petrol pressure washer reviews

Petrol Pressure Washer Reviews

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When it comes to cleaning dirt and debris from the walls, floor, or perhaps even the garage door, sometimes the hose isn’t enough. What’s more, some of us want to make the process of cleaning cars, boats, and decking easier than ever before. Luckily, there’s a solution from which we can all benefit and it comes in the shape of a petrol pressure washer.

With the right amount of power behind it, a pressure washer will allow you to clean all sorts of materials within seconds rather than scrubbing away for hours with a sponge and some soapy water. Therefore, the purchase simply makes sense.

However, we often hear of people struggling within this niche because they don’t know what model to buy, what features are important, and where the best brands can be found. Fortunately, we have some superb advice to provide and we’re going to start with a list of six petrol pressure washers worth your consideration. After this, we’ll go through some considerations so you can feel confident in your decision. Rather than buying a model because the reviews are good, you can buy it because it meets your needs (as well as having great reviews, of course!).

Wolf 200 Bar Petrol Pressure Washer

  • 6.5HP petrol-driven engine (four-stroke)
  • Four different nozzle attachments
  • Ability to add detergent to spray
  • Strong and stable steel frame
  • All-terrain wheels
  • 3,000psi (200BAR) of pressure

As you can see from the features above, we’re starting strongly with the Wolf Petrol Pressure Washer. Depending on the task at hand, you’ll have four nozzles from which to choose including a pencil jet, fan, and another allowing detergent to combine with the water. In addition to this, the hose measures at six metres which will be useful for most jobs since the unit itself has wheels for easy transportation. However, just in case you need a little extra, there are extensions available on the market measuring ten and fifteen metres.

In terms of delivery, you’ll be spraying up to eight litres per minute which means that most jobs can be completed in a very quick time. With a strong lance and all-terrain wheels, it’s fair to say this first model is durable. If you’ll be using the pressure washer for some time to come, this is certainly a fantastic starting point.

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Wilks-USA TX625 8.0HP Petrol Pressure Washer

  • 8.0HP four-stroke OHV engine (3,600rpm)
  • 272BAR (3,950psi) of pressure
  • Five different pressure nozzles and one turbo nozzle
  • Eight or twelve metres of hose
  • Flow rate of twelve litres per minute

If we do a direct comparison for just a moment, the first two models both have reliable and trustworthy manufacturers and this is always positive. After this, the Wilks-USA design allows for a faster spray rate; in fact, it’s 50% faster. Furthermore, the engine is a little stronger and the pressure is higher. With all this in mind, we can confidently say that this model would be better-suited to the tougher stains and cleaning tasks.

If you need to add detergent to the water, you actually have full control of this process thanks to the soap discharge dial. Depending on whether you need a light cleaning or if you’re stripping a footpath completely, adjust the dial and you’ll be ready to go. Thanks to the five different nozzles, this is made even easier. In terms of the unit itself, the large wheels make it easy to transport across a variety of surfaces which is always great news.

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PowerPlus 206 Bar 180cc Petrol Pressure Washer

  • 206BAR of pressure
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Heavy-duty lance
  • Three-year home warranty
  • Sturdy frame with separate detergent tank
  • 180cc four-stroke eco drive petrol engine

If you’re looking for a petrol pressure washer that considers the environment, this model from PowerPlus should be your answer. Regardless of whether you use the water mains or the water tank, you’ll receive 206BAR of pressure with a petrol engine that has a particular focus on utilizing the provided energy as efficiently as possible. Just in case you thought all petrol pressure washers were harmful for the environment, we have one that allows you to stay environmentally-conscious.

Moving onto the performance, the flow rate should sit just below nine litres per minute and the four different nozzles take advantage of a quick-release connection and make switching easier than ever before. As you might expect by now, the unit has large all-terrain wheels and the hose offers just short of eight metres. Just in case a problem was to arise, PowerPlus also provides a three-year home user warranty which is always good to know. All things considered, the engine isn’t the most powerful we’ve seen today but it’s absolutely fine for tasks you might complete for your home.

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Honda Gp 200 Petrol Pressure Washer

  • 10 litres per minute
  • Compact design
  • 13-inch wheels
  • Honda Gp engine
  • 3000psi of pressure
  • Low oil alter sensor system

When looking for reliable solutions for your pressure washer, look no further than Honda who has decades of experience in working with petrol engines. Of course, they’re well-known within the automobile industry but they also provide innovative solutions elsewhere and this can be found with the Gp 200 Petrol Pressure Washer.

