Flymo Easi Glide 300 Electric Hover Review

Flymo Easi Glide 300 Electric Hover Review

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The Flymo Easi Glide 300 is another solid offering from one of the giants in lawn care.  Flymo have been in the industry for 50 years and have built a solid reputation for reliable and durable garden products that deliver excellent performance.  This is a corded electric mower that has a 10 metre cord and the manufacturer suggests is perfect for lawns that are about the size of half a tennis court.  This is a gliding model and therefore has no wheels making it lighter and neater.

The powerful 1300w motor will make easy work of most grass lengths and even cope with damp grass should the need arise.  To get the perfect cut the blade is height adjustable through four different cutting heights from 12mm to 32mm by the simple addition or removal of plastic spacers.  The blade itself is a 30cm metal blade that offers a high performance, and is easy to replace when the need arises.  Being a metal blade you get a superior performance compared to those with plastic blades.

On the back of the mower is a 20 litre grass collection box, which means you will not have to rake up and collect the cuttings afterwards.  It is smaller than some collection boxes but emptying it is a simple process and is not too time consuming.

As with all Flymo mowers the weight has been taken into account and this is a nice lightweight 9kg offering.  It features their famousflymo hover mower cushion of air systems that allows the unit to glide easily over the lawn making it even more light weight to work with than it is to move when switched off. Because it glides there is no roller or lawn combs on this mower, but the quality of the cut is just as good as those mowers that do have rollers and combs.

For ease of storage the whole unit folds down on itself leaving it neat and compact to sit under a work bench or in a small storage space should the need arise. When folded it is also really easy to lift and carry, making it perfect to pop round and cut a friend or relatives lawn as a nice surprise. Because it folds it also does not need any assembly when it is delivered, just remove from the box and unfold and you are good to go.

The unit has been designed to offer maximum user comfort and the handle is ergonomically designed to reduce any strain to the back and arms when operating the mower.  The fact that the mower is electric also means that it is quiet to run, which is better than needing earplugs as you go.  It is a simple stop-start system meaning that if you let go of the trigger handles the unit will switch off.

Overall this is a very lightweight mower that is really easy to use, making it perfect for a wide range of user, including those who are older or perhaps those with mobility issues. Many owners consider it be one of the best electric lawn mowers in the UK and the reviews certainly make it a contender.



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