Best Chainsaw Reviews UK

Best Chainsaw Reviews UK

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Best Cordless Chainsaws UK

  • Powerful and strong performance
  • Reliable manufacturer
  • SDS tool (patented)
  • Automatic oiling system

With no cord to worry about as you use the chainsaw, this lightweight product is perfect for the more heavy-duty tasks whether at home or a more professional level. While some use it to prepare firewood and pruning, others find it performs well when felling trees and logging. With the addition of the secondary handle, the weight is actually nicely balanced and this allows for comfort in the hands.

According to BLACK+DECKER, the battery can remain idle for 18 months on a full charge which is impressive considering the charging process only takes around 90 minutes. In case you didn’t know, the ‘memory effect’ doesn’t exist with Lithium Ion batteries as it does with others so you don’t have to run the battery right down before charging again. Compared to NiMH or NiCad batteries, Lithium Ion should last 30% longer which perhaps shows why this unit is a popular one.

As you would imagine, the product also has plenty of safety features including the lock off safety switch, anti-kickback chain, automatic lubrication, non-slip grip, and a clever design for clear visibility when in use.

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Our Rating:

  • 18V brushless motor
  • Length of 30cm and 10m/s speed
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Various safety features
  • Part of a 70-piece range of garden tools from Ryobi

If brand name is important for you when making purchasing decisions, this device has earned its place on the list because Ryobi is one of the biggest. As part of a huge selection of 70 home and garden tools, this chainsaw offers superb brushless motor technology. According to the manufacturers, this means you’ll have 40% more run time and 20% more power for each charge. With an Oregon chain and bar, this pairs with the automatic lubrication system as high-quality features that offer reliability and an improved experience.

When purchasing the model, be sure to read the description and small print because it’s normally sold as a ‘Zero Tool’ which means it doesn’t come with a battery or the associated charger. Instead, it fits with 18V ONE+ batteries and chargers which is what the majority of the Ryobi range uses. With the purchase, you’ll receive a three-year warranty so you’ll have peace of mind should something go wrong.

Ryobi Cordless Brushless Chainsaw

Our Rating:

  • Ability to cut branches up to 100mm in thickness
  • Reduced vibration with a dual-action blade
  • Allows for precise cutting and clean results
  • Performance of a petrol engine

With all the marketing from the manufacturers themselves, they’ve focused heavily on the fact this product works just like a petrol chainsaw. With a whopping 40V battery, it’s not hard to see why they’ve focused on this feature and they even claim you can cut branches with a thickness of 100mm. After this, your order will come with a sheath for the blade, a safety guard, and a charger for the battery.

In terms of features, you can enjoy the automatic lubrication system, a chain replacement system that requires no tools, and an easy tensioning system for those minor adjustments. Thanks to the dual-action blade, vibration is reduced which removes one of the most common issues in years gone by; with more control, you can achieve more precise cuts.

If it’s safety you’re after, the chain brake takes just half a second to bring the blade to a complete stop. In addition to this, the product offers low kickback and steel bumper spikes.

WORX WG322E.9 20V 25cm Cordless Compact Chainsaw

Our Rating:

  • Two 18V Lithium Ion batteries (36V in total)
  • Tension adjustment
  • Warning lamp for battery capacity
  • Chain and kickback brake
  • Soft Start feature

With this model from Makita, we have somewhat of a unique tool because it uses two 18V batteries in order to reach a total of 36V in power. For the most part, this is enough power for any job you want to complete at home whether it’s taking down bushes or cutting back branches on a tree. Additionally, you’ll enjoy the brand-new adjustment level which controls tension without requiring any tools.

As you would expect from any large brand these days, there are several safety features to avoid injury and keep you in control at all times. For example, the kickback brake and electric chain brake will cut the power at the right times and ensure safe usage from start to finish. After this, there are features that won’t make or break your experience but will make everything that little bit easier; ergonomic soft grip, chain oil level window, soft start, and a warning light for battery capacity. With Makita providing extensive experience within this niche, you won’t go far wrong with this cordless chainsaw.