Compared to other models you might find, Honda offers a compact design which is handy when pushing it around on the large wheels and it’s also helpful for storage purposes. Often, people avoid petrol pressure washers because they worry about the space it takes so this is an ideal solution. To protect from overheating, a thermal relief valve operates while there are opportunities to pull water from your home or from the tank. Finally, the five nozzles will contribute to 10 metres in spray distance while the stainless steel coupling ensures the unit works just as well in five years as it does the very first time.

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Waspper Petrol Gas Powered High Water Pressure Washer

  • No cords thus removing the risk of short circuiting
  • Steel construction
  • Small and light
  • 6.5-metre PVC hose
  • Aluminium axial pump
  • 145BAR (2,100psi) of pressure

Although not the most powerful unit of the models in this list, you will be getting perhaps the lightest and smallest available on the market. As you’ve seen throughout, each model has had a theme whether it’s being compact, offering power, or being friendly towards the environment. For this one, it should fit in small spaces in your shed while also remaining easy to pull out whenever required.

With a 6.5-metre hose, this isn’t the longest you’ll find but it seems to fit in with the overall direction of the model. Furthermore, the slight design means that you’ll be able to carry it wherever you go. Suddenly, the need for a large hose is removed; if you need to leave the unit some way away from whatever you may be cleaning, please bear this in mind. Otherwise, you’ll achieve seven litres per minute which is a fair amount and the lance is strong enough to last for some time. All in all, the Waspper washer offers itself as a simple and affordable solution.

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Briggs & Stratton ELITE 3000 Petrol Pressure Washer

  • 207 BAR of pressure
  • Fold-down handle for easy storage
  • Four different nozzles
  • Detergent injection system
  • 10.6 litres per minute

Finally, we come across one of the ELITE models from the Briggs & Stratton series and it’s another we really like. While there is one model in this list with more pressure, it seems to fit around the average at 207BAR and the flow rate is impressive at over 10.6 litres per minute. Depending on the task in front of you, the four spray tips can be adjusted in a matter of seconds and the detergent injection system always proves useful. Whenever required, detergent will be mixed with the water upon release and this makes cleaning those tough stains much easier.

After this, the Briggs & Stratton design is also worth mentioning since it’s actually quite bulky. At first, this might put you off but the handle folds down which makes the purchase worthwhile and it removes one of the common problems with petrol pressure washers which is storage. As part of the ELITE series, you might also want to look into the ELITE 2500 as well as the ELITE 3000PX.

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Petrol Pressure Washer Buying Guide

As promised, we’re going to finish with a short buying guide so you can make the best decision for your needs. With petrol pressure washers, the pressure is obviously an important feature and therefore makes for a good starting point. With all the models we’ve provided here today, they would be considered ‘heavy-duty’ and they should be able to clean all surfaces efficiently (especially with detergent injection systems).

On the market, you will find ‘light-duty’ and ‘medium-duty’ solutions and these are found between 100BAR and 120BAR. In our experience, the pressure washers over 200BAR, like those above, will be much better because they’re more versatile and they should clean materials instantly rather than requiring a scrub by hand or a second cleaning.

After this, you then need to think about the other features and how to best meet your needs. For example, each washer will have a different hose length. While some fall short of 10 metres, others go all the way up to 30 metres so what length is best? Do you need a longer hose to work your way around a boat without having to pull the unit along every couple of seconds? Do you only need a short hose for the garden wall and car? Remember, there may be opportunities to buy an extension for when a longer hose is required.

Next, you should be looking towards the petrol tank and overall efficiency. At the same time as not wanting to refill the petrol tank after every few minutes, you also don’t want to be harming the planet and operating an inefficient pressure washer. As we saw earlier, they all offer different ‘litre per second’ distribution speeds and this is an important feature to note; you’ll also find ‘eco’ systems.

Finally, we then finish with all the smaller features whether it’s the wheels for easy transportation, ability to store away, nozzles, efficiency of detergent injection system, construction, stability of unit, and warranty. To choose a model from the list above (or any others you might find), it’s always best to write down a list of your needs first. Then, you can search the market for a pressure washer that works for you rather than making a sacrifice in your purchase and then feeling disappointed.

Good luck in your search and we hope you find the pressure washer to see you through many years! Check out lawn sprinkler buying guide to help keep your lawn in good condition through the summer months.

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