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Bosch ALR 900 Lawn Raker Review

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For many years, Bosch has been a leader when it comes to power tools and garden equipment. Does this extend to the ALR 900 lawn raker? Today, we’re going to assess everything you need to know about this particular model so you can make the right purchasing decision!

Key Features 

  • 50-litre collection box capacity
  • 32cm cutting diameter
  • Z-fold handles for simple storage
  • 10 double-wound metal tines
  • Manufacturer guarantee of two years
  • What does all this mean? Let’s break the raker down into the most important features.

Bosch ALR 900w Electric Lawn Raker


Boasting a 900W high-torque motor, all users will benefit from the so-called PowerDrive system. The great thing about this particular motor is that the torque will increase automatically, thanks to an innovative gear system, when encountering thicker moss or thatch. If you’re looking for a reason to choose this product over others, this would be a big one since others tend to struggle and you need to keep lifting the motor to prevent it from slowing.

For those conscious of the environment (and the sound emitted by a electric lawn raker), this one produces zero emissions thanks to the electric design. Compared to the Flymo, users have commented that this one is a little quieter and we would tend to agree.

Bosch ALR 900w Folded


These days, it’s all about customization and being able to adjust products to suit our needs and Bosch has allowed this with the height adjustment. The height at which the product rakes will depend on the position of a small lever on the side of the raker. With four different heights, you’ll be able to choose between;





If your lawn has been allowed to grow somewhat, the best strategy is to start with the highest settings and then gradually work your way down and this prevents scalping.


Cutting Diameter

As we’ve already seen, the Bosch ALR 900 has a cutting diameter of 32cm but what does this mean for your experience? Well, the Flymo is 2cm wider and you’ll even find some rakers on the market with a cutting diameter of above 40cm. Therefore, the Bosch isn’t exactly designed for larger spaces. For the average garden and smaller areas, however, there’s no reason why you can’t get great results with a 32cm cutting diameter.

Collection Box and Storage

Bosch ALR 900w collection and storage

Finally, we should talk about the collection box since this is one of the best features of the raker. While the Flymo has 34 litres and others seem to struggle to get past a certain point, this Bosch just like the Bosch AVR 110 has a collection box of 50 litres which is one of the largest you’re likely to find. Not only does this product offer a brilliant collection box, it even has a ‘Jet Collect’ system which produces a flow of air to prevent clogging. Although you will need to be careful with the box itself because it isn’t the sturdiest around, the large capacity means you won’t have to keep stopping which is always a bonus.

Elsewhere, we also wanted to address storage because the Bosch ALR 900 is incredibly practical. Weighing less than 10kg, the whole unit folds down into a compact design and can be slotted into the corner of a shed/cupboard when not in use.

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