Best Table Saw Reviews UK

Best Table Saw Reviews UK

DEWALT DW745 Compact Job Site Table Saw

  • 22kg lightweight design
  • Steel roll cage
  • 1850W motor
  • Rack and pinion fence with 610mm rip capacity
  • Carbide blades

The DEWALT DW745 is a compact and lightweight table saw perfect for personal or professional use. With a robust steel roll cage, the DW745 can be taken to any worksite without fear of damaging it, with the case offering protection against accidental droppage and other worksite accidents.

At 22kg, this is one of the lightest table saws to offer so much power, making it a great choice for professionals and hobbyists alike.

Sporting a powerful 1850W motor, the DW745 has a high-performance output that makes it capable of cutting a large range of woods without issue. In fact, the overload protection system allows the DW745 to safely cut through wet, frozen, and dense woods with ease.

The power doesn’t come at the expense of precision however, with the DW745 sporting a great fence system for the upmost accuracy. For instance, the rack and pinion fence system come with a front and rear fence lock, which combines with a large and concise scale to provide exceptional accuracy with each cut.

With a total rip capacity of 610mm, it’s possible to cut large sheet materials to the required size in no time at all, highlighting the suitability of the DW745 for professional woodworking project. Better still, DEWALT provides a 12-month warranty and will replace any defective parts free of charge.  

Evolution FURY5-S

  • Multi-purpose cutting blade
  • 1500W motor
  • 21kg lightweight design
  • Adjustable cutting blade up to 45˚
  • 0-60˚ mitre angle cutting

The Evolution FURY5-S offers unrivalled versatility for a table saw, letting users cut various materials at many angles to get the most accurate cut every time. This is achieved using just a single multi-purpose blade, giving an all in one solution that woodworking professionals and hobbyists will appreciate.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the multi-purpose saw blade is the different materials it’s capable of cutting through using the patented RAGE technology. For instance, it not only deals with softwoods and hardwoods, but also light steel and most plastics.

This offers the upmost convenience when working with various materials that need cutting, as you don’t need to change the blade depending on what you are sawing through, which isn’t the case with most other table saws.

The 1500W motor ensures plenty of cutting power, while the blade can also be adjusted to various angles for different cutting needs. For instance, the blade is adjustable to a 45˚to produce bevel cuts, while the blade height is also adjustable (to depths of 85mm) using the same rotating wheel, so it’s a versatile cutting blade that’s also very convienent to use.

A rip fence comes with a guard rail for more precise rip cutting, while the anti-bounce feature ensures stability when cutting materials, so the table saw always makes cutting much easier and accurate.

Einhell Table Saw

  • 1800W motor
  • Fast blade speed of 5,000rpm
  • 23kg lightweight design
  • Stable base frame
  • Carbide tipped blade

This Einhell table saw is a great all-round performer, offering a balance between power and speed that makes sawing that bit easier. Arguably one of the fastest table saws in it’s price range, the fast blade speed of this table saw is nothing short of incredible - a whopping 5,000rpm.

The quicker the blade speed the more cutting can be completed, making this table aw from Einhell a worthwhile investment for anyone with a large volume of sawing required during their next project.

To ensure a smooth cut every pass, the saw blade is carbide tipped, which is great news for anyone with a lot of cross cutting needs. Expect a smooth cut every time the blade cuts through the wood, and you can easily adjust the blade to various heights angles for different cuts.

For instance, there is a two-in-one adjustment feature that allows both the height and angle of the blade to be adjusted to suit your needs. Cutting angles are adjustable up to 45˚ while the cutting depth reaches up to 65mm at 45 ˚, so there’s certainly no lack of cutting angles.

A sizable work surface is another great feature, which can be fully extended at the sides to support wider materials.

There are even extra inserts that further expand the work space by 22cm on three sides of the table, making the Einhell table saw handy for cutting plasterboard, wood panels, and other wide materials.

VonHaus 1800W Table Saw

  • 1800W motor
  • Carbide-topped saw blade
  • Extendible sides for additional workspace
  • Cross stop with angle scale (+/- 60)
  • Quick clamp rip fence

Sporting a power motor and high-performance cutting blade, the VonHaus 1800W Table Saw is a fantastic option for DIY enthusiasts. A combination of a mitre and circular saw, the table saw is a versatile piece of hardware suitable for a range of DIY projects.

