Strimmers with blades not line

Strimmers That Use Blades Instead of Lines

Strimmers are a great addition to your gardening hardware, allowing to make to finishes touches that give your garden that wow-factor. From edging to maintaining bushes and shrubs, a strimmer offers plenty of advantages for enthusiastic gardeners, making them a worthwhile investment for those looking to keep their garden in top shape. The most popular models are cordless strimmers and petrol models.

A common misconception about a strimmer is that they are only available with string lines. Granted, these are the most popular and widely used type of strimmer, but line strimmers aren’t the only option available for gardeners, with more and more opting to buy a blade strimmer.

Blade strimmers offer quite a few advantages over strimmers that use a line. The most notable benefit is the fact that the blades are far tougher than plastic lines, meaning you don’t have to constantly add a new line or feed line through as it breaks, which is quite commonplace when using a line strimmer.

This makes blade strimmers much easier to use, as you rarely need to spot to check on the line, feed a new line through, or untangle a caught-up line. Also, a blade strimmer is much stronger than a line strimmer, making it easier to cut through tougher foliage, such thick, damp grass.

So, if you are looking for a more convienent strimmer that has the power to easily tackle difficult spots in your garden, be sure to consider investing in a blade strimmer!

Garden Gear Cordless Strimmer Telescopic Lightweight Frame Grass Trimmer with...*
Cordless; Powerful 20V lithium-ion battery, no cords to get tangled up in; Guarantee; 12-month guarantee
Ryobi OBC1820B 18V ONE+ Brush Cutter [Zero Tool], 18 V, Green*
High-performance 18V motor provides optimum power for cutting Tough grass and long weeds; 2-In-1 brush cutter and trimmer with both blade and trimmer head for versatility

Einhell Dual Purpose Petrol Brushcutter and Grass Trimmer

  • Powerful 43cc engine
  • Lightweight aluminium shaft
  • Includes line thread spool and brushcutter blade
  • 25cm cutting width (blade)
  • 42cm cutting width (twin line)

With a powerful two-stroke engine and interchangeable cutting heads, the Einhell Dual Purpose Petrol Brushcutter and Grass Trimmer is a versatile piece of gardening hardware suitable for even the toughest tasks.

As a petrol-powered strimmer this is one seriously powerful machine. The two-stroke engine produces ample cutting power while also being smooth and emitting low-vibrations, which helps with usability by reducing hand strains.

Furthermore, there is a carry strap for anyone concerned about the weight of the strimmer, although the aluminium handle is very lightweight, so the strimmer isn’t too heavy for most users. The two-handed handle design is also great for improving usability, allowing you to distribute the weight between both hands. There is also a split pole design, meaning can easily take apart the strimmer for easier storage and assembly.

You also the best of both worlds when using the device, with the strimmer also doubling as a brushcutter.

Simply switch between the line thread spool and the brushcutter blade to make short work of any type of grass or bush. The line thread is double ended and is great for edging along the lawn, while the brushcutter attachment makes short work of thicker branches and foliage.

Garden Gear Cordless Strimmer

  • Cordless design with powerful 20V lithium-ion battery
  • Adjustable telescopic pole
  • Adjustable cutting head to 90 degrees
  • Edge guide and safety guard

This cordless strimmer from Garden Gear offer a powerful cutting tool that can be easily adjusted to suit a variety of situations. Coming with a cordless design means the strimmer is very easy to use as you don’t need to worry about cables getting tangled or being too far from the power socket.

Powered by a robust 20V lithium-ion battery, the strimmer will operate for a good length of time before needing recharged, although run times vary depending on what you cut.

For instance, longer grass that is damp requires more power to get through so will drain the battery faster, but in most cases, you should get at least an hours’ worth of run time before needing to recharge.

With a 26cm cutting width and a powerful cutting blade, the strimmer will easily deal with tougher grass and even brambles and thinner branches. You can even adjust the head up to 90-degrees, and the it also comes with an edge guide for easier edging along the lawn, while the safety guard ensures no accidental collision with the blade.

For easier use, the strimmer comes with a lightweight aluminium shaft that can be adjusted to various lengths. This ensures you get the right length for the strimmer according to your height, helping to avoid strains and aches, being adjustable from 95 to 115cms.

  VonHaus Cordless Grass Trimmer/Cutter

  • Cordless design - battery is compatible with other VonHaus products
  • 1-hour charge time for battery
  • Strong nylon cutting blade
  • Adjustable cutting head

If you happen to own VonHaus tools and equipment, then buying their cordless grass trimmer and cutter is highly recommended. This is because the equipment uses universal lithium-ion battery, meaning you can use the same battery for your grass trimmer and put into another tool!

So, if you have some VonHaus tools that use the 20V battery range then you instantly have an additional battery to use with the strimmer!

However, even if you don’t have any of these tools, the battery comes with a great charge time of just one hour, making it easy to have a full charge for a day of strimming. The run time of the battery is 50 minutes, which is plenty for most garden sizes.

The head of the strimmer provides a cutting width of 25cm, which is a decent size for most lawns, allowing you to remove thicker clumps of grass around edges and borders. The cutting is certainly more efficient compared to a line strimmer thanks to the cutting width, while the strong nylon blade ensures a much more convenient way to trim around edges.  

You can also set the strimmer to various lengths depending on your height, which is a great feature that prevents back aches and strains from using a strimmer that is too short. It adjusts from 92- 127.5cm, so should be suitable for people of every height range.

At 20W, the cutting power is also impressive, especially when paired with the robust cutting blade, so expect the strimmer to make short work of even the densest grass or foliage.

How often should you replace your strimmer blade?
It will depend on how much you use it. If you are strimming reasonably thick foliage every 2 weeks in spring and summer it is likely your blade will start to dull after a few months. Strimmer blades are inexpensive and I replace mine every 3-4 months of heavy use.

Are all strimmer blades the same?

There are two main types of strimmer blade. One is made form plastic and the other metal. I find the plastic blades good enough for lawn edging and light weeds. The metal bladed version can cope with thicker weeds and over grown lawns a lot easier.
Are bladed strimmer's with blades better than nylon line models?
Each are made for specific purposes. I would not recommend a nylon model for someone who needs to cut overgrown areas with thick weeds. I prefer nylon lines for lawn edging  as you do not need to worry about the blade hitting a paved area.
Can a bladed strimmer cut brambles?
The more powerful models can through brambles and are usually classed as brush cutters. In my experience a lower powered machine will not have enough power to cut through brambles. Nearly all brush cutters will come with a metal blade as a plastic version would not last long when used on brambles.

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