excellence is certainly a pressure washer worth investing in. It provides a powerful pressure washer capable of tackling several different tasks, making it perfect for regular maintenance for around the home.

Whether you are looking for a pressure washer for cleaning your car, driveway, garden furniture, or any outdoor surface, there is little that the Nilfisk E 130.3-9 X-Tra Excellence can’t handle. BUY ON AMAZON

Bosch AQT 45-14 X High Pressure Washer

When it comes to heavy duty pressure washers, there are fewer better options than the fantastic Bosch AQT 45-14 X High Pressure Washer. It is a robust machine that will be able to remove even the most difficult of stains.

So, while it may seem a tad unnecessary for those smaller jobs, it is hard to deny that the cleaning prowess of the Bosch AQT 45-14 X High Pressure Washer isn’t perfect for almost any task you have in mind.

For instance, the 1900-watt motor provides a powerful punch, resulting in an impressive maximum pressure of 130 bar. Combined with the 420 l/h waterflow, you have a pressure washer that will remove almost any stain or dirt in very little time indeed.

The click and go system means that you can use it straight from the box, with quick connect fittings reducing the time it takes to use. Simply remove it from the box, attach the hose and lance and you are good to go.

WILKS-USA RX550 High Pressure Washer

  • Offers power in abundance
  • Built-in projector system
  • One-litre tank
  • 26-metre hose
  • Variety of nozzles for different jobs
  • Detergent injection system

If you’re looking for a powerful high-pressure washer, this could be the one you need since previous customers have related it to a petrol washer. Although it seems obvious that a ‘high-pressure’ washer would be powerful, there are some products on the market that don’t live up to the tag; this is something we don’t have to worry about with this WILKS-USA product.

Whether you’re dealing with paths, roofs, driveways, vehicles, or walls, this washer starts with an eight-metre hose but offers an extension whenever required; when washing the roof or perhaps the underneath of the car, this ensures you don’t need to make sacrifices which is always good news. Furthermore, the wheel trolley design means that it can be transported with ease.

In truth, the biggest benefit of choosing this model is that you’ll be rewarded with extreme flexibility. Firstly, this is seen with the two premium scrub and rotary brushes. Regardless of the job at hand, you’ll always have the right tool. Secondly, there are five different nozzles and this allows for personalization once again. Finally, the detergent injection system means that even the toughest stains and marks can be removed.

With all these superb features, we can then top it all off with a trusted and reliable brand. These days, WILKS-USA is known for quality in their products. When you buy from the big companies, it also means there’s a customer service team in place to deal with any questions or concerns. With a one-year warranty and all the benefits we’ve discussed, this high-pressure washer certainly deserves your consideration this year.

Sealey PW2500 Pressure Washer

  • Large brand
  • Sturdy and robust
  • Detergent release system
  • Powerful

Next up, we have another pressure washer that deserves the title of ‘pressure’ because it’s powerful but without bringing problems. In the past, we’ve seen pressure washers that offered all the power in the world but it was too much for the unit to take. Therefore, we now know that pressure washers need to find a balance between offering power and being robust in their nature. As you might have expected, this is exactly what we have from Sealey and their PW2500 Pressure Washer.

Although the bulk of the unit is actually quite heavy, the wheels make it easy to transport and this is a huge advantage over those who chose to forgo the wheels in favour of something else. Furthermore, we’ll also bring to your attention the detergent release system. With some units, you need to mix detergent into the tank but this doesn’t exactly allow for flexibility since you don’t always require detergent. Therefore, Sealey has decided to keep the detergent separate and allow the user to take control. Whenever you need detergent, simply press the release button and it’ll combine with water as it exits the hose; otherwise, just water will come out.

For some users, the wind-up spray coil has been the only downside to the product but this is something to which you’ll soon grow accustomed. As we’ve seen before, Sealey is a huge manufacturer of tools and equipment in the UK so this is always good to know. With over 8,000 products available in the UK, you can be sure they have the expertise and experience to help if you get in contact. Therefore, it makes for a superb investment once combined with all the fantastic features we’ve seen.

