Bosch AKE 30 LI Cordless Chainsaw Review

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The Bosch AKE 30L Cordless Chainsaw is evidence that today’s technology has progressed to a high level, as this model has been designed with both intelligence and pragmatism. It has been gifted with many positive features which make it appealable to a wider audience than other models on the market.

One of the key positive points about the chainsaw is the fact that it is cordless. A cordless model has advantages over its corded counterpart. First of all, a cordless chainsaw has a broader reach than one constrained by a plug, so you can take it further afield, which makes it a fantastic tool for both professional and domestic use, something professional gardeners will be thankful for.  Secondly, the absence of a plug is a well thought out safety feature, as many people have accidentally damaged the plug with the saw while the device is active, which makes the product both unsafe and more likely to injure someone.

Another good point is the large battery, which means you can work for extended periods of time without the need to stop and constantly refuel, which makes this a reliable and consistent model. The power output is 36V, which is more than sufficient for removing branches and felling trees, and with a 1.1M chain at your disposal, thicker parts of trees and hedges cease to become an issue. The intelligent design of the chainsaw really shines out here, with the engine giving out little to no noise pollution even while cutting through thick pieces of wood or hedge, so you don’t need strong ear wear to protect yourself. This further compliments the safe design, because of tight and well-designed controls you’ll perfectly safe at all times, and the chain can be tensed and un-tensed without the need of a tool for ease of use and convenience. As well as this, the battery within the chainsaw is compatible with a wide array of gardening tools designed by the manufacturer, which gives this model a greater level of versatility, and also further highlighting how useful it would be to a professional gardener or someone similar.


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Bosch AKE 30 LI Cordless Chainsaw Review
  • Bosch AKE 30 LI Chainsaw


Overall, the main draw for this chainsaw is the fact it’s a very safe and intelligently designed product. For some people, particularly the elderly, the desire to maintain a garden is weighed against a worry for safety, and sometimes frailties being unable to react quickly in the event a situation does occur, but with this product, they can feel completely at ease. Having been well designed, it both minimises the risk of injury and also offers you an excellent standard of control. It is a hard wearing and durable piece of kit and is not going to suddenly stop working on you. With the cordless aspect of the machine being positive, and the other features that all contribute to the appealing nature, this chainsaw will earn its place among the prized set of tools that all gardening enthusiasts keep in their lives.

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