Flymo HoverVac 280 Lawnmower Review

The Flymo HoverVac 280 is an electric corded lawnmower from the well known lawn care product manufacturers at Flymo. This is a neat little mower that features a one hand operation based on a trigger on the handle. This makes it safe to use, since if you let go the unit simply stops. The cord has a length of 10 meters which is plenty enough for small gardens, and an extension cord soon solves the issue in larger garden spaces or where the electrical outlets are further away from the lawn.

Like all products in this range this mower has been designed to be very lightweight and weighs in at only 8.8kg for ease of transport and movement. When in use the mower employs the hover technology that Flymo are famed for and moving it around the lawn is literally a breeze as the cushion of air lifts the mower making it almost weightless. This means you can easily get around the lawn and even get all the pesky edges thanks to the neat design.

The steel blade is 29cm and combined with the powerful 1300w motor makes this the perfect mower for the small to medium garden. There are 4 levels of height adjustment on the blade meaning you can get the perfect cut, or start with a higher setting on a really untamed lawn and then adjust it down for a second cut to create a really neat finish. The blades are easy to change when they finally reach the end of their useful life and spare parts are always easily available from such a big manufacturer.

The grass collection box for this mower has been neatly stored inside the body of the unit and features grass compressing technology so no space is wasted. The grass collection box holds 20 litres, and is simple to remove and empty when the need arises. Being a smaller box it may need to be emptied a little more often than larger boxes but this really isn’t a problem with this clever design.

This is another offering from Flymo that comes ready assembled, and with no wheels or rollers is a simple unit to start and maintain. The handle folds flat over the body of the mower for ease of storage allowing the unit to be tucked away into even the smallest of spaces when not in use. For user comfort the handle when set to the operational position has been designed to be ergonomic and reduce strain on the back. Although there is no height adjustment on the handle the predefined settings are suitable for many users and the hover technology means it won’t pull on joints and muscles when in use.

Overall this is a neat and compact electric mower that is perfect for domestic lawns and suitable for those who are not overly confident with their garden tools. Flymo have a solid reputation build on over 50 years of success in the industry and are a name that offers trust.

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