Makita 36V Lithium Ion Chainsaw

Our Rating:

  • Option to order with/without batteries (2 x 2Ah)
  • 70% less vibration
  • 30% more torque for supreme performance
  • Chain brake and quick release trigger

Despite not being as well-known as some of the other brands you’ll find within this niche, Greenworks Tools has clearly worked hard on this chainsaw and the result has been overwhelmingly received by the customers. First and foremost, you can buy the tool alone if you already have a Greenworks Tools battery and charger. If you don’t already have these in place, you’ll pay slightly more for two 2Ah batteries and the appropriate charger.

Compared to previous models by the company, this product offers 30% more torque, 80% longer life, and 70% less vibration which shows the improvements they’ve made. With a 16-inch steel Oregon bar and chain, the manufacturer believes more than 100 cuts per charge to be achievable with a largest cut size of around 300mm. With this in mind, you can see the power of the unit. Finally, a 40V cordless chainsaw can sometimes be hard to control but the design is clever and the brushless motor works effortlessly while the user controls every inch of movement.

Greenworks Tools Battery Chainsaw

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Best Electric Chainsaws UK

Black+Decker’s CS2040-GB

Black+Decker’s CS2040-GB electric chainsaw is designed to be comfortable even when being used for extended periods of time. The model features an integrated anti-vibration system and a rubber rear handle, both of which help to prevent discomfort and protect your hands during those bigger jobs. The two handles make this lightweight model easy to control and manoeuvre, and a steel spiked bumper also helps with stability while cutting.

Whereas some petrol chainsaws offer either one or the other, the CS2040-GB is powerful as well as comfortable to use. Inside the unit is a 2,000 watt high torque motor that spins the chain at speeds of 12.5 metres per second, but importantly the saw also stops quickly once the trigger is released. This impressive performance makes it quick and easy to cut through even the largest of logs – the recommended maximum cutting capacity is an impressive 40cm.The CS2040-GB has also been fitted with a low kick back chain that allows you to cut through both wet and dry wood smoothly and with minimal effort. This is helped by the unit’s intuitive auto oiling system. This ensures the chain remains lubcricated at all times, making for a smoother cut and preventing the risk of damage or wear.

If the chainsaw does kick back, a safety mechanism will ensure that the power automatically cuts out within 0.15 seconds to prevent injuries or accidents. On top of this, there is also a hand guard on the rear of the unit so you can cut with the confidence that your limbs are protected.

Maintenance is easy with this chainsaw. The oil tank holds 200ml of lubricant, and an accessible viewing window makes it easy to check oil levels and refill the unit without any spillages. However, it is worth noting that the chainsaw doesn’t come with any oil as standard – so don’t forget to order yours separately if you choose this model. Black+Decker have also made it easy to replace and adjust the chain itself, thanks to a tool-free tensioning system.

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Worx Electrical Chainsaw

The Worx WG303E promises to deliver “fast, clean cuts that won’t tire you out”. It’s a bold statement for the manufacturers to make, but the specifications seem to speak for themselves. The 2,000 watt motor powers the blade at 12 metres per second – perhaps not the same performance as a petrol powered chainsaw, but enough to make light work of most logs and branches regardless. And with a maximum cutting capacity of 40 centimetres, you won’t be limited to small logs either.

Despite this impressive performance the model only weighs 4.8 kilograms. This means you don’t need to be a bodybuilder or a professional lumberjack to use it for extended periods of time – so you’ll have no problems with cutting down a number of big trees or preparing a decent amount of fire wood. And to make things easier, the WG303E’s handles have been designed with ergonomics and comfort in mind – something that’s essential with a dangerous piece of kit like a chainsaw.

Whereas some chainsaws require fiddly maintenance to keep the chain tension correct at all times, this model saves your effort and tackles the problem itself with an automatic chain management system. You are able to tighten or loosen the chain with your hands, and the built-in system will automatically maintain the optimum tension at all times. On top of this, the WG303E features automatic chain lubrication to maintain optimum efficiency when cutting logs and prevent wear and tear over time – all you have to do is fill up the unit through the easily-accessible oil cap on the top. It saves you getting your hands dirty too!

