Blaupunkt GT1000 Grass Trimmer

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lightweight grass trimmer

The Blaupunkt GT1000 is a very well built and intelligently designed piece of kit, which brought me a sleek and efficient gardening experience, without compromising on quality at any stage of the process. It has many great features which will please a broad audience. These features include:

• A lightweight, yet robust design for ease of use

• A powerful motor for accomplishing all of the tasks you need to do

• A tap and go feed for convenience

• Three years of warranty as standard


When I first used the model, one of the first things about it which impressed me was the lightweight nature of the model. This was intelligently designed, with an emphasis on ease of use for the person operating it, and it showed in a big way. Weighing in at only 1.6kg, this is a much more lightweight model than others which are available on the market, and this is helpful for people who aren’t in their physical prime and would struggle with a heavier model to lift around. This intelligent design was further highlighted by the cleverly shaped head, which, when paired with the 23cm cutting diameter, allowed me to reach all of the areas of my garden which were tucked away and otherwise inaccessible to me.

Despite being lighter than other models, I was pleased to discover that there is, in fact, more than enough power to accomplish the tasks I needed completing. This model has a 250w motor which is capable of performing at 12,000rpm. This amount of power allowed me to complete all of the tasks I needed to do in a fast and efficient time, which gave me more time for other pursuits.

Blaupunkt GT1000

One of the features which I find to be particularly useful is the tap and go line feed system. The automatic system meant that all I had to do was tap a button and watch as the system created a new line feed and then trimmed it to precisely the right height. As well as this, the model comes with a three-year guarantee. This makes me feel much more confident in my usage of the model because it’s apparent to everyone that the manufacturers took great levels of pride in their product and have a good faith in its ability to keep working even after three years, which is why the warranty comes as standard.

To conclude, I feel that the GT1000 is a wonderful model for people to use. The lightweight nature of the model means that anyone can use it regardless of strength, which works for me and anyone else who struggles to lift heavy machinery. There’s a good amount of power for the machine, despite it being a lightweight kit, and the line and go feed means that you can easily replace your line when you need to. This was clearly designed with user comfort and user access in mind, and this model accomplishes that well, so I’d recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a reliable model.

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Blaupunkt GT1000 Grass Trimmer
  • Lightweight Grass Trimmer

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