Best Retractable Washing Line Reviews UK

Best Retractable Washing Line Reviews UK

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As the name suggests, a retractable washing line is a type of washing line that retracts into a compact casing. They’re very handy for people that don’t have a post in their garden to attach a line to, connecting easily to other surfaces to make a washing line anywhere in your garden. Below are the top 5 retractable washing lines we have chosen to review.

Metaltex Double Line

  • Double line offers up to 30m of space
  • Strong mounting box with swing bracket
  • Automatic retraction

Double lines such as this retractable washing line from Metaltex are a great option for anyone with narrower spaces. They allow you to double the amount of drying space even when the space isn’t too wide, which is a great option for many gardens and indoor spaces like laundry rooms

Each of the two lines are completely independent, meaning you can use one or both at the same time depending on your requirements, with a single line being good for light loads and the double line working well for a full load.

An internal locking device in the casing ensures the lines always remain taut and secure, and when you’re done with the line they automatically retract back into the housing for safe storage. The mounting box is very sturdy as well and features a swing bracket for quick and easy installation, while brickwork screws, raw plugs, and line hooks are all included so it can be installed anywhere.  

If you don’t need to use it for a while you can leave the line outside and fully retracted, as it’s durable enough to last, or simply unscrew the bracket and take it inside to store over the winter.

Minky Retractable Reel Washing Line

  • 15m Double Line
  • UV Protective Casing
  • PVC Coated line
  • Maximum weight capacity of 25kg

This unit from Minky is a good option for smaller outdoor and indoor spaces, with the double line design of 30m of drying space across both lines. Each one measures 15m so can be used as a single line or double depending on your requirements, with the compact design making it especially useful for small gardens, balconies, and indoor drying areas.

The line itself is PVC coated which offers great durability, ensuring that no sagging occurs after a prolonged use. In fact, you can hang as much as 25kg worth of wet clothing across both lines, which is a fair amount considering the smaller dimensions of the unit.

To ensure the case remains intact over the years it has been coated with a special UV protector, helping to avoid long-term damage from the sun, so expect it to last many years of constant use without signs of wear and tear.

Installation is also very easy. There is a special bracket that secures to almost any surface needed, while it is designed to be completely removable when not in use. This is especially useful for people in flats that have limited space for drying their clothes, but is just as useful in small gardens, patios, and other compact spaces.

Artmoon Long Retractable Outdoor Clothes Line

  • 12m Single Washing Line
  • Adjustable Casing Unit
  • Automatic Retraction

Offering a decent 12m of washing line for your drying needs, this retractable model is a good choice for anyone seeking a decent length line for a smaller outdoor space. 12m is a good length for a washing line, offering enough space for moderate loads, but anyone with a large family with frequent washing may need something slightly longer.

Setting it up couldn’t be easier. It features dowels, screws, and a hook for fixing to the opposite side of the line, all of which can be easily installed into any surface, including brickwork.

A cool feature of the line is once it is fitted to a wall or post, the casing unit is adjustable to various angles up to 180-degrees. Simply move the screw to any position in the garden, angle the casing accordingly and you are good to go. This is very helpful for awkward shaped spaces where its difficult to fit a traditional washing line.


  • 5 x 7m washing lines
  • Heavy duty casing
  • Lines independent – can be used individually or together
  • Adjustable tension to avoid sagging

A heavy-duty model in every sense of the word, this is a unique unit that is great for saving space. At 60cm wide the casing is a lot bigger than most others, but this is because it houses five separate lines, offering plenty of line across a narrow space.

Each of the five lines measure 7m in length and can be used as needed. For lighter loads just use one or two, while larger loads can use all five to make the most of the 35m of drying space across the five lines.

Better still, the casing features a rotating handle for adjusting the tension setting on the lines. This allows you to tighten each of five lines as needed, so you never need to worry about sagging lines again.

While the casing unit is quite big (66cm x 14cm x 17cm) it is also simple to install. There are holes fitted in the case where you attach the screws to mount it to a surface, while hooks are included for attaching each line when in use.

Garden Mile 2x 12M Retractable Automatic Clothes Washing Line

  • 2 x 12m retractable washing lines
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Plastic coated nylon line

These units are always a great solution for tight outdoor spaces where a normal line is difficult to fit, so if you have a frustratingly compact space then consider buying this double back of 12m retractable lines. 

Each one offers 12m of plastic-coated nylon washing lines that can be attached to walls, fences, and most other outdoor surfaces. Simply mount the plastic casing to the surface using the metal bracket and then fix the hooks to the opposite side of the garden to start using the line.

Their portable design makes them simple to remove when fitted to a surface, which is espiecally helpful to anyone living in a flat that needs to remove it when they are finished, while it can even be used for long camping trips or drying clothes on vacation.

The weather in Britian often makes drying clothes outside on a washing line quite the challenge.

While we’re blessed with fresh and powerful winds that can quickly dry clothes on the line, there’s always a battle against time and the next inevitable rainfall and cold weather. However, washing lines are still a far better option compared to a tumble dryer, which costs a small fortune to run and isn’t the best for your clothes or the environment.

So, it always helps to have a good quality washing line on hand to get your clothes dry when the weather permits it. Retractable washing lines are certainly a great option for this, being a much more durable and efficient type of washing line compared to most other options!

What is a Retractable Washing Line?

They last a lot longer than other washing lines, as the line is stored inside of a casing when not in use, making it less likely to sag or snap over time. It’s also handy for people short on space, as the retractable design means you can easily store it away when not in use, which can be especially helpful for people using indoor washing lines.

How to Choose the Best Model?

Thinking of upgrading? Check out some tips for what to look out for when buying one!

Indoor or Outdoor

If you have a garden then you probably want a line suitable for the outdoors. These are usually longer and should have more durable materials, especially the casing which may deteriorate when exposed to the elements.

Anyone that lives in a flat will likely need one suitable for indoor spots such as on a balcony or in a utility area. Smaller lines are usually a better choice due to the limited space, while you may want a unit that is easy to remove from the wall or mounting when you are not using it.

Line Material 

The line material will determine how strong and durable the line is. The strongest lines are usually made from metal lines coated with plastics such as PVC, although hard plastic lines are also a strong option, but they may be prone to cracking over time.

Avoid cheaper materials like rope or nylon, as these are much likelier to break overtime, especially if exposed to too much weight on the line.


The casing holds the retractable line so you want to choose one that is both user-friendly and durable. For instance, if you are using the line outside then a rust and weather resistant housing is well worth investing in, otherwise it may need replaced sooner rather than later.

Look for strong mounting fixtures to ensure the line is firmly secured to the wall or post, while removable brackets are a good choice for storing during the winter or to avoid it being pinched.

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