Safety is of course important with any chainsaw – with the WG303E the manufacturers have designed a braking system that slows to a complete stop in less than half a second. The saw will also stop completely in the event of kick back – so you can cut with the peace of mind that you’re protected.

As an electric chainsaw the Worx WG303E obviously requires a connection to the mains to use. Perhaps not an issue in itself, but some users may wish for a slightly longer power chord when working in bigger gardens – although a decent extension cable can overcome this problem.

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Bosch AKE 40-19 S Electric Chainsaw

The AKE 40-19 is the most powerful electric chainsaw in the Bosch range. Like many electric chainsaws, this model’s 1,900 watt motor spins the large 40cm blade at a speed of 12 metres per second – making for a quick, easy and stable cut through most logs. This is helped by the unit’s chrome chain and large steel saw teeth which help to maintain accuracy and prevent kick back – giving the performance of a petrol chainsaw but without the extra weight, cost or noise pollution.

This chainsaw has been designed for comfort no matter whether you are felling trees or sawing wood for the fire. The model is well balanced for easy use either horizontally or at an angle, and weighing in at under 5 kilograms it is effortless to manoeuvre. There are also two ergonomically shaped handles and steel tines to help you keep a secure grip when operating the chainsaw – so even novice chainsaw users are able to cut accurately and smoothly.The AKE 40-19 is easy and convenient to set up and use. Bosch’s trademark SDS system allows for the installation, replacement and tensioning of the chain without the need for any tools. Maintenance is easy too – the unit holds 200ml of oil for lubrication, with a level indicator so you’ll always know when the reservoir needs refilling. The automatic lubcrication system also helps to prevent damage to the chain over time, a necessity for anyone who regularly cuts fire wood or otherwise gets a lot of use out of their electric chainsaw.

Any powerful chainsaw needs the appropriate safety mechanisms and the AKE 40-19 doesn’t disappoint – making it ideal even for inexperienced users or first-time buyers. There is a rapid reaction kick back brake that will stop the saw in less than a second (305 times faster than the industry standard) if the chain kicks back, plus Bosch have included a safety catch bolt to help prevent any accidents.

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Ryobi RCS2340 Chainsaw

The RCS2340 from Ryobi combines impressive technology with ease and comfort to offer one of the most popular chainsaws in its price bracket. This electric chainsaw is powerful enough to meet the requirements of regular and experienced users, while equally remaining accessible and comfortable for first-time buyers.

Inside the unit is a 2,300 watt high torque motor powered by mains electricity. The motor drives a 40cm Oregon bar and chain, with a maximum chain speed of 12 metres per second. This rapid chain speed and large maximum cutting capacity mean the RCS2340 will handle the biggest logs or branches with relative ease.

The chainsaw has a convenient wrap-around handle at the front, making it easy to operate even in awkward or tight positions. The handle has been designed to reduce vibrations, and works in tandem with the chainsaw’s in-built anti vibration system to ensure a comfortable experience and to prevent the risk of injury through prolonged use.For added safety Ryobi have developed both mechanical and electronic chain brakes for the RCS2340. The electronic brake will stop the chain moving a split second after the trigger is released, and to prevent accidental injury the mechanical brake is automatically deployed in the event of any kick back while cutting.

Many electric chainsaw manufacturers focus on ease of maintenance when developing their products, and the RCS2340 is no exception. Like many similar models it features a convenient tool-less chain tensioning system. This eliminates the need for tools or messy manual work, making it easy to keep the chainsaw in prime condition. The same can be said for a clear oil tank that makes monitoring the oil level an effortless task. It takes just two seconds to make sure the oil never runs low, therefore reducing the risk of wear and tear while ensuring that efficiency is never compromised.

