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Lay Z Spa Palm Spring Review

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Lay Z Spa remains the most popular producer of inflatable hot tubs on the market, and with models like the Palm Spring, it’s easy to see why.

Spacious, stylish, and incredibly relaxing, the Palm Spring is the perfect alternative to an expensive fixed hot tub. It offers lots of useful features that make it a great option for families wanting to enjoy a high-performing inflatable hot tub for an affordable price.

Inflatable hot tubs like the Lay Z Spa Palm Spring aren’t permanently installed to a single area in your patio or decking. This means you can easily move around as needed, while it’s simple to inflate and deflate for more efficient storage. If you’re considering investing in a reliable inflatable hot tub, then look no further than the Palm Spring.

Let’s take a look at the Lay Z Spa Palm Spring to see exactly what it offers!


  • 4-6 people capacity
  • 963L water capacity
  • 120 air jets
  • 40°C maximum temperature
  • 3-layer body with reinforced PVC

The Lay Z Spa Palm Spring remains on the best inflatable hot tubs available today. You won’t find an inflatable hot tub in this size range for such an affordable house, offering exceptional value for money for anyone looking to buy one.

Capable of holding 4-6 people and over 950L of water, the hot tub offers plenty of space for families and friends to unwind in the comfort of the hot tub. Installation is quick and easy too, with the tub taking around 10 minutes to set-up, although adding water and heating it does take a while longer.

It’s also one of the most stylish inflatable tubs from Lay Z Spa. The PVC material is styled with an attractive wooden hue on the outside that contrasts nicely with the white interior – it looks very much like a fixed hot tub.

Other useful features like an automatic timer and extra high side walls make this one of the best inflatable hot tubs currently on the market.

Lay Z Spa Palm Spring Review

4-6 Person Capacity 

One of the biggest setbacks of an inflatable hot tub is it tends to be much smaller than fixed tubs – the Palm Spring doesn’t have this problem. It has one of the biggest capacities for an inflatable tub, capable of holding 4-6 people.

This is perfect for families look to enjoy a hot tub or for anyone wanting to entertain friends with a dip in the tub. Even when six people use the tub there is still a good amount of space to sit comfortably, which is down to the larger dimensions of the product – it’s around 10cm wider than an average sized inflatable tub. Consider placing near a good patio heater so that you can enjoy it even on the slightly colder days or when the temperature drops in the evening.

963L Water Capacity and 120 Air Jets 

To accommodate the larger capacity of the Palm Spring a lot of water needs to be used, with a maximum capacity of 963L. This is lot of water and it does add a significant amount of weight to the tub when full, so bear this in mind if placing on decking or areas with possible weight limitations

120 air jets ensure the Palm Spring is an incredibly relaxing hot tub to sit in. These jets work around the entire hot tub to massage users like nothing else. It’s incredibly comfortable and somewhere you’ll love spending your time.

40°C Maximum Temperature 

Lay Z Spa Palm Spring

Maximum temperatures are often disappointing on inflatable hot tubs, mainly due to limitations with the heating system. The Palm Spring has no issues with this, reaching an impressive 40°C max temperature. When combined with the 120 air jets there is no better feeling!

However, it’s worth noting that it takes the Palm Spring a long time to reach this maximum temperature, with around 10 hours to completely heat. Thankfully, there is an automatic timer function included, which makes it simple to program a time for the water to heat so it’s ready for you.

Durable 3 Layer PVC 

The main material of the Palm Spring is a three-layer reinforced PVC called TriTech. This plastic outer wall is exceptionally strong, making the Palm Spring much less likely to suffer from punctures, which a common occurrence with cheaper inflatable tubs.  

Not only does this make the outer wall much tougher than most other inflatable tubs, it also makes it a more efficient insulator. The plastic retains much of the heat when the water is warm, allowing you to enjoy it for longer.

Easy Set-Up and Maintenance 

Setting up the Lay Z Spa Palm Spring couldn’t be easier. It features an automatic pump that inflates the tub in a matter of minutes, while adding the water shouldn’t take much longer – you’re looking at around ten minutes to have it up and filled.

Maintenance is generally tougher for inflatable tubs, but the Palm Spring is very easy to keep clean and working. This is thanks to an efficient water filtration system that includes two filter cartridges, which works to clean all the impurities from the water, although these need replaced eventually.

A leatheroid cover is also included with the inflatable hot tub. It’s an inflatable lid that features a double lock, keeping the tub and any water inside fresh and clean. You also need to add chlorine tablets and have testing kits to make sure the water is okay before getting in, although these are relatively inexpensive and widely available online.

Stylish Design 

Inflatable hot tubs have a reputation for looking less than attractive – some look outright cheap. The Palm Spring is a very stylish looking tub, with an attractive light brown leather colour on the outer wall. The inside features a nice white wall, so the tub makes a love addition to current décor in an outdoor space.

Final Thoughts

The Lay Z Spa Palm Spring is a fantastic inflatable hot tub that offers great value for money. A large capacity makes it suitable for families or anyone that likes to entertain company, while the easy set-up and maintenance make simple to use whenever you want.

An impressive capacity is matched by the high temperature settings and powerful 120 air jets that douse you in relaxing bubbles. The water filtration system does all the maintenance for you, with just a few products needed to test the water suitability.

Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs Inflatable Portable Hot Tub Spa, 4 - 6 Person
315 Reviews
Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs Inflatable Portable Hot Tub Spa, 4 - 6 Person*
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