BLACK+DECKER 36 V Lithium-Ion Chainsaw Review

BLACK+DECKER 36 V Lithium-Ion Chainsaw Review

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The Black and Decker 36V Chainsaw is a prime example of well built, hard wearing and heavy duty technology. The chainsaw has been designed with many positive features, that will appeal to a broad audience.

One of the many positive points about the Black and Decker model is the intelligent design. Despite only weighing 3.8kg, this model has a high level of durability and is equally suited to big and small tasks, a fact which is hidden by its lower weight. However, the lightweight elements of the chainsaw make it easy to transport and carry, thus making it perfect for both domestic and professional usage. But don’t let Black and Decker 36V Chainsaw
the battery fool you, this model comes equipped with a powerful 36V battery to power its engine, making it more than capable of completing a variety of tasks, not limited to trimming, felling trees and logging. The design of the mower is extremely geared up towards user comfort, featuring ergonomic handles and a strategically placed battery that helps to distribute weight evenly. The chain has an adjustable tension feature, which can be quickly and simply modified with the easily accessible dial. After that, the dial can simply be wound back to tighten the chain again, which saves you valuable time and energy. There’s an automatic oil system integrated which has the added bonus of being leak-free to prevent a loss of fuel, and there is a helpful gauge built in which allows you to identify exactly when the oil needs to be refilled, providing convenience to the user. The chainsaw can also be positioned to lie flat on one side, which allows you an improved access point to the oil tank with unparalleled ease.

Safety was clearly at the forefront of the model’s construction. The chainsaw has been designed with an efficient and easily accessible lock-off safety switch, which features a unique system that requires two switches that have to be pressed at the same time for the chainsaw to start up, which eliminates the chance of the accidental activation of what is in all honesty and dangerous product. The chainsaw’s primary handle has been designed with an innovative rubber grip, designed to prevent your hands from slipping off, while the secondary blade handle is separate from the primary handle. This is a comfort feature designed to make the chainsaw more comfortable to use. The model has also been developed to allow for the blade and chain to be visible to you at all times, to eliminate the worry of accidentally coming into contact with the blade, while the model is activated.




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