To minimise maintenance even further, Ryobi have included their patented technology in the form of a debris deflector on the bottom of the unit. All chainsaws produce a lot of dust and debris, but with the RCS2340 this is deflected neatly towards the floor rather than over the chainsaw and user. This can drastically save time spent cleaning after a big job.

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Best Petrol Chainsaws UK


Makita 35cc 40cm Chainsaw

  • 35cc engine
  • Simple touch-to-stop system
  • Adjustable chain lubrication system (automatic)
  • Automatic half-throttle lock
  • Comes with a chain cover, torx wrench, carburetta screwdriver, and more

With a 35cc engine, this next model can’t quite compete with the likes of Hyundai and their petrol chainsaw but it does provide a good option for those needing a saw for jobs in the garden. Currently, Makita is actually one of the most popular brands in the market when it comes to professional power tools so this is a huge advantage of choosing the company. Offering a catalytic muffler to help the environment, and a two-stroke engine, the lightweight body should make handling easier than ever.

To get the chainsaw started, the switch is simple and better manoeuvrability can be achieved with the primer pump and on/off choke combination. With improved technology and research, Makita has been able to invest in new features such as the intelligent ignition. Essentially, this means that stable idling is provided along with a protection against engine overrun and increased output power. All things considered, this is a chainsaw with great design and power for the home and garden.

Our Rating:

McCulloch CS 360T Petrol Chainsaw 

  • Safety chain brake
  • Chain tensioner (with no tools required)
  • 36cc two-stroke engine (Soft Start)
  • Automatic chain lubrication

With McCulloch, we have a company that boasts over six decades of experience. During this time, they’ve dabbled with various garden products including lawnmowers, trimmers, garden tractors and, of course, chainsaws. With this 36cc model, the tool is ideal for jobs around the home and garden. Recently, the company has paid particular attention to the environment and this has allowed the development of OxyPower engines. While keeping power high, both fuel consumption and emission levels reduce.

In total, the bar measures 36cm in length and the tension can be adjusted in a matter of seconds without having to worry about any tools. Thanks to the Soft Start system, McCulloch believes resistance in the starter cord can decrease by up to 40%. Meanwhile, engine flooding is prevented with the combined choke/stop control.

If you like to be environmentally-conscious, this would be the product for you since McCulloch pays close attention to this market. Once you add in the fact it’s easy to start and easy to control once you’re up and running, it makes for a nice little companion.

Our Rating:

TimberPro 62 cc 20-Inch Petrol Chainsaw

This petrol chainsaw from Timberpro offers excellent performance at great value for money. It may not be a market leader but even so it is an affordable chainsaw that is suitable for both professional and domestic use.

This model comes with a 62cc petrol engine that produces 3.4 horsepower – an impressive amount of power that ensures the blade cuts through logs with minimal effort or kick back. The air cooled 2 stroke engine is manufactured from high quality alloy and features an easy to use assisted starting mechanism. 9 times out of 10 the engine will start on the first or second pull, unlike some petrol chainsaws that can be stubborn at first. The Timberpro also copes well with lower temperatures, which is a necessity for UK users as we approach the end of the great British Summer.

When it comes to the physical design, this model features a sturdy 20″ blade – meaning it can be used for cutting larger logs and felling trees as well as simply chopping fire wood. Despite its impressive cutting capacity the unit is not unbearably heavy, coming in at just 6 kilograms. This can make a big difference to your comfort and the amount of effort required when using the chainsaw for extended periods of time, for example when chopping your winter’s supply of fire wood.

This light weight is in part due to the model’s casing that is constructed entirely from plastic. Although this makes the unit light and easy to manoeuvre into position, it has to be said that it doesn’t feel as sturdy as certain top of the range petrol chainsaws that come with metal plates on the body.

The Timberpro chainsaw is easy to set up and requires minimal maintenance. A side mounted chain tensioner keeps the chain taut, and alongside an automatic chain lubrication system, ensures safe and efficient cutting. Both features also help to minimise wear and tear, which is essential for anyone getting regular use out of their chainsaw. Another benefit to this model is the variety of accessories that arrive with it as standard. When you unpack the box you will also find 4 spare chains, a fuel mixing bottle, a blade guard, an extra guide bar and a convenient carrying case for storing and transporting your chainsaw.

