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Lay Z Spa Miami Hot Tub Review

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Lay Z Spa is an inflatable hot tub manufacturer that produces some of the best-selling inflatable tubs on the market. These hot tubs offer the warmth and relaxation of a fixed tub but are nowhere near as expensive or difficult to install.

The Lay Z Spa Miami is a popular model that is suitable for couples and families. It offers a decent capacity, impressive heating and air jet systems, and is generally low maintenance. If you want to enjoy the luxury of a hot tub at a fraction of the cost of buying the real thing, inflatable tubs such as Miami are a great investment to make.

Let’s take a closer look at what the Lay Z Spa Miami has to offer!


  • 800 Litre Water Capacity
  • Holds 2-4 People
  • Dual Heating and Air Jet System
  • check40°C Maximum Temperature
  • check81 Air Jets
  • checkBuilt-in Water Filtration System

Lay Z Spa Miami box


  • Compact size suitable for smaller outdoor spaces
  • High number of air jets
  • Very reasonable price
  • Strong and durable
  • Less energy consumed compared to most other inflatable tubs


  • Struggles to fit four people comfortably
  • Filters need frequently replaced

The Lay Z Spa Miami is an inflatable hot tub with an 800-litre water capacity, offering enough space to sit between two and four people. A dual heating and air jet system allows the hot tub to warm and provide high pressure bubbles at the same time, while the built-in filtration system makes cleaning and maintaining the Miami very easy.

Despite being inflatable, the Miami hot tub boasts a very durable design that can withstand four people sitting inside without any structural issues.

As a naturally compact inflatable tub, you can easily install the Miami anywhere around your garden, including on patio or decking. Inflating the tub doesn’t take long, while you can easily leave it inflated if using frequently or deflate it for easier storage.

Heating times for the water is much lower than most other inflatable hot tubs, although this is partly due to the lower volume of water used to fill the tub. Also, the heating system is energy-efficient, consuming less power, helping to reduce running costs.

Simple Installation 

One of the most alluring aspects of an inflatable hot tub is the fact it’s temporary. You can easily inflate and deflate the tub as needed, with it taking only around ten minutes to fully set-up. Its smaller size also makes it easy to carry around the garden, although just make sure you empty it first!

Filling with water understandably takes longer, although you can fill the 800-litre capacity in just a few hours in most cases. Should you be unsure of anything, a DVD with installation instructions is included.

2-4 Person Capacity

Lay Z Spa Miami setup

The Miami is a smaller sized inflatable hot tub, so only sits between two and four people at any time. There is a good amount of space when four people are inside, although it’s hard to deny the tub feels even better with fewer people, as it gives more space to stretch out and enjoy the relaxing air jets.

Strong and Robust Design 

The Lay Z Spa Miami is a sturdy hot tub even though it’s made from inflatable materials. This is thanks to a series of 48 vertical I-beams, which provide structural support throughout the tub, even when filled with water and four people inside.

It won’t warp or bend at any point, while the PVC material features a special protective coating that helps to avoid punctures and other surface damage. Many cheaper inflatable tubs lack such a feature, highlighting why Lay Z Spa are the top-selling brand on the market.

Rapid Heating System

Lay Z Spa Miami quick heater

One of the big drawbacks of an inflatable hot tub is how long it takes the water to heat. While the Miami still takes a long time to heat up, it does have features that make the process more efficient.

For instance, there is a pre-set timer that allows you to automatically program when the heating system turns on. This is especially useful for planning ahead and ensuring the hot tub is nice and warm by the time you want to use it.

It will take several hours to get to a comfortable temperature, while it’s a good idea to turn the heating on at least a day before you want to use it when setting to the maximum temperature. The heating system is still a lot quicker and more energy efficient that most similarly priced inflatable tubs.

Air Jet Massages 

It wouldn’t be a hot tub without air bubbles to massage the body and the Miami comes wit 81 high pressure air jets that offer an incredible massage. The bubbles appear from jets at the base of the tub, rising to provide a relaxing and invigorating sensation when sitting inside of the Miami.

Given the volume of water in the tub, the ratio of air jet to water is quite impressive, giving the air pressure a much more powerful feeling.

Water Filtration for Easier Maintenance 

Inflatable hot tubs require a fair amount of cleaning but the Miami’s built-in water filtration system makes this much easier. Two filter cartridges are included with the purchase of the hot tub and should last several weeks of use each, although you do need to buy testing equipment and chemicals to ensure the water is safe.

Lay Z Spa recommend using clearwater chemicals, which are designed specially for use with the Miami and other Lay Z Spa models. Also, it’s a good idea to get people to rinse their feet off prior to getting into the tub, as this is typically where most of the dirt that contaminates the tub comes from.

Inflatable Lid Cover for Added Protection

For added protection and hygiene, the inflatable tub also comes with an inflatable cover lid that keeps out unwanted debris, which is especially useful when heating the water and leaving the tub unattended – you’d be surprised at what things can sneak their way inside! We also reviewed Lay Z Spa Vegas here, the Lay Z Spa Palm Spring and have written a buying guide on hot tubs here.

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