Blaupunkt GX7000 Electric Lawn Mower

Blaupunkt GX7000 Mower

The Blaupunkt GX7000 Electric Lawn Mower is a fantastic example of mowing technology, which has many features giving it a wide appeal to a vast audience and intelligently designed to deliver the best possible mowing experience.


Blaupunkt GX7000 features:    Blaupunkt GX7000 folded

  • Powerful 1800w engine
  • 6 adjustable cutting heights
  • Noise reduction technology
  • Folding handles
  • Large cutting diameter (42cm)
  • Large grass collection bag
  • High quality metal blade

The GX7000 model has been developed with a powerful engine, incorporating an 1800w motor that is capable of operating at 3400 rpm, which provides all the force you’ll need to tackle any garden. This mower also features adjustable cutting heights to ensure that you can always maintain a high level of control over the type of finish on your lawn. Another excellent feature is the careful placement of the blades to ensure the mower can cut up to the very edges of your lawn with ease, removing the straggling ends that other models on the market would struggle to get. The large amounts of power available in the engine belie the fact that this is a user-friendly model, designed with ergonomic handles to provide comfort during extended usage, as well as collapsible handles for easy folding and storage. This makes the design perfect for both domestic and professional usage, as it is easily placed inside a shed or vehicle and transported from one location to another. The design is sturdy and reliable and was built to last, meaning you can rely on the mower to keep going.

Blaupunkt GX7000 bladeThe Blaupunkt GX7000 was designed to be modern and practical, featuring a quieter engine than some models which reduces the amount of noise pollution, and the implementation of larger back wheels in comparison to the front reduces the amount of strain placed upon the body while mowing lawns with a slant. There’s a 42cm diameter cutting blade attached to the mower, which makes for a powerful and efficient cutting experience every time. The model has a generously sized 50L grass cutting collection bag, which features an innovative feature that notifies you if the bag has reached its maximum holding capacity, as well as reducing the number of trips needed to dispose of the waste cuttings. As well as this, the model comes as standard with a 3 year warranty, which is an excellent testimonial for the high level of trust and confidence the manufacturer’s placed in this machine when they designed it.

Overall, in our review of electric mowers here it’s clear to see why this is a powerful contender against other models on the market, with all it’s practical and efficient features complimenting each other well. The durable design, tight yet responsive controls and a powerful engine all combine to create a prime example of evolving and progressing mowing technology. The portability and easy transport of the model are perfect for lending it to a family member, as well as providing an easy method to store the mower when not in use. The design is simplistic yet belies the hidden intricacy that gives the model its high-quality build. It was clear when we tested it that this is perfect for anyone, and will earn its place, time and again, within the prized arsenal of any gardener. We have tested this model and are very comfortable adding our seal of approval, buyers of this machine will not be disappointed.


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