Hyundai HYM430SP Self Propelled Mower

Hyundai HYM430SP Review

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  • 139cc 4-Stroke Engine
  • Self-Propelled
  • 42cm Cutting Width
  • Six Cutting Heights (25mm-75mm)
  • 45L Grass Bag
  • Mulching and Side Discharge Cutting Modes

Hyundai HYM430SP Review UK


The Hyundai HYM430SP comes with a 139cc 4-stroke engine. As it’s a combustion engine, it is not plugged into mains power to operate, instead being filled with standard unleaded petrol. The engine is designed to produce low emissions, meaning the petrol goes a long way and should have minimum impact on the environment – and your wallet!

Being a petrol-powered lawn mower means that the HYM430SP has some serious cutting power. This type of mower gives unrivalled power, making it the best choice for large lawns and those with thick and dense growth, while it can also mow flawlessly when the grass is very wet.

Simply put, this is an incredibly powerful machine that won’t struggle to cut through any grass.

One big issue with petrol mowers is that they can sometimes be a nuisance to start. The HYM430SP has no such issue as it doesn’t have a pull cord starter like many others, instead using an ignition button that starts the mower with one push, so powering the mower is quick and easy.

 Furthermore, the engine features operator presence control (OPC) technology that automatically stops the engine any time you let go of the power control on the handle. This also prevents the engine from accidentally starting when not in use, so it’s certainly a welcome safety feature.

Cutting Width 

A 43cm cutting width is on the larger side, making the HYM430SP suitable for most lawn sizes, except for perhaps extra-large lawns or large properties that need something like a ride on. That said, the impressive cutting power makes short work of the grass so it shouldn’t be a hassle to use in larger areas.

It’s probably too large for smaller gardens. Anything below 100sqm may seem like a bit of overkill considering all the cutting power, although that doesn’t mean it’s not capable of performing well in small spaces – it might be tough to navigate in narrow areas though.

Hyundai HYM430SP 4-stroke Petrol Lawn Mower

Cutting Height

The HYM430SP offers a great range of cutting heights, with six different heights ranging from 25mm to 75mm, so you can use the mower throughout the year. In fact, being a petrol lawn mower means you can use the HYM430SP most days regardless of the weather, as it can cut through wet and overgrown grass with ease.

Of course, it helps to have a range of cutting heights to suit the different lengths of grass, with a nice selection of low and high heights to accommodate lawns of almost any condition, long or short. For instance, if your lawn has gotten quite long then use the 75mm height to remove a little length, lowering the blade with each subsequent mow to remove a healthy amount each time.

You can easily swap between the cutting heights using the single lever central height adjuster located just in front of the right rear wheel. Simply pull the lever to get the desired cutting height!


Hyundai HYM430SP Ergonomic Handles

One of the big issues with even the best petrol models is they can be difficult to operate. While a petrol engine gives ample cutting power, it does come at a cost – the mower is much heavier because of the engine.

Thankfully, the HYM430SP has implemented various features to improve the ergonomics so that it is easier to use.

The most notable feature is self-propulsion, which essentially helps to push the lawn mower for you, offsetting much of the heavier weight when pushing around the lawn.

This also makes manoeuvring it much easier, as you won’t need to worry about trying to turn and push a heavy machine, especially on slopes and hills that can be a real nuisance to operate on.

Another good feature is the ergonomically designed handles. Petrol mowers produce more power but this means a lot more vibrations felt around the handles, which can quickly cause fatigue to set in when mowing for too long.

To avoid such a problem, the HYM430SP has ergonomic handles that are designed to reduce strain and provide easier operation, while the padded handle grips help to absorb vibrations to avoid fatigue setting in.

Cutting Options 

The HYM430SP comes with a 45L grass bag that you can use with the standard cutting mode to gather all clippings. It’s a large grass bag so you probably won’t need to stop and start to empty at any point, unless your mowing on very large lawns.

However, if you don’t want to gather your clippings there are some other cutting modes available, including mulching and cut and drop.

Mulching is a popular feature for experienced gardeners that want a natural fertilizer for their lawn. The HYM430SP has a mulching plug that will chop the grass into even finer clippings and disperse them as you mow, with the clippings then feeding the lawn with nutrients.

You can also use a cut and drop option, which is the same cutting as with the standard mode, except that the clippings are dropped rather than discharged at the rear and into the grass bag.


  • Very powerful petrol engine can cut any type of lawn 
  • Good cutting width that is suitable for most garden sizes
  • Impressive range of cutting heights for seasonal mowing
  • Self-propelled for easier operation
  • Mulching option
  • Ergonomic handle design reduces fatigue


  • Is on the heavier side although hard to notice when self-propelled

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