Bosch Rotak 34R Review

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The Bosch Rotak 34R electric mower is a new lawn mower by Bosch aimed at being an alternative to their Rotak 32R model. The main difference between the 34R and the 32R is the cutting deck size, with the this model having a 34cm deck in contrast to the 32cm one found in the 32R. The deck isn’t the only thing Bosch have upgraded, however, and there are quite a few other improvements making it a far better choice for most gardeners.

This mower has been intelligently designed, with an emphasis on manoeuvrability and practicality. Weighing in at a little over 11kg, and designed as lightweight and compact, the Bosch Rotak gives you superior control over the mower at all times, allowing for careful steering around common garden obstacles, which minimises the amount of moving around you’d need to beforehand. The compact nature is further reinforced by the double folding handles and stackable grassbox, allowing for the model to be easily picked up and stored in a shed, or put into the boot of a car for transportation, making this a viable tool for both domestic and professional usage.

Bosch have long had a reputation for competitively priced and high quality equipment. The Bosch Rotak 34R continues the company’s trend for great products. It boasts a 10 metre cable and includes a 1300 watt motor, which is more than enough to cut through even the densest lawns. It uses an easily sharpened metal blade allowing it to give a nice short, clean cut to lawns. The 34cm cutting deck makes the mower best suited for small gardens.

All in all, we really like it but before we go into the detail as to why, let’s see what’s in the box.

What’s in the Box?

  • The Bosch Rotak 34R Lawnmower main body
  • A 40-litre grass collection box
  • An instruction manual

Key Features

Powerful Motor

1300 watt electric motor which is more than enough to deliver the power you need for easy mowing, even if the grass on your lawn is a bit dense.

There are bigger and more powerful lawn mowers out there but unless you are a professional gardener or have an extremely large lawn, the Bosch Rotak 34R should be more than suitable for your needs.

Another happy side effect of the motor being electric, is that it produces practically zero-emissions and is far quieter than its petrol-based brethren.

Nice Clean Cut

A steel blade mechanism for cutting grass. This type of blade creates an extremely cut every time you use it. You will need to sharpen the blades from time to time but in terms of durability, the steel blade is a far superior option to the plastic one’s found in many of its competitors.

Height Adjustment

Most lawn mowers these days come with a height adjustment that allows you to vary the length of cut. The Bosch Rotak 34R is no exception with 5 different options starting from 20mm right up to 70 mm using a lever mounted on the front.

A quick tip from us: If your grass is overgrown, make sure you set the height to the highest setting and do a pre-cut first before lowering down and doing a finer cut later. This will stop the blades clogging and make mowing far less strenuous.

Cutting Deck Size

The bigger the cutting deck the more lawn will be covered in one pass. If you have a large area to mow, a very large cutting deck is useful. If you have a standard lawn, on the other hand, a smaller one will suffice.

The 34cm cutting diameter  is a good size for a small to medium sized areas. It is bigger than a lot of its competitors at this price point who generally use a 32cm or less deck. The extra 2cm may not seem like much but trust us, the extra diameter makes getting around lawns just that little bit easier.

If your garden is large, however, it might be best to look elsewhere and go for a mower with a larger deck.

40 litre Grass Box 

A decent size grass box is a god send when it comes to tackling a larger lawn. Not having to empty grass cuttings repeatedly saves time and effort. The 40-litre grass box is kind of normal for mowers of this size. Having a smaller grass box does aid the weight of the machine and make it more manoeuvrable but you will find yourself heading to the compost bin or grass pile more often.

Easy folding rotak 34r

Ease of Use

Bosch pride themselves on how easy their range of tools are to use. The Rotak 34R lives up to the reputation. It uses a patented flexible handle which a more natural feel. The machine is not too heavy, and it glides through lawns quickly and easily.

The only real drawback to the mower’s usability is the electric cord that tethers it to the wall. At 10 metres the length of the cord is pretty standard for a lawn mower and the majority of gardeners will need to use an extension cable to get around their garden.

What we liked

There are many things to like about the Lawn Mower, including:

  • It is great value for money for a lawn mower with this feature set.
  • It is durable and easy to use.
  • Good, powerful motor that will cut though small and medium lawns with ease.
  • Creates practically zero harmful emissions.
  • Metal blades create a great clean cut.

What we didn’t like

There’s not much to dislike but if we were being picky:

  • Electric cord is a little cumbersome and most gardeners will need an extension cable.
  • Grass box is a little small and will require repeated emptying.


Overall the Bosch Rotak 34R is a reliable model that is great value for money. If you’re on the lookout for an easy to operate, great cutting electric mower for a small to medium garden, then check this one out.

Bosch Rotak 34R Electric Lawnmower (1300 W, Cutting width: 34 cm, In carton...
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Bosch Rotak 34R Electric Lawnmower (1300 W, Cutting width: 34 cm, In carton...*
  • A large-capacity, 40-litre grass box reduces interruptions for emptying
  • Note: Front 2 Wheels are attached to the product and the back 2 wheels can be found in the back...
  • Note Comes with double folded handle not the double handle. Wheels included in the grass box

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