Makita DUC302Z Cordless 36 V Li-ion Chainsaw Review

Makita DUC302Z Cordless 36 V Li-ion Chainsaw

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The Makita DUC302Z Cordless 36 V Li-ion Chainsaw has been designed to be robust, reliable and able to cope with a variety of tasks. There are many features will appeal to a broad audience.

The model is first of all cordless, which enables a greater level of versatility and allows you to reach higher up places with ease. The cordless feature is particularly useful, at it provides you with more freedom than the traditional corded chainsaws, as there is absolutely no need to worry about cutting through electrical cables, thereby removing an increased risk of injury, or finding extension leads to continue with tasks. Furthermore, this makes the entire piece of kit ideal for both domestic and professional use, because it is easily small enough to slot into a mobile set of tools owned by a professional gardener. The chainsaw has been intelligently designed, and thus comes with a 36V Lithium Ion battery installed. The battery has a very long life, and once charged is capable of holding its charge for up to almost a year and a half while not in use. A full battery charge is quick and straightforward, taking just an hour and a half. However, a unique property of the lithium ion battery that separates them from standard batteries is that they have no “memory effect”, which is a feature that simply means that they do not need to be run completely flat before charging, unlike traditional batteries. You can therefore quickly and easily add additional power to the charge before using it, for convenience and ease of use.

The model has been designed intelligently, with many safety and comfort features added to allow for the best possible user experience. For example, the engine will power down, and a light will flash in the event that the batteries reach a low level of charge. This model is also one of few to incorporate easy chain tension adaption software, allowing for easy tensing and un-tensing of the chain around the blade as the need requires. This chainsaw also includes ergonomic handles for an improved comfort during use, which means you can work for longer without developing sore hands. As well as this, the model incorporates modern conveniences such as a kickback brake, reinforced protection technology to ensure safety, and a soft start for ease of use.




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