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Hyundai 62cc Petrol Chainsaw

  • 62cc air-cooled two-stroke engine
  • Anti-vibration system
  • Kickback chain safety brake
  • Weighs a little under 6kg
  • Automatic lubrication for the chain

Over the years, Hyundai has earned itself a great reputation across a wealth of markets which means we can believe in their products whether it’s a brand-new car or a petrol chainsaw as we’ve got here. As you can see in the list of key features, the model offers a 62cc engine which means it’s ideal for those who need a professional chainsaw; it can deal with heavy-duty tasks including tree felling, forestry, and more.

When you look at the chainsaw from all angles, it seems to excel everywhere from the decompression valve for simplicity to the lightweight design for safety. Even after this, the automatic lubrication system extends the life of the product while storage is made easy with a rigid chainsaw bar for protection. With so many fantastic features, such as the anti-vibration handle, it becomes flexible depending on the job at hand.

With such a reliable brand behind the product, you’ll have peace of mind (the three-year Hyundai Platinum Warranty also helps!).

Our Rating:

Einhell Petrol Chainsaw with Autochoke 

  • High-quality manufacturing
  • Chain catch
  • Split shaft
  • Anti-vibration design
  • Chain brake and hand-guard

Unfortunately, many years ago, injuries were common with chainsaws because the technology wasn’t around to provide the right safety features. Today, it’s a very different story and this Einhell model is the perfect example. Starting with the anti-vibration handle, this reduces fatigue during extended use while the chain brake system shuts the chain down in milliseconds to prevent kickback. Additionally, the chain catch will stop the chain from jumping off the cutter rail while the split shaft allows for easy and efficient storage.

Offering up to 150 volts of energy, Einhell has also kitted this particular unit out with an electric ignition, automatic lubrication, and a tough full crank shaft engine. With high-quality parts from Oregon, you’ll also receive a two-year warranty along with an after-sales services and a parts service. If you’re looking for a little more power, Einhell has a sister model with a 50cc engine and the same fantastic Oregon parts. All in all, it makes for a superb chainsaw and can even be bought with Oregon chain oil on sites like Amazon.

Our Rating:

Chainsaw Buying Guide

Bosch Electric Chainsaw

As a garden power tool, nothing beats the effectiveness of chainsaws when cutting down trees, large branches or when splitting logs for firewood. The latest chainsaws models come with innovative features that make cutting through wood a breeze. Nonetheless, to get a chainsaw that is in line with your needs, you must be acquainted with the basics. You need to know what to look out for in a chainsaw and the various types available. That said, if you’re looking for a chainsaw and aren’t sure where to start, don’t be troubled. We’ve assembled a comprehensive chainsaw buying guide that will help you buy your unit armed with the required information.

Types of Chainsaws

For starters, there are three main types of chainsaws. While your cutting needs primarily determine the choice of one type over the other, it goes without saying that knowing what to expect with each type will come in handy when making your decision.

Mains Powered Electric 

These are light and would make and an excellent choice if you’re looking for a chainsaw to cut small trees or for occasional use. Because a cord powers them, it is important to ensure that the cord is long enough for your needs. In comparison to other types of chainsaws, they are less noisy and cheaper to maintain. They have a simple “on and off” switch thus easy to start and are inexpensive when pitted against petrol or cordless chainsaws. Due to the smaller blade length, mains powered electric chainsaws are safer to use.

Note that a short blade length translates to a less risky kickback. Kickback is the term used to describe the sudden upward motion of the blade. It occurs when the edge of the blade strikes an object that causes the chain to snag momentarily.


As the name suggests, these don’t have an electric cable, thus are more versatile and safer than mains powered electric chainsaws. They use batteries such as lithium ion and can run up to 1 hour. You may consider buying an extra battery although most brands like the Makita chainsaw and Black+Decker of power tools offer an interchangeable battery for their products. Remember that voltage is used to measure a battery’s output, so you may opt for higher voltage if need be. Cordless electric chainsaws are designed to handle the needs of an average user. Check out the Bosch AKE 30 LI.

