Trueshopping Petrol Lawn Mower 139cc Review

Did you know that the general look and appearance of your garden or lawn clearly defines your character? Yes, it discloses to the public, whether you are a hardworking or lazy individual. Proper maintenance of your garden or lawn requires a high tech lawn mower that is 100% effective. Thanks to the availability of the high quality, well built Trueshopping Petrol Lawn Mower which is an innovative creation of new technology from the most humble manufacturers in the industry, Trueshopping.

Key Features

All the basic features of Trueshopping Petrol Lawn Mower are very attractive and makes it to be highly valued by a high percentage of users. The features are as follows.


  1. Easy Start Primer Operated Starting System

The easy start primer operated system is very effective and is activated by first pressing the prime button approximately 5 times and then pulling the starter cord once or twice with the safety lever in the down position. The next step involves pulling the lever up as well as the cord and then it will start. Remember to put the side lever to the central position.

  1. Auto Cut Out Safety Feature

It comes with a safety bar which is effective in stopping the engine. The bar is simply initiated automatically. It cuts off the engine when you let it go. This is the most important feature of this lawn mower. Can you imagine the damage it can cause in case it rolls down a slope by bad luck? It can be detrimental, especially if you have children around. The Auto Cut Out feature guarantees safety of the Trueshopping Petrol Lawn Mower.

  1. Hard Thick Plastic Base

The plastic material ensures that the lawn mower will serve you for longer periods compared to the metal based mowers which rots out easily while the engine is still okay. The plastic base also cuts on the maintenance costs compared to the metal based ones which requires a little more maintenance in order to keep them dry and prevent rusting.

  1. Choice of Cutting Heights 25-55mm with 3 Grades

The cutting heights take care of the whole range of different lawn finishes. You will be able to tidy up the perfectly manicured lawns to the end of the season with the help of this feature. The choice of cuttings suits your requirements and are easy to adjust, although you have to remove the wheels in order to adjust the height. If you change the height regularly, it is recommended to leave the little hub caps off as they are push fit and quite tight.

  1. Large Wheels

Just like in any task, you perform, having the right tools makes a huge difference between the job becoming more difficult or easier than it needs to be. The 4 wheels ensure maximum grip on the lawn and other distractions and greatly eases the mowing process.

The large wheels make it easier to operate the lawn mower as they can pass the damp grounds without getting stuck. This proves that Trueshopping Petrol Lawn Mower is all you need to take the pain out of the mowing process and give your lawn a great makeover with ease.

  1. Rated Speed 2800RPM

Cutting grass is an essential activity that should be carried out regularly regardless of the type of the lawn mower you possess, but with approximately 2800 revolutions per minute, Trueshopping Petrol Lawn Mower is able to clear big gardens with ease. You will enjoy clearing grass and eventually stop viewing the mowing process as a burden.

Other Features

  • Its simple and compact design makes it feel very comfortable on your hands.
  • 45Liter Collection Box which takes time to get filled and picks up the grass better than expected. 
  • It comes with a Throttle Speed Controller, which you can use to easily set or adjust your driving pace.


  • It has a great engine that powers the blade to cut with ease.
  • The lawn mower is easy to assemble.
  • It operates quietly and cuts both wet and dry grass.
  • It is relatively light and easy to maneuver and heavy enough to clear grass on gardens with lots of tricky bends and corners.
  • It is offered at an affordable price.
  • The ergonomic handle bars enhances the ease of handling the lawn mower.


  • You have to remove the wheels in order to adjust the height.
  • The instruction manual does not provide a list of the best oils to use, however you can try the Ryobi 4 stroke oil


  • Drive type: Through hand push
  • Maximum power: 2.5KW or 3.5HP
  • Rated Speed: 2800RPM
  • Displacement: 139cc
  • Cutting Heights: 25mm-55mm with 3 grades
  • Height adjustment: Individual adjusted, 4 Wheels
  • Cutting Width: 400mm
  • The Collection box capacity: 45 Liters
  • Rear and Front wheel: 6/6inch

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does this Trueshopping Petrol Lawn Mower push itself and only needs you to steer?
  2. This is an excellent lawn mower that is very easy to start and push along, but not self propelled. The cold starts needs approximately 6 attempts.
  3. Does the lawn mower have a rear roller for enhancing the lawn and how does it perform on uneven ground?
  4. Trueshopping Petrol Lawn Mower doesn’t come with the rear rollers, however, it is great and copes well with uneven lawns.
  5. What’s the guarantee period and does it come with oil?
  6. The manufacturer offers a guarantee of 1 year to all their customers. The lawn mower does not come with oil.

Final Verdict

Trueshopping Petrol Lawn will actually surpass your expectations. It performs surprisingly well and has the cutting ability that rivals the far more expensive models. The durable plastic deck will never corrode and you can be pretty sure that it will serve you for a long period of time and would be considered one of the best lawnmowers in its class.

The most desirable quality of this mower is its honesty, nice control, solid and simple mechanism that does exactly what it is meant to do. The powerful and efficient lawn mower will enable you to take pride of how your garden looks and enjoy gardening as well as lawn maintenance fully. Petrol Lawn Mower is all you need to ensure that you keep your lawn in top condition and maintain a positive public image.


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