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Karcher K4 Full Control Pressure Washer Review

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Karcher is one of the top pressure washer manufacturers in the country. Their range of products, known for their bright yellow colour design, are widely viewed as the best on the market. Suitable for almost any surface, Karcher pressure washers are a mainstay in the UK market, namely due to the frequent dirt and grime caused by the less than perfect weather.  

Powerful, durable, and versatile, the Karcher K4 Full Control continues this trend. It’s a recent model from Karcher and an impressive update of the standard K4 model, which was already a top-selling product known for its efficiency.

The Karcher K4 Full Control comes with a few new additions that take things to an entire new level in terms of performance. Let’s take a closer look at what the Karcher K4 Full Control has to offer!


The Karcher K4 Full Control is a versatile power washer suitable for cleaning various surfaces, including brick and stone walls, patios, pavements, and driveways, wooden furniture and fences, and any type of vehicle.

There are various attachments to use for these different types of surfaces, with variable pressures to choose from that provide easy yet effective cleaning.  Simply adjust the pressure to accommodate the amount of dirt and the type of surface and the K4 cleans it in no time.

This all made easy with the innovative trigger power gun, which features an LED display system that helps choose the appropriate settings for the right cleaning task. A T350 patio cleaner attachment is also included along with two cleaning lances and a 1L Plug N Clean Detergent, giving everything needed to clean dirt and grime from any surface.  

Key Features

  • Full Control Spray Gun with LED Display
  • Vario and Dirtblaster Spray Lances
  • T350 Patio Cleaner
  • check1L Plug N Clean Detergent
  • check420 litres per hour Waterflow
  • check130 Bar Pressure
  • check1800W Motor

Simple Installation 

The Karcher K4 isn’t complex to setup. It comes in a few separate pieces that quickly connect together to create the self-contained unit. It seems daunting when first opening and seeing all the different parts, but most of these are separate attachments that are only connected when pressure washing various surfaces.

Simply connect the few main body parts together, attach the handle grip, and it is good to go. Set-up shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, after which its ready to wash any surface you need!

Storage, Transportation, and Connectivity 

Before getting into the features and overall performance of the K4 Full Control, it’s worth mentioning just how well-designed the pressure washer is.

K4Karcher K4 storage

Storage is found at the front of the machine, with moulded inserts used to store each of the attachments. Each of the cleaning attachments simply click into place, keeping everything in one handy location, making it compact and easier to store.

This is especially useful for anyone tight on storage space, while also being handy for keeping everything together – you’d be surprised how easy it is to lose a spray lance when it isn’t stored directly on the machine!  

It also comes with an aluminium telescopic handle for easy transportation, which is a useful addition as you can expect to use the K4 Full Control all over the place, whether cleaning the exterior of your house, something in the garden, or your car parked outside.

The 6m hose guidance system also makes using the pressure washer far easier. It offers ample length to manoeuvre around whatever you are cleaning, which is always helpful for cleaning those hard to reach spots, espiecally on vehicles.

In fact, everything connects so easily to the K4 Full Control. For example, the quick connect hose attachment seamlessly clicks into the power gun, as does each of the lance attachments, while the Plug N Clean detergent also connects directly into the washer.

All of this makes it easy to transport, set-up, and use no matter where or what you are cleaning.

Full Control Spray Gun 

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the is the Full Control Spray Gun. Unlike previous Karcher models, it features a unique LED light display system designed to guide users for more effective cleaning.

So, whether you need to clean your car, decking, or the outside of your house, this system lets you know what pressure level to use. This is useful because there are different settings that should be used depending on the type of surface texture and level of dirt.

For instance, when using the Vario spray lance, twist the nozzle to move through the pressure settings, with the correct system for the surface being cleaned indicated on the LED display. The highest-pressure settings are suitable for hard surfaces like walls, the medium settings are suitable for vehicles, while low settings are suitable for softer surfaces like wood.

Karcher K4 Control Spray Gun Lances

This is perfect for uses when you are unsure about the different pressure settings and whether its right for the cleaning needs. For example, using too high a pressure setting for cleaning a car could damage the paintwork, while too low a setting may not be powerful enough to remove caked on mud and dirt.

So, if you think the setting may be incorrect for the task at hand, simply reference the LED display symbols on the Full Control Spray Gun and you will know for certain. It’s such a simple but effective feature that adds a little reassurance.

Various Cleaning Attachments for Every Task 

karcher cleaning

When using the Karcher K4 Full Control’s trigger power gun there are three attachments to use, each one being suitable for different types of pressure washing tasks.

This includes a Vario and Dirtblaster lance, which are two of the main cleaning lances provided by Karcher. There are symbols at the base of each lance that shows what tasks they are suitable for, making it easy to switch between each one depending on your needs.

As mentioned, the Vario spray lance has an adjustable nozzle for full control of the pressure, with the LED displaying the right setting by lighting up the symbol.

For instance, twisting to the middle pressure setting will light up the car symbol, indicating that the pressure is suitable for washing vehicles without damaging paintwork.

The Dirtblaster lance is an attachment for a more concentrated high-pressure spray, but you can still adjust the pressure settings according to how dirty the surface is, so between each spray lance there is no surface that that can’t be cleaned!

Finally, there is the T350 Patio Cleaner attachment. This is suitable for cleaning larger outside surfaces such as decking and patios, and walls. It’s much faster at cleaning as it covers a wider area without a concentrated spray, reducing the time and effort needed to clean decking, patios, pavements etc.

Free Plug N Clean Detergent 

You also get a free Plug N Clean detergent with the Karcher K4 Full Control power washer. This is a nice addition that plugs directly into the slot on the washer, allowing for easy use of washing detergent designed specifically for Karcher machines.

While it may seem like the high pressure from the washer is enough to clean surfaces, adding detergent into the mix makes it even more efficient. Yes, you don’t necessarily need it to clean surfaces, but by using it you guarantee they are cleaner for longer.

Simply set it to detergent mode and apply the pressure washer to the surface and watch the cleaning commence. It’s especially useful for those tougher stains that just water alone struggles with, such as weather worn surfaces that haven’t been cleaned in years.

The Plug N Clean detergent generally makes the machine more efficient. This is because the detergent settles into the surface to prevent quick build-ups of dirt and grime, meaning the surface remains cleaner for longer after using the power washer.


So, how exactly does all the features impact the performance of the Karcher K4 Full Control?

Simply put, this is one of the best pressure washers available today. The original K4 had impressive pressure washing abilities, but this upgraded model takes things up a notch. Each of the lance attachments are suitable for cleaning almost any type of surface, doing so to great effect.

Stubborn stains such a weather worn surfaces and the dirtiest parts of cars are no match it. The ability to adjust the pressure settings to three different levels allows for easy and effective cleaning no matter the surface texture or level of dirt.

It’s also so simple to use. The three attachments easily interchange, connecting with one simple motion, as does the Plug N Clean detergent. You know precisely what level of pressure you are using and whether it’s suitable for the surface being cleaned thanks to the LED display system.

This avoids accidently damaging surfaces with too much pressure while also letting you know when more pressure is likely needed for each surface type. It allows for a professional level model for the everyday user.

Final Thoughts

The K4 Full Control is another fantastic product from Karcher. Powerful and versatile, this power washer is ideal for almost any type of domestic cleaning task, whether its washing your car, brick or stone walls, pavements, patios, or decking.

LED displays keep you in the right, although you won’t really need them after you get used to each setting, but it’s still a nice feature for new users. The performance is second to none, providing high quality cleaning results every time.

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