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Nilfisk C110 Pressure Washer Review

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Nilfisk is one of the lesser-known pressure washer brands on the market but one worth paying attention too. The company actually produced the first pressure washer back in 1985 and continue to make commercial grade products, although they still produce affordable and reliable domestic power washers too.

While they may lack the recognition of top brands like Karcher, Nilfisk pressure washers are powerful and reliable for most tasks, whether cleaning decking, patio, walls, fences, garden furniture, and even vehicles. 

The Nilfisk C110 is an entry-level pressure washer suitable for everyday cleaning. Despite its low price, the pressure washer is a powerful model capable of thoroughly cleaning various surfaces. It has a good range of functions for all types of pressure washing, while it’s also one of the most durable products in this price range, highlighting the exceptional value for money the C110 offers. 


  • 11400W air-cooled induction motor
  • 2110 bar pressure w/ 400-litres per hour waterflow
  • 3Aluminium pump
  • 4Water filter
  • 5On-board accessory storage

The Nilfisk C110 is well-priced pressure washer suitable for various domestic cleaning tasks. Powered by a 1400W air-cooled induction motor, the washer produced up to 110 bars of pressure with 400-litres per hour waterflow.

By using a metal pump, the C110 is one of the most durable entry-level pressure washers on the market, with most similar priced pressure washers using plastics instead. A water filtration system further improves durability by removing contaminants from the water that would damage most other pressure washers.

Combined with the impressive power, the pressure washer offers the perfect balance of performance and durability – it will work great for many years to come.

Powerful Motor with 110 Bars of Pressure 

Nilfisk C110 in action

The C110 features a powerful but lightweight motor that is air cooled for efficient performance. The 110 bars of pressure is certainly more than enough for most household cleaning tasks, including cleaning dirt and grime from surfaces like paths, decking, walls, fences, and patios.

Nilfisk C110 Pressure Washer

It also has enough pressure to wash vehicles too, so it’s a versatile cleaner suitable for most domestic cleaning. However, the isn’t the most power you get from a pressure washer, so if you’re planning to remove years’ worth of dirt and grime from surfaces, such as your home’s walls, something more powerful may be necessary.

Lightweight and Portable 

The more portable a pressure washer the better as it makes cleaning around the garden or your car so much easier. This model is compact and lightweight, making it simple to carry around as needed.

It includes a 5m hose which should be plenty for most homes, although you can purchase a larger cable to increase this to 15m. While handy for bigger homes, the extension would reduce the overall pressure, so keep this in mind if you’re considering buying the extension hose.

Nilfisk C110 hose

Components Designed to Increase Durability

There are two notable design features in the C110 that help to improve durability. The first is the use of metal materials for the pressure washer pumps. Unlike most models in this price range that use plastic materials for pumps, this machine uses an aluminium pump at its core.

This helps to significantly increase the durability of the pressure washer, as plastic pumps deteriorate at a much quicker rate than metals. When the pumps become damaged the pressure washer is effectively ruined, so by using metal pumps the machine is likely to last much longer than competing models.

Additionally, the inclusion of plastic filter between the hosepipe and pressure washer helps filter out impurities from the water. This is because contaminants present in poor quality water damage the internal components of a pressure washer, while dirt often transfers from the hosepipe as well, so the filter helps to avoid this problem and ensure the C110 doesn’t deteriorate.

Various Attachments that are Easily Interchangeable 

The best pressure washers come with various attachments to accommodate different cleaning tasks and the C110 is no different. Better still, these attachments and nozzles are easy to swap out thanks to the one-click design, where you simply click the desired attachment into the spray lance and push a button to remove them. 

A similar attachment is present between the hose and the spray handle. It just clicks into the handle and remains securely in place, while an anti-twist swivel function and trigger lock means it remains firmly attached even when moving the spray handle around.

You also get a nice range of attachments to use with the C110. This includes foam sprayer that lets you add cleaning detergent if needed, which is especially useful for cleaning vehicles. You don’t get to adjust the spray pattern with this attachment, so it’s not the most advanced, yet it remains a nice addition for cleaning different surfaces.

There is also a standard spray lance that includes a bayonet connection into the handle. It performs 360-degree rotation and there is a low-pressure nozzle built into the lance for flushing away dirt and grime.

A few different nozzles are included too, both of which easily click into the spray lance for a different spray. The Tornado Nozzle provides a fan jet spray that is suitable for standard cleaning and rinsing, while the Powerspeed Nozzle offers a concentrated spray that is better for those hard to remove stains and marks.

On-Board Accessory Storage 

All the accessories included with the pressure washer are easily stored on-board the machine. This avoids clutter when storing the pressure washer in your shed or garage, with the spray gun, lance, nozzles, and detergent all stored directly onto the unit itself.

The cables and hose are also stored around hooks at the back of the washer, so there should be no clutter whenever storing the device after use.


Anyone seeking an affordable and reliable pressure washer for general domestic cleaning should check out the Nilfisk C110. It provides plenty of power for cleaning dirt and stains from most standard household surfaces, including washing your car, while the metal pump and plastic filter ensure the product lasts many years.

It’s easy to use and is available for a very competitive price, making it one of the best entry-level pressure washers on the market. While those long-term stains and marks require something more powerful, the C110 is a great buy for occasional pressure washing around the home.

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