bv4000 leaf blower

Blaupunkt Garden Tools BV4000 Leaf Blower

  • High Performance 3000W AC Electric Motor
  • 3-in-1 function - blower, vacuum, and mulcher
  • 45L collection bag
  • Lightweight design - weighs only 3kg

The Blaupunkt BV4000 is a great garden maintenance tool that can be used throughout the year. Whether cleaning up leaves, unclogging the gutter after a harsh winter or vacuuming up garden clippings throughout the year, the BV4000 is a versatile tool that makes lightwork of mundane tasks.

garden vacuum
leaf blower with nose wheels

Leaf blowers require a powerful engine to get the job done right, and the BV4000’s 3000W AC electric motor certainly isn’t lacking in any power. This translates into an impressive 270km/h blowing force that will make short work of any loose debris around the garden.

Anyone with a large presence of trees in their garden will certainly appreciate the power of the BV4000, as it will easily tidy up fallen leaves and other debris from a driveway, patio, and any pathways around your property.

Of course, not everyone has the same volume of leaves that need tidied with a blower, so the BV4000 comes with adjustable power options that makes it easy to get the right setting for your garden.

Blaupunkt Garden Tools BV4000 leaf blower and vacuum

Better still, the BV4000 doesn’t rely on simply blowing leaves and debris to help tidy your garden - it comes with a vacuuming function that gathers everything into a 45L collector bag. This is a great way to pick up any organic debris around the garden and you even have the option to mulch whatever you hoover up!  The  mulching function  is handy for making your own compost and mulch. You get to recycle all the organic matter from around the garden and put it to good use, whether placing down mulch to keep your plants and lawn healthy or making a nutrient-rich compost for your gardening projects.

Best of all, the BV4000 is light enough to use without feeling strained or fatigued. It weighs just 3kg and even comes with a shoulder strap and nose wheel to further improve usability - expect to get plenty of hours use without feeling tired!

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