Flymo Easimo Electric Rotary Lawnmower Review

Flymo Easimo Rotary Lawnmower Review

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Flymo are a well known name in lawn care products and have been in the industry for over 50 years and the Flymo Easimo Electric Wheeled Rotary Lawnmower 900w is another solid offering in their now famous orange and black colours.  This mower is a corded electric machine that has a cutting width of 32cm, and is therefore recommended for smaller to medium sized domestic gardens.  The mower is well designed and robust offering a quality look and feel that will last.

Again going on reputation, Flymo always endeavour to keep their products lightweight and easy to use, and this is no exception. It weighs Flymo Easimo just 8.3kg which makes moving it from storage to the lawn, and actually cutting the grass with it, nice and easy.  Again the company has taken great steps to ensure their mowers are easy to manoeuvre when cutting grass and this is no exception. The unit arrives with minimal assembly required and is easy to get started.

As you would expect there is a grass collection box on the back of the unit and this can hold 29 litres of cuttings, but unlike most mowers this actually compacts the grass cuttings as you work, making clever use of the whole box and reducing the amount of times you have to empty it.  The grass collection box is of a rigid design which means it is less likely to be squashed when stored.

The cable has a generous 10 metre length which may be long enough for some lawns but for larger spaces extension cords may be needed.  Electric mowers are quieter than those that use petrol or other fuels so are better for some domestic settings and nicer for the user.

The mower has an ergonomic handle which has been specifically designed to offer comfort to the user,  the handle height can be adjusted depending on the height of the user, and the mower can be folded with ease if the storage space in not suitable for a full height mower.  To get the best cut, the blade has three height adjustments available, from 20mm to 60mm, and this is achieved by adjusting the height of the wheels which is straightforward to do.

The blade is steel which offers the longest lifespan possible and blades are easy to obtain and change when the need arises.  The combination of blade and 900w motor strength mean that this mower will cope well with damp grass. The mower cuts well even to the edges of the lawn and makes light work of uneven lawns and although there are no lawn combs on this mower that doesn’t limit the quality of the cut in any way. For safety there is a two button start system so the mower cannot accidentally be switched on.

Overall this is a solid product from a company that has a great reputation.  This mower is perfect for smaller domestic settings and combines reliability and ease in an lightweight unit.



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