Wolf Blaster Vac 2 in 1 Power Pressure Washer

The Wolf Blaster Vac 2 in 1 Power Pressure Washer offers a unique product in that it is not only a powerful pressure washer, but also a reliable wet and dry vacuum cleaner! Considering the selection of accessories offered, you have one very versatile yet powerful pressure washer that has much to offer.

A 2000-watt motor helps to offer the necessary power the Wolf Blaster needs to act as high-pressure power washer, helping to produce an impressive 150 bar pressure, which is enough for most heavy-duty cleaning.

As you can imagine, the vacuum pressure washer combination make the Wolf Blaster a perfect tool for cleaning your car inside and out, but it is certainly capable of tackling a variety of other tasks beyond just cleaning a vehicle.

For instance, there’s a range of nozzle fittings that can be easily used with the high-pressure lance. This includes all the most commonly used attachments, such as an angled nozzle, turbo nozzle, vario nozzle, and detergent nozzle.

Better still, the car and window brush offers a chance to clean a range of surfaces without having to use a high-pressure spray, meaning even small-duty cleaning is very much possible.

The removable vacuum cleaner is powered by a 700-watt motor, so it can certainly perform a fine job of vacuuming any mess inside of your vehicle, although it will certainly do a fine job for other outdoor vacuuming, such as a garage or workshop.

It features all your typical vacuum attachments, and is capable of both wet and dry operation, making it an all-round cleaning machine for cars.

As a result, the Wolf Blaster Vac 2 in 1 Power Pressure Washer is a fine product that is not only great for heavy-duty pressure washing, but also a useful vacuum cleaner, making it a very well-rounded product that you can get plenty of use from.

Wolf Blaster Vac 2 in 1 Power Pressure

Pressure Washers Buying Guide – Everything You Need To Know

Pressure washers can have many names for example power washers, high-pressure cleaners and jet washers are all popular alternatives. But whatever you call them by, they all do pretty much the same thing, right?

Well actually that is not entirely true like most things nowadays there are plenty of options available when it comes to picking up your very own power washer. This isn’t a bad thing though because it means that there is bound to be a power washer that is ideal for your needs.

But it can make finding the best pressure washer for your needs a little more difficult, but thankfully that is where our pressure washer guide can help! We’ve researched everything any customer needs to know about buying a pressure washer. So you can be sure that the high-pressure cleaner you buy will do the job.

What Are Pressure Washers?

A high-pressure cleaner or pressure washer (or any other name they go by) are powerful cleaning tools that can be used for a wide range of jobs. They shoot powerful jets of water that can be used to clean even the most difficult and stubborn stains.

Hardened dirt and grime will not last long under the powerful spray of a pressure washer, making them useful for cleaning all around your home and garden. Power washers are also used in many commercial services, in particular for things like vehicle cleaning or gardening services.

Because of their impressive performance and the variety of jobs they can do, getting a pressure washer for your home and garden cleaning is a very popular choice. So now you know a little more about what power washers can do and how they work, let’s look at your options, shall we?

The first decision you need to make is whether you want a gas or electric pressure washer, the helpful lists below outline the main aspects of each type. While both types are certainly viable options, they do have different strengths and weaknesses.

Gas / Petrol Pressure Washers

Sometimes called petrol pressure washers, these powerful jet cleaners are more commonly seen in the hands of commercial services like professional cleaners or gardeners. But there’s plenty of gas power washers available to purchase as well. The main aspects of petrol powered pressure washers are outlined below.

· Petrol high-pressure cleaners provide a powerful performance, giving them the edge over electric models.

· They are usually the more expensive option, so make sure the extra power will be needed.

· Because they are powered by fuel they are more portable and easier to use outdoors.

· However, the trade-off with this is petrol pressure washers are usually heavier than their electric counterparts.

· While petrol is the more common fuel source, some petrol powered jet washers use diesel instead.

· It varies from person to person and model to model, but some people do find petrol jet washers to be noisy and the fumes to be overpowering.

Electric Pressure Washers

Electric power washers are more commonplace around people’s homes than petrol jet washers because they are usually smaller, lighter machines and cost less. That makes them ideal for cleaning on a budget, but because of their lower rate of power, they may be unable to tackle all the jobs a petrol pressure washer can do. The main aspects of electric powered pressure washers are outlined below.

