Dewalt DCD796P2 Drill

Dewalt DCD796 P2 XR Cordless Drill Review

  • Tried and tested product - 3 year warranty
  • 3 mode LED light
  • Tool Connect System
  • Lightweight only 1.8 kg - easy to handle and use
  • High Performance - Two speeds - means increased runtime
  • Ultra Compact - making it superb to use in confined spaces
  • Trigger design - enables total control
  •  Ergonomic - rubber grip over mould
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This drill comes in at the perfect level for both domestic and commercial use and rates highly in both situations.  Reports are favourable.  Most reviews we came across were very complimentary and most people feel it is a well made, well balanced power tool that you can completely rely on with some unique features not previously found on a model of this size in the compact range.  Although it is compact it has features and functionality normally only encountered in a heavy duty model.

It is lightweight and compact, making it easy to use and handle, it has the added advantage of being robust enough to tackle anything you put it to work on.  Furthermore it sits easily in your tool belt and does not weigh you down, leaving you freedom of movement.

In tests the compact Brushless Combi Drill does really well, making light work of putting batten screws into a treated pine post.  In fact in testing all the different pieces that come with it,  it performed up to the 32 augur bit with no trouble at all. 

It was also found to deliver impressive performance when tested with 6 ml bits on masonry.  Although a compact drill may not be your first choice for working in such a heavy duty situation where functionality and speed are paramount, it was still found to perform excellently and thought to be the best compact drill for masonry on the market at the moment. 

It performs well with a range of materials.  Included in this is reports of it easily drilling going through 25 mm hardwood and  goes through 2mm steel ‘like butter’ and does so on a daily basis.

Though this has not as far as we are aware been designed with women specifically in mind, we feel it would be a great tool for women as well  because it is no fuss, compact and efficient, making it easy for a woman to handle rather than struggling with a heavy duty piece of kit not designed for their use. 

It has an all metal body and chuck, unusual for a machine of it’s size, meaning it is not only strong, but comfortable to handle and with an impressive power output from what is a reasonably simple and effective design.

Dewalt DCD796P2 Cordless Drill Review

Because it is lightweight it means it is easy to move around and you are not dragging lots of tools with you, but you have sufficient to tackle most jobs.

It also has the hammer function should you need it, something Dewalt do not typically include in their smaller models.

The build quality is first class and it is capable of lasting a long time on one charge.

The one disadvantage mentioned is the torch setting needing to be switched off manually to save the battery, which is an oversight in design that means you are not able to rely on this happening automatically on a time delay.  However on the plus side it means you don’t have to keep squeezing the trigger to activate it.

It also benefits from the XR Tool Connect system.  Dewalt have developed a free application for your IOS and Android mobile phones.  You can now use a downloadable app to monitor and manage your drill battery, getting alerted when your battery is running low and enabling you to locate your battery if it is lost.  A thoughtful and worthwhile addition to the usability, efficiency and demands of heavier duty jobs.  It also shows that Dewalt are positioning this tool not only for a domestic market but also for trade where the location and monitoring of more than one battery at a time is beneficial to the planning and execution of a task. 

Uniquely it also has a 3 mode LED light system.  This really builds on the functionality of lighting up the detail of the job you are working on and was found on the third setting to almost light up a wall - plenty of increased visibility for even the most difficult task and found to be particularly useful when working with heavy joists where it is sometimes hard to see.

It has a magnetic bit holder and when tested it was found you really could put anything you wanted on it and it would hold well - no concerns there at all, which is important when you are working.

This model was found to be overall the most powerful in the compact range with an excellent run time mentioned.   Time and again reports come in praising it’s robust, good looking and comfortable, user friendly functionality. 

It is certainly the most powerful tool in the compact category at present and is recommended over previous Dewalt models ie the 790 and 795. 

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