Flymo Speedi mo 360c electric mower

Flymo Speedi Mo 360c Review

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Key Features

  • Perfect for medium and large gardens
  • Five cutting heights between 20 and 60mm
  • Carry handle for transportation and storage
  • 40l grass box
  • Cutting width of 36cm
  • Powerful metal blade

According to Flymo themselves, this Speedi Mo 360c is ideal for anybody buying a lawn mower for the first time. With a simple design, a grass box that’s easy to remove, and even a carry handle, the mower shouldn’t offer any problems for first-time users and buyers. However, it’s also suited towards the more experienced market and it all starts with a powerful metal blade. Thanks to a 1500-watt motor, you shouldn’t have any issues taking on a larger lawn and the metal blade will ensure positive results time and time again.

Elsewhere, the 36cm cutting width is larger than many similar products in the market while the 12-metre power cable should allow some freedom. Unfortunately, the model isn’t cordless and this might steer some people away but we believe there are enough benefits to the Speedi Mo 360c to still consider the mower a worthwhile investment.

Flymo Speedi mo 360c cutting height

In terms of cutting height, you’ll have five options at your disposable and these can be chosen depending on the weather, time of year, and time since your last cut. With a minimum of 20mm and a maximum of 60mm, any adjustment can be completed in a matter of seconds using a small lever next to the rear wheel. This, coupled with the simple grass box design, is why first-time buyers are so commonly attracted to this model. With the latter, it holds 40 litres of grass (more than similar models in the market) and can be removed instantly.

For storage, the handle folds down and the whole mower can take up a small corner in the garage or shed. Once folded down, it weighs just over 11kg and this is another reason why we like the model. Don’t get us wrong, however, there are some drawbacks and we’ve listed them below.

Flymo Speedi mo 360c Review


  • Powerful and Light – Normally, when we think of power, we assume this has to come with a bulky mower. With the Speedi Mo 360c, this just isn’t the case and it’s light enough for anybody to push around.
  • Metal Blade – With any mower, we always recommend a metal blade since this offers the cleanest cut, it lasts a longer period of time, and it can also be sharpened.
  • Perfect for Beginners – Rather than difficult release mechanisms and lock systems, this mower is easy to use and all the features can be adjusted quickly.
  • Above Competitors – When it comes to cutting width and grass box capacity, this mower is actually ahead of the curve.


  • Corded – As mentioned previously, one of the biggest downsides to this design is that it isn’t cordless. Although we’ve been dealing with corded mowers for quite some time now, so this might not be a problem for you, it does cut your freedom a little. On the plus side, there’s no worrying about charging and battery life which means you can cut larger gardens with no problems.
  • Continual Pressure – Secondly, there’s no setting to keep pressure applied at a certain level. Instead, the user will need to constantly apply pressure and this can cause the hands and wrists to ache after a while.


All things considered, we love the Speedi Mo and think it’s well worth your consideration as you search the market for a top electric mower. As long as you bear in mind the drawbacks to the model, you’ll be in a great position to make the right decision!

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