  • They can tackle a wide array of everyday cleaning jobs, but do lack the power of petrol power washers.
  • They come in a wide range of different makes and models and are ideal for smaller budgets.
  • Are powered by your mains electricity, so there’s no need to buy fuel, however, this does mean they are less portable as a result.
  • Are generally simpler and more straightforward to use than petrol powered jet washers.
  • They usually run very quietly and are lightweight.
  • You also won’t have to worry about petrol fumes.

Light, Medium or Heavy Duty?

Once you’ve decided whether you are going for a petrol or electric power washer you have another decision to make! And that is whether you need a light, medium or heavy duty pressure washer, make sure you pick carefully because certain jet washers will only be able to carry out certain jobs.

For example, if you want to be able to clean paintwork or stone decking then you’ll need to use a medium duty power washer at the very least. Power washers are sorted into their types by their level of power.

• Light Duty Washers – 100 Bar Power
• Medium Duty Washers – 110 Bar Power
• Heavy Duty Washers – 120 Bar Power Plus

But there are other differences as well, heavy duty jet washers, for example, are more likely to be larger and bulkier. The higher up the scale you go the more expensive the pressure washer will be, but you will get a more versatile and higher performing machine for your money.

However, it’s no use buying a heavy duty jet cleaner if a light or medium duty one will do the job. We’ve taken a more in-depth look at each kind of pressure washer below, so you’ll be able to find out which type is best for you.

Light Duty Power Washers

Don’t be fooled by their name light duty power washers can still pack a punch! If you’re looking for a pressure washer to tackle everyday gardening jobs and cleaning small to medium areas like wooden decking and patios then a light duty power washer will do the job fine. You’ll find a wide range of light duty pressure washers available, budget models will be very cheap but if you want added features like more intricate nozzles then you will have to pay more.

Medium Duty Power Washers

Medium duty jet washers have a higher price tag but they can do the same jobs as a light duty power washer and plenty more. You can use a medium duty pressure washer to do a wide range of cleaning jobs like cleaning cars, guttering and drains. They can also be used for larger patios and gardens as well.

Heavy Duty Power Washers

Last but not least we have heavy duty power washers! These jet cleaners will give you the most powerful water spray and are the only kind of pressure washer that you can use to thoroughly clean stone and brickwork.

These power washers are in general larger and bulkier than other variants and more expensive. Due to the high power, these jet washers have you should make sure you take extra care when using them.

Which Kind Of Pressure Washer Should I Buy?

Well, that is a difficult question to answer really, it all really depends on what you want the pressure washer for. Not to mention the budget you have available, electric power washers in all their variants are usually the cheapest option, but you will be trading in some power for a cheaper price.

A good guide to follow is to pick your preference between petrol and electric and then think about what you need the high-pressure cleaner for. If you need it for basic cleaning duties then go with a light duty washer, if you have a slightly larger home and garden and want to jet wash your car as well then go for medium duty.

Finally, if you intend to be using the pressure washer a lot and will be cleaning all around your home and garden with it, then go for a heavy duty washer. Remember to thoroughly check through each washer’s features to make sure it as everything you need as well.

Pressure Washer Accessories

Once you have picked out the pressure washer you want, you have to think about the accessories you’ll need as well. In the majority of cases, these accessories won’t be essential, but they can make your jet washer much more effective. Below we’ve outlined some of the main accessories you can use with your pressure washer.

Washer Lances – Lances are the long pipes that connect to the nozzle, your power washer may come with a few types but many types are available. Each variant will allow your pressure washer to tackle different jobs.

Brush Attachments – Brushes are versatile pressure washer attachments and they can be used to clean a wide range of different surfaces. Even if you just want to wash your decking a brush can make it much easier. A patio cleaner is similar to a brush attachment but it is specially designed to tackle dirt and grime on patios.

Extending Hoses – Each pressure washer comes with its own hose but they will often have limited range. An extending expandable hose can help your pressure washer reach further, especially if you are working further from your water source.

Washer Detergents – Power washer detergents are the most vital pressure washer accessories and come in a variety of different types. Some are specially formulated to be used on certain surfaces like wood or brickwork, while others are more general. They can also be used to help protect surfaces as well.

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