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Qualcast Electric Lawn Mower Reviews

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Qualcast is one of the most reputable brands in the UK lawn mower industry. First releasing a hand powered cylinder lawn mower back in 1920, the company would go on to be one of the best-selling lawn mower manufacturers in Britain by the end of World War II.

In 1970 Qualcast would change the industry forever when they developed the first ever lawn mower to be powered by mains electricity. Success continued in subsequent decades, with the company producing many well-known brands including the Hedgemaster and Concorded models.

However, due to stiff competition for Flymo and Bosch, Qualcast sales steadily declined until they were eventually bought over by Bosch.

Today, Qualcast lawn mowers are still produced under the famous brand name, being regarded as some of the best lawn mowers in the entry-level price range. After signing an eight-year licensing agreement, Qualcast officially leased the brand name to prominent retailers UK Argos and Homebase.

This means that many of the own-brand lawn mowers from these companies now feature the Qualcast name. However, these differ in quality from those made by Bosch, which retains much of the high-quality engineering that Qualcast were renowned for.

So, if you’re in the market for a lawn mower and considering buying a Qualcast model, make sure to double-check that it is made by Bosch rather than a home-brand Argos or Homebase mower, as they are generally much better quality.

Qualcast lawn mowers vary in size, power, and design, with models suitable for gardens of every size. They perform very well and offer exceptional value for money, making them a great investment for people seeking an affordable yet reliable mower.

Qualcast Electric Rotary Lawnmower – 1600W

  • 1600W electric motor
  • 40cm cutting width
  • 40L grass collector
  • Variable cutting heights

The Qualcast Electric Rotary Lawnmower is one of the most reliable on the market. Featuring a powerful 1600W motor, this is a lawn mower that is ideal for use in larger lawns, although it’s just as effective when used in smaller spaces too.

As a rotary lawn mower, it packs some serious power, with the 1600W motor being one of the most powerful in the Qualcast Rotary range. The power behind this mower not only makes it a fine choice for larger gardens, but also those with less than perfect lawns.

More power in a lawn mower means better mowing regardless of the condition of the grass, so this Qualcast lawn mower is a fine choice if you have thicker grass with lots of weeds and other growth. It also makes it more effective in wet conditions, which is a huge advantage when you consider the British weather!

In fact, the motor is so impressive with this model that it’s one of the few electric lawn mowers suitable for larger lawns. Electric mowers lack the power of petrol mowers, but models such as this one help bridge the gap with its monstrous motor.

The 40cm cutting width also highlights the suitability for bigger lawns. This is one of the widest cutting widths available, meaning fewer passes must be made across the lawn, helping keep mowing times down to a minimal on large lawns.

There is also a massive 40-litre grass collector for gathering all loose clippings. It has enough space that you should be able to most lawns in one go without having to empty the clippings out, helping to save even more time.

This Qualcast lawn mower is a fantastic option for people with large gardens with unkept grass, as it has all the power you need to leave the lawn looking perfect again.

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Qualcast Hover Collect Lawnmower – 1500W

  • 1500W electric hover motor
  • Variable cutting heights
  • 33cm cutting blade
  • 20L transparent grass collector box

If you need a powerful corded electric lawn mower that is easy to operate, then the Qualcast Hover Collect Lawnmower is a great option worth considering. With various cutting heights, a powerful motor, and a large cutting width, it’s a great mower for medium and large size gardens.

Being a hover lawn mower makes it one of the easiest types to operate. Unlike rotary lawn mowers, hover mowers such as this feature no wheels, using a cushion of air to hover the mower as it moves across the grass.

This makes it so much easier to operate, reducing the overall weight and helping with manoeuvrability. Anyone with uneven lawns will certainly appreciate this design, as will those that struggle to push heavier equipment such as a rotary mower.

Despite the lightweight design, the lawn mower still packs plenty of punch. The 1500W engine is one of the most power for an electric model, making it suitable for long tough grass in both medium and large size lawns.

Should the lawn not have much in the way of length, then the variable cutting heights allow you to quickly adjust the cutting height to something more suitable. This is also helpful for seasonal mowing where the grass requires more length to be removed.

The cutting blade is 33cm wide and sharpened on both edges for an efficient cut. It’s one of the wider widths available so should be a great option for bigger lawns, as it helps to reduce the time spent mowing.

A 20-litre grass collector should be able to hold most cuttings without needing emptied, although larger lawns may fill it up quicker. In any case, the box is transparent, so you can easily see if it needs emptied, removing the need and check it manually.

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Qualcast Electric Rotary Lawnmower – 1400W

  • 1400W electric rotary motor
  • 37cm steel cutting blade
  • Adjustable cutting heights
  • 40L grass collector

A cost-effective option that is suitable for medium size lawns, this electric rotary lawn mower from Qualcast also comes with plenty of power that will make short work of those unkept lawns.

Although an electric lawn mower, this Qualcast model isn’t lacking in power needed for more difficult lawns. The 1400W motor is certainly powerful enough to mow most medium size lawns, while many large lawns can also be tacked with this mower.

This powerful motor helps mow grass that is longer or wetter, while also being effective at cutting back thick weeds like dandelions and thistles. Because it’s a rotary model there are wheels that may make it difficult to manoeuvre for some people, but the wheels come with a rear roller that can be used to create an attractive stripped finish on the lawn.

The steel blade measures 37cm so offers an impressive cutting width. This is helpful for mowing more spacious lawns as it reduces the amount of times you need to go over the grass. Being made from steel ensures durability, and while it will dull over time it’s easy to remove and sharpen.

Another great feature is the adjustable cutting heights. This is useful for those occasions where your grass is longer or shorter than normal. For instance, grass grows quite quickly over the summer months, so you often need to adjust the cutting blade to accommodate this. It ranges from 2cm to 7cm, so it’s possible to remove little or a fair amount of length depending on your needs.

The 40-litre grass collector is another useful addition. By offering such a large capacity you won’t need to empty this often – if at all – when mowing the lawn.

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Qualcast Corded Cylinder Lawnmower – 400W

  • 400W electric cylinder motor
  • 4 diamond ground blades
  • Split rear roller
  • Compact and lightweight

Not everyone requires a large and powerful electric lawn mower – sometimes something small and compact is more than enough for the job. The Qualcast Corded Cylinder Lawnmower is a perfect example of this, being a great option for small lawns, whether for routine maintenance or creating a beautiful ornamental lawn.

The 400W electric cylinder motor is a great fit for any small size lawns. It’s got power to cut length grass if need be, but it really shines when cutting short grass on a regular basis.

The 4 diamond ground blades produce a very close cut with exceptional precision, so it’s a fantastic lawn mower for achieving an attractive close-cropped lawn. There is even a choice of three different cutting heights available too, so it’s easy to get that perfect finish throughout the year – it even has a rear roller for a gorgeous stripped finish.

Being a much smaller lawn mower also makes it easy to operate and store. It’s lightweight model weighing just 12kg, so people that might struggle to move heavy objects should have no issue using the lawn mower. The handle is also adjustable, so you can set it to most suitable height for comfortable use.

There is also a 45L grass collection box, although this will likely never get filled, and the mower collapses into a compact shape for effective storage.

A great option for small gardens and gardeners looking to get that perfect look on their lawn, the Qualcast Corded Cylinder Lawnmower is easy to operate and produces a great finish every time.

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