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Flymo Lawnrake Compact 3400 Review

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Whenever the topic of lawn rakers arises, there are two brands that are instantly brought into the equation; Flymo and Bosch. Today, we have one of the most popular products from the former!

Key Features 

  • 750W motor
  • Six different heights
  • 34cm rake diameter
  • 34-litre collection box
  • Compact storage

Flymo Lawnrake Compact 3400 Review


With a powerful cylinder rake, the Flymo makes it easy to rid your garden of moss and thatch. Though the 750W isn’t perhaps as powerful as other models, it should still be more than enough for the average garden. However, we should note that Bosch have products at 900W and even 1100W for extra power.

Flymo Lawnrake


Despite the smaller motor, Flymo really excels when it comes to the cutting height. While some rakers only offer four different heights, Flymo has a range of six. Depending on your need, you’ll be able to adjust the height from -5mm (below the surface) all the way up to 8mm (above the surface). If you’re replacing an old raker, you should be able to pick up where you left off. If it’s new to your garden maintenance plans, we highly recommend starting with a higher setting and slowly bringing it down.


Cutting Diameter

In addition to the height settings, the Flymo also excels with cutting diameter at 34cm. When compared to other models in this section of the market, this diameter is slightly larger as the Bosch models tend to have a 32cm diameter. Of course, continue your research and you’ll probably find cutting diameters of up to 43cm but there’s no reason why 34cm can’t work with a normal-sized garden. Only those with a larger garden will need to consider the widest cutting diameters.

Collection Box, Storage, and Other Features

Flymo Lawnrake Compact grass collection box

Unfortunately, those who like a large collection box may be a little disappointed since it will only hold 34 litres. Don’t get us wrong, this might not make or break your experience with the unit; it just means you’ll need to pay attention and empty more frequently. If we compare this to the Bosch AVR 1100 or even the Bosch ALR 900, both of these have 50 litres so are almost 50% larger. On the bright side, the Vision Window means you can keep an eye on the capacity without stopping, unhooking the box, putting it back on, etc.

Furthermore, the electric lawnrake Compact 400 is brilliant for storage purposes. According to Flymo themselves, the design reaches just 46cm in height once folded down and this is a feature we love. For many years, these types of products would be a burden because they wouldn’t fold down and their awkward shape would be a real nuisance. These days, it can be slotted away nicely in even the smallest of homes.

Elsewhere, it can be good to buy from a trusted brand because you know you’ll have support should something go wrong. Also, it’s easy to pick up replacement tines on websites like Amazon whenever required.

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