BLAUPUNKT GX1000 Electric Mower Review

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Blaukunpt Gx1000

The Blaupunkt GX1000 Electric Motor Lawnmower is a powerful and well-designed piece of technology that excellently showcases the progression of modern technology. It has many appealing features to ensure it’s compatibility with a wide-ranging audience, with some of the key features as follows;

  • A powerful 1000w engine.
  • Cutting blades that are 32 centimetres in diameter
  • Three different cutting heights
  • 3-year warranty

One of the first and most obviously appealing features in this electric lawn mower is the 1000w engine, which has sufficient power to ensure that you can complete all tasks with no difficulty. This is beneficial for many people because many models do not have the force required to successfully and consistently complete the task at hand. This is further complemented by the cutting blades which have three separate cutting heights for ease of convenience, as well as this the cutting blades are 32 centimetres in diameter, which gives you a large area of coverage. The model is ideal for providing maintenance to lawns that are both medium and smaller sized. The engine is quieter than most models which reduces the amount of noise pollution, giving you a more pleasant gardening experience. These factors help to contribute to the high level of quality that this mower may provide, thus making it a more than competent contender with other models on the market.

BLAUPUNKT 3 year warrantyAnother positive feature of this mower is the intelligent and modern design, with user comfort and convenience being the focus of the mower. The mower has been designed with ergonomic handles, which reduces the strain that is usually placed upon the upper back and arms. This makes it a more suitable model for the more physically frail than some of the other heavy duty models on the market.  Furthermore, the GX1000 has been designed so it can be easily and folded down and put away for storage. This feature makes it extremely suitable for both professional and domestic use, and this is further evidenced by the 30 litre collection box that has been provided, meaning you can minimise trips to the waste bin, and the convenience is further highlighted by the fact it is lightweight and easy to transport. Another positive aspect of the model is the three-year warranty which has been generously offered by the manufacturer. This is a testimonial of the trust and reliability the manufacturers have placed in the design of the mower.

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BLAUPUNKT Garden Tools GX1000 Lawnmower


Overall, with all the positive features of this mower, it is easy to see why this is an intelligent and practical piece of technology, that has been carefully designed to ensure maximum efficiency. The powerful engine is complemented perfectly by the cutting blades that feature adjustable cutting heights for your convenience. This lawnmower has been intelligently designed, with the ergonomic comfort system that makes this perfect for elderly gardeners who have trouble moving heavier machinery around, and it is evident that this mower will earn its spot within any gardeners trusty arsenal of tools time and time again.

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