The 250mm carbide-tipped cutting blade is suitable for a range of materials, including MDF, softwoods, hardwoods, and many more. It’s capable of making longitudinal and angled cuts on these materials, whether it’s removing length or creating bevelled edges, highlighting the versatility of the table saw.

This impressive table saw is powered by a 1800W motor that produces an impressive blade speed of 5500rpm. It’s a quick and powerful table saw that can cut through high volumes of wood, so is a great option for those larger DIY projects.

Better still, the quick clamp rip fence provides safe and secure cutting, and you can extend the table using the side extensions when working with larger materials such as plasterboard. The base frame is sturdy enough to ensure a safe and comfortable working height for all sawing, so it’s a very safe and secure table saw.

Bosch Professional Corded 240V Table Saw

  • 2100W motor
  • Up to 79mm cutting height
  • Cutting capacities up to 635mm (right side) and 250 (left side)
  • Self-adjusting parallel guide

The Bosch Professional Corded 240V is a robust and powerful table saw suitable for jobsite applications. A 2100W motor with motor brake offers lots of cutting power, while the inclusion of overload protection ensures the table can cut through even the toughest materials with ease.

It’s also suitable for cutting long and wide materials thanks to the integrated slide and carriage and table widener and extension.

The fence also offers a good grip on either side of the table, with the clamp holding materials firmly in place for a smooth cut, and there is a self-adjusting parallel guide that makes getting precise cuts easier.

For cutting heights, there is a maximum height of 79mm, while the cutting capacity is also impressive, offering up to 635mm to the right and 250mm to the left side of the blade.

Speaking of the blade, it’s got 24-teeth, but the quality may be lacking for professional use, although it’s easy enough to swap it out with a more robust saw blade.

You can also store an additional saw blade inside the housing of the unit, which also has enough space for other tools such as a dust extraction adaptor, push stick etc.

Storing all the necessary tools and accessories inside the table saw is certainly useful for anyone using the Bosch Professional Corded 240V Table Saw at a work site.

Lumberjack Table Saw with Extending Table

  • 1500W motor
  • Fast cutting blade speed of 4,500rpm
  • Mitre gauge for cutting precise angles
  • Large extendable table

The Lumberjack Table Saw is a great tool for people that love DIY projects but may lack the space for a traditional table saw. The compact and lightweight design allow the table to fit into a garage, workshop, or spare room, with the extending table allowing for more workspace when in use.

The table top itself is made from aluminium, while the rest of the stand remains very solid and stable, thanks in no part to the rubber feet on the base of the table. You can expect a precise cut each time thanks to the laser line guide, which makes it easy to get those accurate measurements.

To further improve performance, the accurate rip fence provides a parallel fence for accurate cutting on every pass, as does the mitre gauge. You should be able to make various measurements in no time, with the cutting taking a matter of seconds thanks to the quick blade speed of 4.500rpm.

The handle of the table saw is dual purpose - you can adjust both the height and bevel angle of the blade to achieve the desired cut, including both 90 and 45-degree angle cuts. For added safety, there’s a blade guard that should hopefully prevent any accidents with your fingers!

Table Saw Buying Guide

When it comes to woodworking, there are fewer tools more useful than a table saw, making it a great investment for anyone with various wooding projects on the horizon. A good table saw makes live much easier when working with wood, allowing for easier and more accurate sawing, which is especially useful for projects involving large quantities of wood.

Better still, some table saws allow you to cut through different materials, including plastics and even certain metals!

Whether shaping, crosscutting, or ripping, a table saw generally makes all woodworking tasks more straight-forward and less time-consuming, helping users complete projects with minimal hassle and stress.

However, like all power tools, buying a table saw isn’t always easy, especially for first-time buyers. There are various models available with different specifications, any of which may useful depending on your specific needs, so there’s a lot to think about to ensure you buy the best table saw.

