Best Log Splitter Reviews UK

Best Log Splitter Reviews UK

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Logmaster 7 Hydraulic Log Splitter

The Logmaster 7 is a log splitter that is causing waves within the industry thanks to it making work of difficult logs that have defied even the strongest of axes. There’s no denying how laborious the chopping of logs can be, as well as time-consuming. Those who suffer with back pain due to splitting logs using manual efforts will find the Logmaster 7 a real life saver when it comes to their welfare.

Another selling point of the Logmaster 7 is its quiet operation. We’ve all become so used to the noise associated with log splitters than we often just put up with it, but the Logmaster 7 shows just how quiet an operation the splitting of logs can actually be, making it less intrusive on the ears.

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The Handy 6 Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter

Complete with its own stand, this log splitter works with all types of wood including green and seasoned wood. It has a powerful ram pressure producing 6 tonnes of power and an auto return feature. It can handle logs of up to 25cm in diameter and 52cm in length. Its operation is two handed thus conforming to safety standards. With a sturdy but a light weight frame, this log splitter makes it very easy to move along with it due to its portability.It is very easy to set up and assemble and its power is impressive cutting even through those logs of wood that are twisted or knotty. It has a dished surface that holds the log properly in position without slipping out. The height of the stand can be adjusted to suit those people who experience problems even with the slightest bending

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Forest Master FM10 Electric Duo cut Log Splitter

Although the FM10 could be accused of being timid and less powerful when compared to other log splitters, some clever engineering makes it one of the most reliable log splitters available, and easily stands up to that. The cutting power is maximised thanks to an additional Duocut blade. The FM10 can be used without adding the blade, but in all honesty, the results are less than impressive. As such, ensuring the additional bladé is always attached will give you the cutting power you need to make light work of log cutting.

The FM10 is able to contend with most types of wood, although there can be split and stringiness in some instances. However, for the most part, the FM10 not only meets your expectations, but often exceeds them.

One downfall of the FM10 is that assembly can be somewhat tedious, and the instructions provided are not the clearest. As such, the assembly process can be based on trial and error, which can be frustrating for those new to the world of log splitting.

Overall the machine is a breeze to use, especially when you compare it to more conventional methods, such as the use of an axe.

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Forest Master Electric Log Splitter

The Forest Master Electric log splitter looks to offer consumers a robust and reliable way of splitting logs. Although the Forest Master Electric log splitter is easy to set up, it can require two or more people due to the heavy nature of the actual log splitter itself. As such, those who are looking to set up the log splitter on their own may have some difficulty unless they have access to some kind of pully solution. However, once assembled, the splitter is stable and is actually pretty easy to use.

Of course, the main purpose of the log splitter is to make light work of wood and ensure it is chopped up effectively, and the Forest Master Electric log splitter does so with relative ease. Those who have been used to chopping up wood with the use of an axe in the past will wonder how they ever managed without a log splitter, especially as the Forest Master log splitter looks to make the chopping of logs a breeze as opposed to a chore. This is attributed to the powerful 2200 watt motor, which cuts off completely when not in use. As such, this particular log splitter can be more efficient when it comes to energy consumption.

Logs with a diameter of up to 500mm can be split, and contains a fully adjustable cycle so log lengths can be matched and split easily with very little effort. A great investment, even it is a little difficult to set up in the first instance.

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Wolf Creek Cherokee 8 Electric / Hydraulic Log Splitter

A very popular choice of log splitter. The speed is double that of other splitters and cuts through wood fast and easily. It is a dual action splitter, which means that it splits wood in both directions. Maximum splitting diameter is 260mm while maximum splitting length is 520mm. It is smaller in size but does the work of the much larger equipment with even better performance. It has a two handed control thus ensuring safety of the user.

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In general terms, a log splitter is a sort of mechanical axe designed for faster and easier splitting of logs more than the traditional axe. Log splitters are straight forward and safe to use. All that you are required to do is to pull a lever or press a button and the log splitter does the rest of the work. The pressure applied by the wedge is sufficient to split the logs and no build-up of momentum or speed is required as is the case with traditional log splitters.There are different models of log splitters available in the market today. Some are meant for the light domestic tasks while others have been designed to handle the heavy industrial jobs.Log Splitter SpecificsElectric or CombustionLog splitters powered by diesel or petrol tend to be more powerful than those using electricity. They can also be used out in the field since they do not require to be plugged in when being used. However, they should not be used indoors since they emit fumes that are toxic and unhealthy. Therefore, when working indoors, the electric model is the only option. Electric splitters produce much less noise and you will be able to split wood quietly without waking everyone else.Vertical or HorizontalSince hardwood is much denser and heavier than softwood, if the logs to be split are not heavy, then you can use a log splitter that operates horizontally. On one hand, the horizontal log splitter is also a good option if you will be working on an incline where it is hard to keep the logs upright. On the other hand, a vertical wood splitter is suitable for splitting those larger logs. You just need to stand the log with the base plate from the ground and then split it with a vertical splitter. There are splitters that can be operated both horizontally and vertically making it suitable for all situations.Hydraulic SystemMost log splitters make use of hydraulic pumps for pushing wood into the wedge. As such, they use force instead of impact as compared to axes. Therefore, high pressure is required for this process to be successful. As such, there have been problems of oil leaks that have been known to create damage to the motor. Make sure you choose one with a good oil filtration system.Log sizesLog splitters have also been designed to handle wood of certain sizes, on top of splitting wood of varying level of hardness. Some models are specifically designed to handle wood of certain diameter and length. Therefore, make sure that the one you intend to purchase can comfortably handle the sizes in your yard. If you storing them in a log store this is another factor to consider.MobilityMake sure that the log splitter can be effortlessly moved, whether it is a short distance from the house or a few miles into the farm. Top notch splitters come fitted with handles and wheels to make it easy to move them along. Many use them as in addition to a log splitting axe as part of their arsenal.SafetyIf handled correctly, there should be no safety concerns when working with log splitters. However, the equipment that you purchase should have dual redundancy, meaning that both of your hands have to stay away from the wedge when the wood is being split or when the ram is moving.

When choosing a log splitter, settle for a model that will help you split enough wood for all your needs. Purchase one and make sure you follow the instructions of the manufacturer to maintain safe use. . Hopefully this article will help you make a more informed decision concerning the best log splitter for your needs.

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