Petrol Powered

These are the classic chainsaws, powered by, you guessed it, petrol. They are quite popular with those who have large amounts of trees to cut down due their performance and ability to take on heavy duty jobs. Petrol chainsaws are more durable compared to other types of chainsaws, have longer cutting blades and the latest models boast the anti-vibration feature for more comfortable use.

A standard petrol chainsaw runs on a 2 stroke engine, but it is worth mentioning that petrol engines vary based on cubic centimetres (cc), thus the larger the cc, the more powerful the unit.

Note, to use this type of chainsaw to its full potential, you must have a constant supply of petrol. Also, you should drain off the fuel and the oil before storing.

Factors to Consider before Buying a Chainsaw

Before you make a purchase be sure to consider the following attributes, as it will help you end up with the best chainsaw for your cutting needs.

The Guide Bar Length

The guide bar length is the active cutting area of the blade. In essence, it is the largest size length of wood a chainsaw can cut in a single pass. A chainsaw’s blade is designed to cut almost twice its length in a single pass, thus, a blade that’s 16 inches long can cut across 32 inches of wood.

Experts recommend that you choose a bar length that’s 2 inches longer than the wood you want to cut. For instance, a 16-inch bar length will cut through a 32-inch tree in a single pass, so a small chainsaw such as mains powered electric chainsaw would be an excellent choice in that case. In the same breath, it would require that you have a petrol powered chainsaw to cut down a 32-inch tree.

Here’s a guide to help you choose the correct guide bar length as per the task:

• Trimming – Less than 16 inches• Cutting down a small tree – 12 to 14 inches• Cutting down a medium tree – 16 to 18 inches• Cutting light firewood – 14 to 16 inches• Bucking – 18 inches or longer

Safety Features
Kickbacks (we defined the term earlier on) are the most prevalent causes of chainsaw injuries. Unless you’re a seasoned chainsaw user, be sure to buy a unit that has an anti-kickback chain. The anti-kickback chain is designed to lessen the risk of getting injured if the blade unexpectedly forces its way back and up.Other safety features to look out for include:

• Spring-assist starting to reduce the pulling force required to start a petrol-powered chainsaw.• An automatic oiler to lubricate the chain as you cut.• Chain break to stop the cutting blade whenever the chainsaw comes to a stop abruptly.• Tool-less chain adjustment to enable you to control the cutting blade tension fast and efficiently.• An air cleaner to remove large pieces of debris before they get to the filter.

Comfort Accessories

Chainsaws will vibrate when using them. However, the best models come with an anti-vibration feature for comfortable use and reduction of fatigue. The anti-vibration feature is particularly important if you have a lot cutting to do.

Engine Control

When using a chainsaw, you need to be totally in charge of the engine. Choose a saw with a throttle interlock to help you control the blade’s revolutions per minute by increasing or reducing the amount of fuel supplied to the engine. Additionally, the throttle interlock feature helps prevent accidental starts and is a must-have feature, especially in the best petrol powered chainsaws.

Another feature to look out for that gives you control over the engine is the clutch system. A chainsaw’s clutch helps prevent the chain from rotating when the engine is idle as well as preventing the engine from stalling unexpectedly.

Personal Strength

Yes! You should consider your strength and fitness before buying a chainsaw. You want to purchase a unit that you can handle, manipulate and control with ease. Because a chainsaw can cause injuries, be sure to choose a machine whose weight and mode of operation fit your physical ability. It is also important to ensure you sharpen your chainsaw to keep it in good working order. You can read a great guide on the best ways to sharpen your chainsaw here.

Choosing the best chainsaw for your cutting needs may turn out to be a daunting task if you don’t know what to look for. Now that you’re familiar with what to consider, you’re certainly a step closer to getting a unit that will give value for your money, in regards to performance and durability.

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