Types of Table Saws

To make the buying process easier, it helps to understand the different types of table saws available. Doing so allows you to determine which type is most useful for your circumstances, with table saws being categorised by their overall size and portability.

Bench Top Saw

A lightweight and compact table saw designed for light personal use in a home workshop or garage, these saws are generally very affordable and a great option for woodworking hobbyists. They require a bench or table to sit on, and while there is a lack of wheels, the lightweight design makes them very portable.

Jobsite Saw

A bigger and bulkier saw than a bench top, jobsite saws are a popular option for professional worksites that require fast and efficient sawing. Because of this, they always feature wheels and a stand for easier use on the move.

Contractor Saw

A step up from the jobsite saw, contractor saws are one of the most popular table saws for woodworking professionals, boasting powerful motors and internal components. Once the most expensive types available, contractor have become much more affordable in recent years.

Originally designed to be portable, their increasing power as made them more stationary, leading contractor saws to become more widely used by passionate woodworking fans rather than professionals, who tend to prefer the portability of a jobsite saw.

Cabinet Saw

Unquestionably the most powerful table saw available, a cabinet saw offers exceptional accuracy and overall performance. It’s probably the best all-round table saw available but won’t necessary be useful for people with a woodworking hobby. Large and very heavy, cabinet saws withstand decades of heavy-duty use, making them popular in workshops, worksites, and schools.

Choosing the Right Blade

The blade is the most important part of a table saw, so you need to consider which blade is the best for your needs, although this can be difficult given the huge amount of choice available. For instance, blades come in various shapes and sizes, all of which benefit different types of sawing,

Blades also come with different numbers of teeth, while the materials used to manufacture the blades impact their performance, so there is certainly a lot to think about when it comes to choosing a table saw with the right blade.


You want your table saw to feature adjustable blades, usually by changing the axis, which gives more flexibility to cut at difficult angles. For instance, if you want to create a bevel cut for a joint in the wood, you need a blade that can be adjusted using the axis.

Vertical cuts can also be produced with the appropriate adjustability, and these are great for creating non-cross cuts and working with denser wood, so be sure to check how adjustable the saw blades are.


The size of saw blades are based on their outside diameter and the diameter of the mounting hole. Blades come in various sizes, with common diameters including 8,10, and 12-inches, although many sizes are available beyond these.

Large blades tend to be specifically for commercial use, with smaller blades being fine for most hobby projects. Remember, the size of the table saw impacts the size of the blades available -you can’t just use any blade you want.


The town main blade types are rip and crosscut. Rip blades have a lot more teeth and much butter gullets, which makes the removal of sawdust and shavings a lot easier. Cuts are fast and across the grain, but often not the smoothest.

Cross cut blades are designed for more precise cuts. You get a much smoother finish as a result, but the feed rate is much lower compared to a rip blade, while removing chips is more difficult due to less spacing between the blade teeth.

Combination blades offer the best of both words and may be worth investing in, while you can also buy material-specific blades for cutting plastics, hardwoods, softwoods etc.


Most table saw blades are made from metal materials, but the type of metal determines their suitability for cutting certain materials. For instance, steel is commonly used for blades cutting through dense wood, while diamond-tipped metal is used for sawing through lightweight metals like aluminium.


Other Features to Look For

Table saws have other features worth checking out to ensure you get the right model for your needs.


The fence determines the types of cuts possible with a table saw, so be sure to check this out. For instance, a T-square fence is the most widespread fence found on table saws and are great for precise cuts while being very durable, and it’s necessary for certain cuts, such as a cross cut.


Table saws come with different types of motors, all of which greatly impacts performance and capabilities. For instance, compact and lightweight table saws usually feature direct-dive motors that provide enough power to cut through thinner materials.

Larger table saws feature a belt drive that helps to transmit more power to the saw, allowing them to reach higher speeds and cutting powers.


Given the risks of using a table saw, it makes sense to look out for models that come with good safety features, especially when dealing with issues such as a strong kickback that could pose a serious risk.

An anti-kickback pawl is one of the best safety features to look for in a table saw, while features such as splitters can also help reduce the risks of a kickback. Also, keep an eye out for safety features to help protect your fingers.

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