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Black and Decker Lawn Rake / Scarifier Review

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If you’re looking for an affordable lawn raker for a small garden, you may just be in the right place. Rather than ransacking the savings, this Black + Decker model allows for a modest investment while still offering plenty of great features.

Key Features 

  • Three height settings
  • 30cm cutting diameter
  • 600W motor
  • Lightweight
  • 30-litre collection box

Black + Decker 600W 30cm Lawn Raker Review

If you’ve seen our reviews for the flymo lawn raker or Bosch rakers, you’ll immediately notice that every feature seems to be smaller on this Black + Decker model. While this does mean people with larger gardens will need to look for more advanced products, there’s no reason why those with a smaller space to manage can’t enjoy the experience.


With the motor, Black + Decker have installed a 600W motor which may look small when compared to other products. With a search online, you’re likely to find models with 900W and even 1100W but we urge you not to judge too quickly. With 600W, you’re still going to have plenty of power to get through moss and thatch.


Black + Decker 600W 30cm Lawn Raker grass collector

Depending on the task at hand, this Black + Decker product has three different height settings and the manufacturers have even provided advice on how to utilize them. For example, the first will allow for vigorous raking of moss at the bottom of the grass. With the middle setting, this is considered a ‘standard’ raking and will allow for great results in most lawns. Finally, the third is a light raking and is perfect for collecting leaves and other large debris.



Cutting Diameter

As we’ve already seen in the features section, you’ll have a 30cm cutting diameter but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. While there are other electric rakers with upwards of 40cm in diameter, this actually means nothing when it comes to your own lawn. If you have a small garden with narrow strips of grass, having a cutting diameter above 40cm will actually do more harm than good. Therefore, 30cm serves a purpose and may just be perfect for your needs.

Collection​, Storage, and Other Features

Black + Decker scarifier

Finally, we should talk about the collection box since this is one of the best features of the raker. While the Flymo has 34 litres and others seem to struggle to get past a certain point, this Bosch has a collection box of 50 litres which is one of the largest you’re likely to find. Not only does this product offer a brilliant collection box, it even has a ‘Jet Collect’ system which produces a flow of air to prevent clogging. Although you will need to be careful with the box itself because it isn’t the sturdiest around, the large capacity means you won’t have to keep stopping which is always a bonus.

Elsewhere, we also wanted to address storage because the Bosch ALR 900 is incredibly practical. Weighing less than 10kg, the whole unit folds down into a compact design and can be slotted into the corner of a shed/cupboard when not in use.

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